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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunti gets angry on Pratap

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kunti seeing Pratap having a chaat. She goes to him and stands there. Gol gappa guy greets Kunti. Kunti tells Pratap your saas and family must not be having chaat at home. Pratap don’t see her and tell that her tongue comes out seeing Chaat. He then sees Kunti and is shocked. Kunti tells him that it is a sin and asks why don’t you keep fast for a day. Pratap says I can’t fast and had just three laddoo in a day. When I was going from here, I couldn’t resisted seeing golgappa and says mistake is of gol gappa guy. He makes such golgappa that nobody can resist. Gol gappa guy cries. Kunti asks Pratap to choose golgappa or come with her home. Pratap asks gol gappa guy to add teekha like her. Kunti gets angry and says I will see how you enter home. Thief tells his man

that Kunti will make tomato as God.

In the house, Pratibha and Prema shouts smoke in the house. Prarthana tells about Adhik Maas. Onion falls down on the ground. Kusum comes there. Prarthana asks them not to touch it as we will become sinner. Panjiri says didi is saying that it is sin to touch onion and lesan. Kusum says if anyone foot touches it then…? Pratibha says we have to lift it without touching the onion. Panjiri says how it is possible. Pratibha says I have an idea and asks them to meet in kitchen. They take kitchen utensil and tie it to rod. They try to get the onion and it gets stuck in Kusum’s mouth. Panjiri says it is my mistake and says Kusum shall not be punished. Prarthana tells that Kusum have to take bath before doing anything to do penance. Kunti returns home and tells that she drank coconut water and gave 500 Rs in charity box. Prarthana says God would have been happy if you had fed hungry kids. Kunti says I fed hungry kids also and tells that pratap has spoiled her mood. Kusum comes after bath and says she took bath for fifth time. Pari says you don’t do any work. Kunti says she does sleeping work. Pari thinks gold work and asks her to make some ornaments for her. Kusum asks about Pratap?

Kunti says he is having golgappa outside. Pari says he would have bought something for us. Panjiri says it is a sin to eat. Sarla comes there and asks them to come out and see what Pratap is doing? Pratap is standing outside the house and tells Kunti that she has thrown him out, but then also he came to punish her. He shows the hunter. Kusum asks if he want to beat you. Kunti is scared. Pratap says I tried to send you up, but you didn’t go. Now you will go with this. Prarthana says he is looking anger. Kusum says why did you throw him out, it is your mistake. Pratap says sasumaa will not get forgiveness. They all are worried. Kunti says no damad ji. She says you have eaten our salt? Pratap says I want to calculate that. Pari asks Panjiri to calculate. Kunti says damad ji. Pratap tells her that he will punish today and begins beating himself. Kunti asks him not to beat her and then realizes that he is beating himself. She asks why is he beating himself. Pratap asks her to go if she feels bad. Thieves come there and say we have to watch their drama before starting ours.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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