Kunj- Are you still angry with me? Kunj asked. 

Twinkle paused as she had not really thought about it. While taking care of Kunj she a had not thought that whether she was had not thought that whether she was still angry with Kunj or not. His infidelity has hurt her deeply and also, she realized that she loves him. 

Twinkle- Let’s focus on your recovery first. Twinkle said and tried to leave the room. 

Kunj- Twinkle, don’t avoid the question. 

Twinkle held the door and said- If you want to know the answer then it is yes. She said opened the door and left the room. 

Kunj sighed in disappointment. Twinkle had never ever shown that she was still angry with Kunj throughout the recovery. A part of him believed that maybe she had forgiven him because of his car accident, but sadly that was not the case. He wondered why she was still angry. She was justified in being angry, but why the anger lasted so longer? All the questions were running in Kunj’s mind. He was also thinking that Twinkle could have thrown tantrums and yelled at him or she could have done anything to show her anger and then forget it, but she was not saying anything and was still angry with Kunj. Twinkle’s anger had actually confused Kunj a lot.  

Because of the strong dosage of medication made Kunj drowsy and he slept. Twinkle came to check many times but he was sleeping. He was in such a deep sleep that whenever Twinkle came to check him he didn’t even made a move, even when Bebe came to call him for dinner and tried to wake him up he mumbled in his sleep that wasn’t hungry and went back to sleep. Twinkle also tried later but he didn’t gave any response to her. Twinkle picked the medicine she gave it to him to read it properly. It was written that on the label about the drowsiness. Seeing Kunj sleeping for such a long time made Twinkle worry and she checked the prescriptions also, to check if she had given any wrong medicine to him, but she gave each and every medicine as per the prescription only. She sat beside Kunj for some time and thought not to wake him as it was quite late and even she was tired she thought to retire in her room and she left for her room. 

Twinkle- Kunj voice reached Twinkle’s ears. She woke up wondering if she is just imagining or actually Kunj called her. 

Twinkle!!- She heard again Kunj calling her. She immediately got up and rushed to Kunj’s room. 

Kunj was awake and he clutching his abdomen as he was in pain. Twinkle rushed to his side. He made him lie down properly and then rushed down to the kitchen and got some cold compress and water for him. She went back in Kunj’s room, unwrapped his bandage that was covering his abdomen. She applied the cold compress on his back and applied medicine on his abdomen and then re wrapped it. She then gave him some pain killers and water so that he can be relieved from his pain.  

Twinkle- Kunj, how are you feeling now? 

Kunj- Better, much better. After a pause- Twinkle thank you so much, I woke you up at the middle of the night. 

Twinkle- Kunj, you were in pain. It’s good that you woke me up. 

Kunj looked at Twinkle. He reached out and placed his hand over hers. She looked up at him expectantly. 

Kunj- Maybe you should stay here only. Kunj said, his gaze boring into Twinkle’s 

Twinkle said unsurely- Stay here? 

Kunj- Stay in this bedroom with me just in case. 

Twinkle- In case? 

Kunj- What if you hadn’t heard me tonight or what if something worse happens? You should stay here with me, over here in my room.  it’s better that way. 

Twinkle- For the duration of your recovery, you mean. 

Kunj- Or forever. He had a smirk on his face. 

Twinkle blushed. She readily agreed. Honestly, she was a little nervous about something happening during the middle of night when she was not around Kunj to monitor him. Now that he had asked her to be in the same room with him, she was relived. She was also ecstatic to be once again sharing the room with Kunj. She was glad to be living as his wife again. She settled in beside Kunj. He reached out for her, but she shook her head. 

Kunj- What’s wrong? Kunj asked, disappointed when Twinkle moved all the to the other side on the bed. 

Twinkle- I don’t want to accidentally hurt any of your wounds. 

Kunj- Twinkle, you won’t hurt me. He said, extending his arm out to her. 

Twinkle- Just in case. She said and moved closer to the opposite edge of the bed. 

Kunj- Fine, whatever you want. He said defeated. 

The next morning Kunj instructed the maids to shift Twinkle’s things back to his rooms. He thought back to the reason why he’d kicked her out in the first place and felt ridiculous. He had tried to get closer to her last but she refused worried about his injuries. He knew once it came to changing bandages, he would have an opportunity to make Twinkle to come closer to him, and he wasn’t going to miss this chance. 

Twinkle came into his bedroom, ready to change his bandage- Kunj, are you ready to change the bandages? 

Kunj- Twinkle, I need to take shower. Will you help me? 

Twinkle- Help you…… take a shower? She said looking down. 

Kunj smiled. He liked the way she thought. 

Kunj- As much as I would enjoy that, I just need to help me getting to the shower. 

Twinkle walked over to Kunj’s bedside. He pulled back the covers flung his legs over the side. Twinkle helped him stand up. Kunj felt the pain in his ankle. He wrapped his arm around Twinkle, leaning against her for support. They slowly made their way to the bathroom. Kunj sat down on the edge of the bathtub. 

Kunj- I think I can do it from here. Kunj said gesturing towards the luxurious spa shower that stood beside the bathtub.  

Twinkle turned to leave, thankfully thinking that Kunj didn’t any further help from her, but this was not the case. Kunj had something naughty going in his head. He again stopped her. 

Kunj- Twinkle, wait. 

Twinkle paused. She slowly turned around, dreading whatever it was Kunj was about to say. 

Kunj- I need your help in getting undressed Kunj said innocently. 

Twinkle hesitated. She looked at Kunj, wondering if he was serious or just kidding. She gave in and walked towards him. She started to unbutton his shirt down his shoulders. She peeled the bandages off his shoulder and then started working on the bandage around his abdomen. Kunj leaned in closer. His nose brushed Twinkle’s cheek. Twinkle’s eyes flickered up towards Kunj. She paused for a moment before continuing to unwrap his bandages. Kunj grabbed Twinkle’s hand and pulled her closer to him. Twinkle looked down. Kunj got ready to stand up. Twinkle offered her hand for support. He leaned against to her to take the weight off of his ankle. Twinkle started off toward the shower. 

Kunj- Wait, I am not fully undressed yet. 

Twinkle blushed- Kunj, I can’t…. 

Kunj- Twinkle, you are my wife and if you are not going to do then who will help me in this situation? He asked an innocent face. 

Kunj suddenly kissed her. Their lips connected, and Twinkle started to feel numb. She wasn’t expecting Kunj to kiss her, but she couldn’t bring herself to break away from it. her eyes fluttered closed as Kunj’s hand moved her hand down his chest. She felt him stop at his belt. She slowly undid his buckle. Kunj smiled against Twinkle’s lips. He deepened the kiss, making Twinkle feel light headed. He could tell the passion was overwhelming her. Her hands now rested on his chest. Kunj grabbed Twinkle’s arm for support and stepped out of his pants, leaving him in just his boxers. His lips never left Twinkle’s. He leaned back against the bathtub, moving Twinkle with him. Finally, Kunj broke the kiss. He turned Twinkle around with his good arm so that her back was against his chest. 

Kunjjjjj, I…..- Twinkle whispered. Her breathing was uneven. 

Kunj- Shhhh- Kunj quieted her- Are you sure you don’t want to join me in the shower? He said in her ear. He placed a light kiss on her neck. 

Twinkle bit her lip. She felt Kunj nuzzle her neck. She moved her head to the side, giving him more access. Twinkle’s eyes shot open. She rushed out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her with so much as looking at Kunj. She leaned against the bathroom door unable to believe what just happened or what could have happened. She quickly left Kunj bedroom and made her ay downstairs before he could follow her. Kunj stood in the bathroom smiling. Twinkle was so shy. He was actually surprised she’d lasted so long in such a compromising position with him. He wished that she would have agreed to join him in the shower, but of course he knew, she wouldn’t. His plan to get closer to Twinkle had worked, and the little deal she made with him gave him ample opportunity for repeated romance. 

Twinkle decided to be in kitchen and to get her mind off of Kunj. She couldn’t really focus on cooking, so simply watched the chef preparing the food. 

Bebe- Twinkle, there is a visitor. 

Twinkle- Visitor? Is she Mahi? 

Bebe- No, I don’t recognize her. She said she only want to talk to you. She is waiting for you in the living room. 

Twinkle- Alright, I will go and meet her. 

While going Twinkle was thinking who she could be as Bebe knows all I.e. Mahi, Roshni and Chinki, who always visits her. She reached living room and saw the woman, but was not sure who she was? 

Are you Twinkle? – Asked the woman. 

Twinkle- Yes. Who are you? 

The lady- I am Alisha. I am the woman your husband cheated on you with. 

Twinkle gasped. She paused for a moment, assessing the situation. Alisha was simply dressed in a jumpsuit and carried a handbag. Nothing about her seemed extra ordinary. Twinkle wondered what Kunj had seen in her. 

Twinkle- What do you want? Twinkle asked quite angrily. 

Alisha- I heard about Kunj’s accident. 

Twinkle- You can’t see him, if that’s the reason you have come for. 

Alisha- No, I have actually come to meet you. 

Twinkle- Me, but why? 

Alisha- Just to tell you the truth. that Kunj and I never had s*x. We just got too drunk and got carried away but he did not sleep with me. 

Twinkle- Why you think I will believe you? Alisha’s sudden confession made Twinkle think that whether Kunj asked her to do this so that Twinkle forgives him. 

Alisha- What do I have to gain from talking to you? 

Twinkle- Kunj might have told you to come and tell all this story to me. 

Alisha- Kunj!! he doesn’t want to talk to me. He doesn’t even care about me, Twinkle. But do you know who he cares about? You Twinkle, you. 

Twinkle- If he cared for me, he would have cheated on me. 

Alisha- Twinkle, we danced a lot in the night club and kissed.  

Twinkle- Please, I don’t want to hear anything about it. With saying that Twinkle turned and started to leave but Alisha stopped her. 

Alisha- Wait Twinkle, you need to hear this. Yes, we kissed that night and he brought me back here to his home. We made out and I tried so hard to have s*x with me, but he wouldn’t. No matter how much drunk he was, he knew it would not be good to sleep with other woman. You know what he said that night to me? 

Twinkle was curious now- What he said? 

Alisha- He said that Twinkle would never forgive him. Later when we had more drinks that night, he kept mumbling that you and he are not ready for this. 

Twinkle- What? She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. 

Alisha- That’s what he said, I know it’s not my place, but I do hope you forgive him one day. She said and left, leaving Twinkle to think what she just told her. 

Kunj was telling the truth. He never slept with another woman. He still cheated on her but not in a way that was completely unforgivable. Twinkle’s love for Kunj grew in a moment. Her anger had been keeping her love at bay, but now that she knew all the details, she couldn’t stop herself from falling even harder for her husband, especially what had just happened in the bathroom. He had even envisioned Twinkle and even then, refused to go all the way. Kunj was a better person than what Twinkle thought about him. Maybe it was time to forgive him. 

twinkle went upstairs to see if Kunj taken shower. She knew he would need her help inputting the bandages again on his wounds. Twinkle knocked the door not sure if it was right to enter or not. 

Come in. Kunj voice came from the other side of the door. 

Twinkle- Kunj, do you need me to bandage your wounds again? 

Kunj was not in bedroom. 

Twinkle- Kunj? 

Kunj- Twinkle, I am in the bathroom. 

Twinkle walked inside the bathroom. The door was open. Kunj was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, trying to put his arm through the sleeves. 

Twinkle giggled at Kunj after seeing him trying to put his arms through the sleeves of his shirt- How did you managed to get dressed? 

Kunj- Trust me, it was not an easy task for me. Kunj also laughed. He had managed to get dressed below waist down, but his shoulder injury made it difficult for him to put on a shirt- Twinkle, can you please help me? 

Twinkle- Of course. She said and walked over to Kunj and helped him with his shirt. She didn’t bother buttoning it as she knew that she will put the bandages on his wounds. Kunj, with Twinkle’s help, limped over to his bed. He laid back down and waited for Twinkle to start bandaging. Her fingers traced over the wound on his abdomen. 

Kunj- Don’t worry Twinkle. I don’t hurt that much now. 

Twinkle gave him a concerned look and started to apply medicine on his wounds. 

Twinkle- So, you were asking me whether I am angry or not? Whether I have forgiven you or not? 

Kunj responded looking at twinkle- yes. 

Twinkle- I am not, I forgive you Kunj. 

Kunj smiled and said- You are not angry with me anymore and you have forgiven me? 

Twinkle- Hmm. 

Kunj- That’s great. I am so glad. But Twinkle, why did you forgive me all of a suddenly? Yesterday, you said that you are still angry, what happened all of a sudden? 

Twinkle- Well…. Alisha came and we talked . 


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