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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Vindhyachal asks forgiveness from yog maya.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with yog maya saying kansa, you cannot do anything, you will stay inside Mathura because of your sins, you still don’t know the power of prabhu Vishnu and his leela. Yog maya goes. Kansa angrily tries to pass through the gate but he is thrown back again.
There kanha and balram take all the medicinal plants and they go back to khatri mountain to save the lives of all the people of vrindavan. At khatri mountain, all people are there in pain, nand takes them slowly outside towards vrindavan to save their lives. As they wait, nand says what do we do now? If we go back to vrindavan, by that time the people will be dead. Everyone is worried.
Kanha and balram meet yog maya. Yog maya is happy to see her medicinal plants safe, she says to kanha, prabhu what you did

back there was saving my life. kanha says no devi, your vikral form of mata kali could have destroyed the entire universe, kansa shall be punished for all his sins but now is not the right time, one day he will suffer for the sins he has done. Yog maya takes all the medicinal plants to khatri mountain. Kanha and balram meet rishi gargacharya. Kanha says rishi, we have saved the medicinal plants of khatri mountain from kansa’s prison. Rishi says prabhu, these medicines can only save the lives of all vrindavan people now.
There as everyone reach back to khatri mountain, kanha takes the medicinal plants medicines and herbs, he then goes to yashoda. Yashoda says where were you kanha? We were finding you everywhere, I was worried for you all this time. Kanha says as rishi told, I brought the medicines to save everyone’s life. rishi gargacharya takes the medicinal herbs and he makes a medicine out of the herbs. Rishi uses it and applies the herb on everyone’s body. People get some relief after taking some cold water and the herbs. All people say kanha has again saved us today, if he was not here, we would have all died.
There balram meets radha and says radha what are you doing out of khatri mountain? Why weren’t you with the people? Radha says brother, you and kanha went somewhere leaving all the people, I was worried and so was yashoda kaki for both of you, so I came here searching for you both. Balram says okay, lets get back, they both come back to khatri mountain.
Yog maya comes to khatri mountain and she sees it is turning black, yog maya says khatri mountain is dying. The medicinal plants say mata, where will we live if khatri dies? Yog maya says khatri has cursed himself, it is because he blames himself for not protecting us, that is why khatri is accepting death slowly. Khatri appears as his body is all blue, he says mata forgive me, I am no more worthy of being the home to you and your medicines, I couldn’t save anyone and death for me is the right thing to happen. Khatri goes. Yog maya says we have to find a new mountain as our home.
Kanha says now is the time for vindhyachal mountain to ask for forgiveness and make amends for his mistake. Kanha goes to vindhaychal and calls him. vindhyachal appears and is sad. Kanha says vindhyachal mountain, you were egoistic and under the influence of kansa but now you have to ask for forgiveness, go to devi yog maya and make amends for your mistake. Vindhyachla goes.
There as yog maya goes with all medicines, vindhyachal comes and falls at the legs of yog maya and says mata, please forgive me for what I did, punish me for my sin, please punish me, but make me your home, please give me the chance to be a dharmadhikari. Yog maya says I will not make an egoistic mountain like you my home. Kanha comes and says devi, the egoistic vindhyachal has realized his folly and is asking you for forgiveness, every being in this universe deserves another chance, you have to make this right devi.
There kansa is angry and he says I will not leave yog maya and that Vishnu, no power can keep me confined, I am bhagwan kansa. Keshari says maharaj, just think, what if Vishnu wants this? What if this is his maya? Kansa says you are right keshari, if I cannot go outside, that vishnu’s avatar can come inside right?

Precap: kansa sends his demon to lure vishnu’s avatar, inside Mathura. The demon goes to vrindavan to find vishnu’s avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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