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Luvvv Uuuu!!………..Dr. Kabir Kapoor…(Season 2!!) Episode 6

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Luvvv uuuu Dr Kabir Kapoor Season-2 Episode-5


Saanchi reached at Kapoor’s mention…where she found Sonu was crying..


She came near to her..




Sonu looked at her… you here?? She wiped her tears.


Yes Sonu…you were crying??


No why I will crying??


No you were.. I mean if you are missing your Bhai then I want to say you, you don’t worry Your Bhai is fine now …and don’t cry…tears is not suits on your face…he is fine now.. Trust me.


Sonu hugged her…Saanchi surprised??


Really?? Bhai is fine na??


She broke hug…and put hand on her face for removing the tears from her cheeks.


She smiled, yes Sonu He is fine…


Okay, but where is Ritu dii?? She asked while looking everywhere.


Kabir got conscious and Ritu stayed there with him. And they send me here for Uncle jee.


Okay…she went.


Saanchi smiled behind her…




Veer came in kabir’s ward….


Dr. Kabir how do you feeling now??


Fine Dr. Veer.


Very nice.


Dr. Veer what doctor said.. What happened to me??


Veer tensed and feared…. Ahh kabir don’t think much about it.. Otherwise you will get headache again.. And I won’t bear it that my hospital’s best surgeon lie on bed..


Kabir laughed..


What?? Why are you laughing??  I’m serious.


Yes Dr. Veer.






At night Saanchi was going to Mr. Rakesh’s room where her eyes went on Sonu’s phone which was consistently ringing. She didn’t found to Sonu anywhere….


She thought maybe it will be important call then she need to pick up the call…she went in the room but phone stopped ringing..


Ohh bad luck Saanchi…pata nahi kis ka phone tha.


When Saanchi was going her eyes went on one letter that kept on floor she picked up the latter and read that…Wow that’s great… I need to congratulate her.


Saanchi happily went to Sonu who was roaming in the garden.


Sonu congratulations. I’m so happy for you…


What?? But why?? She confused.


Sonu you got appointment in the Mehra group of textile industries….


How you know about it??


Sonu actually I know to read anyone’s letter it’s wrong thing but dear I didn’t did anything intentionally. I just passing from there then I heard your phone was consistently ringing I was thought it will be your important call but when I reached to the cell phone the call was gone off. Then my eyes went on this latter which was kept on the ground…


Okay, she became upset and moved away.


Saanchi puzzled. Are u not happy??




But why Sonu??


Because u don’t knows to my Bhai he will never allow me to do that??


Are you tried ones to convince your bhai??


I was tried but on that time you came between us and Bhai became upset from me.


Saanchi felt sad… Ohh I’m so sorry Sonu.


It’s ok


But why your Bhai won’t allow you for it.


Because Bhai wants that I only focus on my studies not anything else… but I want to become a fashion designer…


But this is also a great profession if you want to become a fashion designer then what the problem in it??


Yahii toh….you know what?? When we were kids then our mom died in dangerous disease named cancer…after that my dad got paralyzed…and all responsibility came on kabir Bhai… he struggled a lot. You don’t know from how much do struggle he persuade his medical degree and became no.1 Cardiology surgeon of the country…. I witnessed when kabir Bhai won his first award of best surgeon of the country….that gratitude he wants to feel both of his sisters. Ritu dii did exactly what he want and her interest was also in studies and medical. So that was easy for her… but I want something else.


Don’t worry Sonu… if you want to do this then you should have to do it..


But Bhai??


Sonu you don’t worry he will definitely understand after seeing your success.


But how I can do this??


Don’t you want to become a fashion designer??


Yaa I’m… She nodded


Then You will have to goooo for this interview by tomorrow..


She hugged her… thanks a lot Dii.


Saanchi smiled after listening this word “Dii” From her.


They broke hug…Dii?? Saanchi asked


Yes Dii.. Sonu emphasized the word Dii.


Both laughed.


Next morning: 


Sonu went for her interview


Saanchi reached hospital with breakfast for kabir..


Where she asked to Ritu for go home and take rest…


Ritu refused… But Saanchi insisted her and eventually kabir supported her… then Ritu agreed..

Rahul went with her to drop her home…


Now In the ward only kabir and Saanchi remained…


Saanchi looked at kabir who was staring her with puzzled expressions..


Saanchi asked what by her eyes expressions.


Kabir nodded “nothing”.


Then she came near to him and kept breakfast on the table and made him sit when she was making him sit on the bed then their eyes met…both shared beautiful an eye contact…


Background Song:


Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

Ooo ooo oo..

Naino ki chaal hai, makhmali haal hai
Neechi palkon se badle samaa
Naina sharamaye jo, ya anake bar aaye jo
Tham ke ruk jaaye dono jahaan
Rab ki neemat hai teri nigaahein
Jisme basti hai uski duayein
Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye
Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
Hoo Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye
Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

Saanchi tried to Move but kabir held her hand.

Aahat khwabon ki, chahat dhadkan ki
Unke kadamoon ke hai ye nishaan
Chahe kuch na bolu, chahe raaz na kholu
Ye samajthe hai meri zubaan
Mujhpe barsi jo teri nigaahein
Meri saanson ne badli adaayein
Hoo Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye
Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye
Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re

Tere naina, raahein saja de
Tere naina, doori mita de
Tere naina, dhadkan ko bhada de
Tere naina, palkon mein samaa le

Kabir consistently looking at her….while Saanchi was trying to free her hand from him…but kabir not trying to understand anything…

Sir please Koi dekh lega..

Saanchi please give me answer who are you?? And what connection I have with you?? Why every time when you are around me then why my heartbeats starting to run fast… why when I looking at you… I just want to stare at you like this always…Why this is happens with me?? Do you feels the same??

Sir Main bhi yahi jan’ne ke liye beqarar hun ke akhir humara kiya Rishta (relation) hai??

Both looking to each other’s eyes deeply

Zakham pe marham, tere naina
Dhool pe shabnam, tere naina
Jag bhoole bhoole, tere naina
Dil chu le chu le, tere naina
Tere nainon ke aagey jo taare bhi sharamaye ..

Pa ni sa ni sa ni dha pa ni dha pa ma ga re sa

Tere naina, tere naina
Naino ki chaal hai, makhmali haal hai
Neechi palkon se badle samaa
(Neechi palkon se badle samaa)
Rab ki nemat hai teri nigaahein
Jisme basti hai uski duayein
Aise naino ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye
Hoo Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re
Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re
(Tere naina re..)
Tere naina tere naina tere naina re


Sonu was riding her scooty where her scooty bumped with the car….she fell on the road along with her scooty…

The car stopped there..


Ohh shiiiiittt….who the hell is this?? She said while standing.


A man’s drivers came outside and asked her to ride carefully..


She frustrated at him…


Ohh so you are the driver of this so cold car…. And you are preferred me to ride safely and carefully… Look I will showing you what is the safe drive… she start to find something.


A young man in complete suit called to driver and asked what happened with so much attitude… Who was sat in car..

Drivers answered him… Sir you don’t worry I will handle…


Sonu more furious at them she went near to car and nock the window furiously


Open the door…I said Open the door….


The man down the window’s mirror and took off his glasses and staring at her…


Ohh that means you are the Nawab (Duke) who can’t afford to have a good driver…. You dumb.


Excuse me… Man asked.


Excuse vascuse my foot….What do you understand to yourself and also your driver??… Have both of you Drunk??


Are you Out of mind?? He asked and came out from the car.


What?? He asked


Yes, you heard it right…


Okay whatever…he looked at his wrist watch…..Leave my way… he was about to sit again in the car by ignoring her


Now listen give me an answer…


What?? She interrupted by his angry tone….he bang on the car by covering her.


She scared…


Both have an eye contact..


Now leave my way okay…..How much money do you want that get and get lost from my way…and never show me your face again… you got ittt??


He leaved her in a shock and gave her money then went from there…


When Sonu realized money in her hand then she shocked and shouted behind him..

You gave me money…. Waaaiiiitttt One day I’ll surely returned you this money in your hand….You goootttt it damm.


Soon Sonu reached Mehra Group of Industries where she found lots of other candidates…she confused…




Scene 1)

Receptionist: Mr. Dhruv Mehra calling you Ma’am…

Sonu: Me??

Receptionist: Yes, you ma’am.

Sonu: Okay.


Scene 2)

Saanchi: Kabir Sir Are you ready for knowing about your past Life??

Kabir: Yes Saanchi I’m ready

Saanchi smiled

Veer and Isha Looks tensed..


Scene 3)

Isha: Veer Don’t worry everything will be fine..

Veer: I Hope So Isha.

Isha looks hopefully.


I Know Guys it was little Boring but please tolerate it Because I haven’t another Ideas in my rusty mind…..

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Abhiii Dear I’m so Happy and Excited to having you back…Love you dear.

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