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Oops! ‘I fell in love’ (Part 1)

oops! i fell in love

hello guys sanaya here i am writing a new ff pls read it and do tell me should i continue it or not … so here we go!!!

character sketch

naira- female protognist

naira is a very neredy type girl its her first day in her college …she is shown very weak and coward girl but another things about her you will get to know futher …

kartik- male protognist

he is very kind herated boy …he belives in true love or we can say he is just opposite of naira ..he loves to ride bikes ..

but doesnt know that how to ride a bike as he travels by his car ..his parents dont allow him to ride bikes ..he is a very open minded boy and respect girls .

story starts from goenka house ,kartik room he is busy praying from krishna ji

k : krishna ji please accept my request ..today is the first day of my college and i want go there from a bike but there are two problems first mom dad wont allow me and the second i don’t know to ride a bike ..god pls help me ! i want my dream to come true

someone enters in the room kartik gets shocked

k maa !

s yes your one and only mother and i heard everything see kartik we don’t want you to b e in any trouble we have many cars you can go in that then why are u demanding a bike you are goenka for god sake leave this stupid dream

k maa but i love bikes i want to learn and ride bike ..whats your problem why are you stopping me ..

s see kartik every thing has a reason behind it and now i don’t want futher arguments over it

k ok maa as you wish ! but you cant stop me from dreaming about bikes

s kartik !you are mad ok fine i will not now go and get ready else you will be late for college !

kartik goes to the bathroom

in college everyone busy talking with one and another inbetween a girl with specs comes she was looking very scared as if something dangerous happened to her everyone was laughing at her and she was getting scared more and more at last went to the last desk of the class and sat there quietly …..

somegirls talks about her

g01 hey just look at her she is so weird ..

g02 yaa why she is so scared

g03 guys forget her ! just listen today is our first day in the college and are you ready to meet some hotties …if not get ready i don’t know but i am having a feeling that someone very hot handsome will enter this college

at college gate the driver open the door and a very handsome guy got off the car

background music

koi naa jaane kittho aaye hai tu
sab de dilon vich ho gayi kukaduku (x2)

inna sona, inna cool
munda inna wonderful
ennu vekhe je kudiya toh kehndi
“oh my god! oh my god!…”

haan munda sab me sab ton best
munda better than the rest
ennu vekhe ke munde toh kehnde
“oh my god!”

oh seena 6 biscut da
oh munda 6 foot da
oh dheere dheere karda dhamaal sa
oh munda kukkad kamaal da
oh munda kukkad kamaal da

b01 finally karik! you are here we were waiting for you since long time

k sorry guys for making you wait so much

b02 hey listen lets go to the class we are getting late !!

k yaa lets go !

kartik enters in the class and sits on the very first desk the class was going on suddenly he looks behind and sees a girl sitting at the last bench alone

k hey guys listen who is she and why she is sitting alone she is looking very scared

b01 leave her kartik she is a nerd !

kartik doesn’t say anything that time and concenteres on his lectures

bell rings!!!! everyone departs from the class instead of kartik and that girl

kartik goes to that girl

k hey i am kartik { forwards his hand for a handsake }

she sees him and run from there !!!

k what happened to her ………


at night kartik’s room he was sitting on his window feeling the fresh air and thinking about that girl ..

k why she was so quiet … i have always seen girls talking so much but she was different i don’t know what is wrong with her i am not feeling good i think i should go for a walk

kartik goes downstairs

k maa i am going for a walk

s but now its so late kartik don’t go anywhere

k maa !dont worry i will come soon actually i am not felling good so i want to go outside to take some fresh air ]

s ok if that is the reason you can go but pls come back fast

k ok

kartik goes out …he was walking on the roads and again he was thinking about that girl he was totally lost in her thoughts in between some goons come in front of him

g01 hey give me all you have !

k listen just leave me i don’t have anything yaar .. really pls leave me

g02 e know you are goenka so pls stop overreacting and give us everything

k no who told you that i am goenka i am a middleclass boy ..pls leave i just came outside for a walk

g02he will not understand like this

goons starts beating him but suddenly somebody on a bike comes wearing a black coloured helmet black jacket and jeans

come sit fast ! that peeson said to kartik

kartik fastly sat on bike

person: hold me tight

k why?

person we are going to fly …

saying this the person runs his bike with a full speed and the goons follow them

k who are you !

p:non of your buisness just hold tight else you will fall

kartik hold that person but suddenly he notices that the person was wearing a ring

k { thinks } omg it means she is a girl ……..

she stops the bike and asks kartik to go ..

k hey listen thanks !

she: its ok

k may i ask you something

she : no sorry

k ok so are you a boy or girl ?

she gets shocked and goes from there

k i am sure she was a girl ….but don’t worry dear i will catch u soon

he goes to his home

she reaches her house !!

she takes off her helmet and hairs were very long and beautiful somebody calls her from inside – naira!!!!!!!!

so here it ends i will post the next one soon …

do comments pls

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