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Kasam 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir thinks Kritika gave him marriage proposal notice

Kasam 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kritika coming to Balraj’s house. Servant tells that he is not there and asks her to sit. Malishka’s cousin takes her to her. Malishka tells her that Kapoors were never at home and have sidelined them, and they were so rude to them to have thrown them out of their own house. Kritika thinks Ranbir and his parents are fraud. Jiana hears Ranbir talking about Kritika and tells that she loves him madly, and tells that he will make water love fall on him. Jiana thinks Kritika didn’t tell her that she loves Ranbir so much and he also loves her a lot.. Kritika asks Servant not to lie and scolds him. She asks him to call him. Akki tells Ranbir that you loves Kritika a lot and that’s why talks about order. Servant comes and tries to speak, but Ranbir asks him to shut up. Servant keeps finger

on his mouth. Ranbir tells Akki that kritika is mad. Servant tells him that the girl came to meet your Papa. Ranbir asks who is she? Servant tells that she is beautiful, with rosy cheeks and silky hairs. Ranbir says the same thing. Akki says even you think her beautiful.

Ranbir says I will tell her on her face. Akki asks why did she came? Ranbir says she must have come to ask my hand from dad and wants to reverse the rituals. He says I will splash water on her dreams and asks him to get a bucket of water. He asks him to throw the water on her. Kritika thinks Ranbir Kapoor is a fraud and have acquired someone else house. Ranbir Kapoor comes and says you said that you will not come? And came here. Kritika says you are Balraj Kapoor’s son. Ranbir says she got all her homework and thinks to bring her there so that Akki can throw water on her. Kritika says I asked your identity. Ranbir says my identity and tells that everyone knows that I am the ranbir kapoor.

Kritika thinks she shall not go and handle fake firangi. She asks her to calm down. Ranbir thinks she came to give proposal with attitude. She asks him to come to her. Ranbir thinks if she will plant a kiss on me. He asks her to come here. Kritika says I came to meet senior kapoor, but as he is not there, I have no option. Ranbir asks did you talk to my dad like this. She says I know how to behave with elders. Ranbir thinks she will give him respect because of marriage proposal and thinks smart girl. He says this is my house and asks her to come. Kritika enters the house. Ranbir says it is revenge time now. He thinks Akki where the hell are you? Akki comes there with a bucket of water. Ranbir says my house is so big and I like to see the ceiling. Kritika comes to him and asks him to take envelope. Kritika says it is legal notice from court. Ranbir thinks she wants to do everything legally and thinks it is a trap. Kritika asks him to reply through his lawyer. Ranbir thinks her name shall be there in genius book of records for giving marriage proposal using court notice.

Jiana thinks Kritika must have left from office and calls her. Kritika thinks he will cry after reading the notice. Jiana asks Kritika why did she hide from her about loving Ranbir. Kritika says why I will love him and asks her to tell who told her. Jiana says she heard Ranbir telling that you both love each other. Kritika says this is not fair and ends the call. Jiana comes to the balcony and sees Akki about to throw water. She thinks Akki wants to throw water on Ranbir. Kritika thinks how dare he to tell that I love him. Jiana stops Akki and says I will not let you throw water on Ranbir. Kritika sees Akki holding the bucket and looks at Ranbir.

Precap: Pummy asks Arun if he has a daughter or son with his other wife. She asks if kritika is his daughter? Kritika and Arun get tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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