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Nimki Mukhiya 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sweeti fights with Tettar

Nimki Mukhiya 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Tettar says I don’t want any argument in all this. We didn’t shoot him but we can if he comes in our way. If you want to live with this then you can or go from here. Annaro caresses her but Sweeti shoves her. Tettar leaves. Babbu says didi you shouldn’t have said all this. Go to your room. Anaro leaves. Sweeti leaves as well.
Abhi is in hospital. Nimki falls asleep on chair. SHe wakes up and recalls her moments with him. She says why did you have to be part of all this. You shouldn’t have messed with those ugly people. She says doctor please come in. Please see him. The machine is making noise. Mausi comes in. Doctor says his BP is high but he will be fine. Don’t worry. Elena is crying. Nimki says don’t cry. Your papa will be fine.


comes to sweeti. Annaro comes too. Babbu says I am sorry about all that happened. Why are you so worried? She says I stay happy all the time. I am tettar’s daughter after all. Annaro says ask her what happened. Sweeti says it had been happening for years. Sweeti says a person is fighting for his life. Annaro says is he your relative? She says the people who shot him are my relatives. Annaro says he didn’t shoot him. Babbu says you know how much father love you. Sweeti says its about what he does to other people. I can’t fight this hate game anymore. I can’t be part of all this. You shouldn’t have educated me at lease. She leaves. Babbu says what is wrong with her. ANnaro says this all is happening because of that Nimki. This politics will ruin everything.

Mauha and mono come to hospital. They play with elean. Elena cries. She says papa isn’t talking to me. Nimki comes and hugs her. SHe says papa.. Nimki says he will be fine. Lets play. She says I dont’ wanna play. Nimki says okay we will play. Mauha and Nimki play. Elean joins them. They play and fix Elean’s mood. Mausi and tune look at them and smile.
Dablo plans his new business. He says this way I will become very rich. I have to take land from Nimki first. But I have to talk to babbu ji firxt. Rekha says stay away from him. He is very angry. Dadi comes and says what is happening here? Rekha says nothing.
Tune gives medicine to Abhi. She says how much was it? He says just make me pasta when abhi is fine? Nimki says on call and says I can’t come back until Abhi is fine. Mausi and tune hear.
No precap.

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