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Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanchan slaps Vishesh

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Maasi asking Kanchan to apply shagun mehendi. Vishesh offers help. Maasi asks him to apply mehendi to Kanchan. She insists and goes. Vishesh applies mehendi to Kanchan. She asks are you a chef, mechanic or mehendi designer. He says I m just a mehendi artist now, see how it gets its color. She taunts him. He says after Sheetal and Jaggi’s marriage, what will be our relation. She asks him to mind his own business, she doesn’t make relations so easily. He thinks to know the reason of her rudeness and find a solution. Vishesh and Jaggi dance on Mehendi laga ke rakhna…. Vishesh makes everyone dance. Jaggi gets Sheetal’s mehendi on his shirt. Sheetal goes. Vishesh says mehendi got at right place. He goes to give water to Baldev.

Baldev asks him to sit and

talk. Vishesh sits and massages his feet. Baldev says you talk sweetly, everyone thinks mum wishes best and father is enemy, I also worry for Sheetal’s good, people used to reject her alliance, society and customs are our soil, I will tell you, I m worried for her marriage. Vishesh says Sheetal is your daughter, she won’t run away, just think of her happiness. He goes. Kanchan looks on. Its morning, Kanchan and Sheetal get the photoshoot done. A mechanic fixes the car. Jaggi comes there. Sheetal smiles seeing him. The photographer asks Sheetal to come close and smile. Vishesh holds Jaggi. The car loses control. Sheetal falls down. Jaggi stops the car and asks her is she fine. Vishesh applies the brakes. Sheetal nods. Vishesh asks are you fine Jaggi. Jaggi says fine.

Kanchan thanks Jaggi and says you got hurt. Amit also thanks Jaggi. Jaggi says you saved your life and ran away, its fine, get photos clicked. He goes. Kanchan thinks. Vishesh says some things are understood on own, time has all answers, Jaggi is right for Sheetal. Baldev asks where is Sheetal. Kanchan asks Vishesh where is Sheetal, was this his plan to make Sheetal run away. She scolds him. Vishesh says Sheetal has gone to temple to pray. Baldev asks Kanchan about Sheetal. Kanchan says I have sent Jaggi with Sheetal to the temple. Vishesh smiles. Kanchan thinks what to do next. Vishesh comes to her and gives her a cake, saying welcome to the gang. She says I m worried for Baldev’s respect. He says I knew you will agree, this belief is magical, I know this magic. He shows her the toy and says I can read your hiding tears, I can listen your silence behind your smile. He holds her and asks her the problem. She gets tensed and slaps him. He gets shocked.

Vishesh asks Kanchan to share her sorrow. She thinks to answer him his own way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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