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Mayavi Maling 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Chegu attacks Angad

Mayavi Maling 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garima saying the guards that the way is for the guests’ entry. The guard says we have got fruits and sweets for the king. He shows the container. Garima asks them to take it by the back route. Eshwarya says thank God, Chegu didn’t get caught. Garima says I have said as you told me, but I m suspicious about the container, what’s happening. Eshwarya says you don’t tell anyone about the pots. Eshwarya goes after the guards. Chegu comes out of the container. Eshwarya sees more guards and asks them to check that way, there is someone. Guards run. Chegu follows her. He hears a sound and sees ice melting in the turan. He sees the bell falling. He flies with his wings and holds the bell. He signs Eshwarya. Angad sees the havan fire and gets tensed.

Madhumali asks him

not to get scared of fire, this is the last hurdle. Garima asks Eshwarya where did you go. Maharaj gets Pranali there and makes her sit in the mandap. She sees Angad. Everyone looks on. Pandit does the ghatbandhan. Chegu comes there. Angad asks who is he. Madhumali says what does he want, he came decked up as if he is the groom. Angad and Pranali stand for the wedding rounds. Chegu thinks to use the Agnishakti. He burns the ghatbandhan. Everyone gets shocked. Maharaj takes Pranali with him. Madhumali takes Angad. Chegu throws a fire and catches them inside the fire ring. He forms an Agnichakra. Everyone looks on shocked. Angad prepares to defend. Madhumali says no Angad, we can’t show our powers. Chegu says everyone will know about these mum and son, they are Daanav Vanshis. Adhivan says you have black intention to create a hurdle in marriage, you are a Daanav. Chegu says I m a Dev Vanshi, I m blessed by Lord, these two are Daanav Vanshis, they have a motive to get Maling’s throne, if this marriage happens, they will ruin the lake. Everyone gets shocked. Madhumali asks Maharaj to do something. Angad falls down. She asks Maharaj to answer.

Pranali thinks so this was dad and Eshwarya’s plan to stop the marriage. Madhumali asks Adhivan to attack Chegu. Adhivan recalls Madhumali and Angad’s truth and says truth is always same, Chegu is saying the truth, my mum and brother are really Daanav vanshi. Madhumali lies. Chegu says no one is feeling the fire here, as they all are good, just the Daanav vanshis are troubled. She says we are normal people like you all, Maharaj this is against your prestige, don’t hurt us this way. Angad says I can’t tolerate more. She says I have a solution, have patience. She thinks to use the gift given by her Lord. She controls Chegu’s mind. Chegu starts seeing Eshwarya in the fire ring. She shouts for help. Antara asks Chegu not to believe Madhumali’s black magic, its not true what he is seeing, don’t stop the powers, else he will get tired and can’t use the powers soon. Chegu sees Eshwarya and stops the fire. He gets shocked seeing Madhumali with Angad. Chegu tries to attack again. He fails to create the fire ring.

Chegu attacks Angad. Angad runs and brings Madhumali in front. Madhumali uses her powers in anger. Maharaj and everyone get shocked. Angad faints Madhumali.

Update Credit to: Amena

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