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Just Friend …nothing else.(bepanah ff)


“Papa, why don’t you believe me, he is my friend. please let me go to see him.” she pleaded the angry man.

“and from when boys started becoming your friends .” came the stern taunt.

“Papa please..let me go .i will explain things later but right now just let me go.” she again tried.

“oh my god, Vishwas! see your daughter’s call list … she has been talking with this guy for hours and we never knew.” came her mother’s voice.

and at that moment she had nothing left to explain them the things, the situations, and about the boy. he was not well she knew that and she had to meet him at any cost.

Promise me one thing Zoya…. he had waited. 

Yeah…” she was afraid of the deep voice.

“that if there would come a time when I need you, you will be there…” 

Just this and I thought you were going to ask something big… I will be there.” 

she had made a promise she never knew she wasn’t meant to.


hey everyone, so finally a new plot has hit me, this one-shot will be out soon and this time more than the ADITYA and ZOYA ..it will be something more, something this society finds hard to understand.

take care everyone .

with love Morusya.

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