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Jab We Met (Shot- 11)

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Jab We Met (Shot-11)

Soumya is sitting in Krishna’s room, waiting for him.. She is upset.. He comes to her..
“Soumya, why are you upset? What happened? You can share with me if you want..” He says sitting beside her..

“Actually I’m worried about Suhani..”
“Suhani? What happened to her?”
“I think, she is falling for Yuvraj..”
“That’s nice.. They are engaged and will be getting married soon……”
“No Krishna, its all fake.. A lie..”

She tells him everything about Yuvraj and Suhani’s relation right from the start.. He is shocked..
“Krishna, promise me that you won’t tell anyone about it, and you won’t talk to Yuvraj or Suhani also about this matter..”
“But.. Ok, I promise..”

Yuvraj gives the meds to dadi and heads towards his room.. He stops when he hears Soumya and Krishna talking about Suhani..
“But Soumya, did Suhani ever tell you directly that she loves Yuvraj?”

Hearing this, Yuvraj waits to hear Soumya’s answer..

“She never told me, but I know it.. I have seen it in her eyes.. I know her better than anyone else.. Inspite of whatever happened, she has a soft corner in her heart for him even though she is angry with him.. She definitely has feelings for him, and its something beyond mere liking..”


I left from there.. I was feeling more guilty.. I’ve heard that when you love someone, you also give them the power to hurt you.. May be, that was the reason why Suhani ended up crying in the party, just because I shouted at her.. In reality, I had hurt her.. I didn’t know that this ‘fake girlfriend’ drama would turn our lives upside down.. Today, both of us need each other and want to be with each other..

I was in a dilemma.. It felt like I had to choose between maa and Suhani.. But how could I? What if I could choose both?

I kept thinking how to avoid any further mess.. An idea struck into my mind.. I would apologise to Suhani for my misbehaviour and befriend her, and I would try to find out about my brother before the wedding date.. I won’t force Suhani to be with Sambhav if she doesn’t love him..


It was evening time.. I went to the outhouse.. As I opened the door of my room, I found an envelope on the table.. I opened it.. There were pictures of the contest.. And then, there was a letter, “Yuvraj is bad, angry, egoistic, rude, arrogant, mannerless, disgusting, heartless, and what not.. He deserves to be slapped.. Right? Will you forgive him if he apologises?”

“He won’t apologise..” I said.. I heard some noise.. I looked around and opened the wardrobe..

I screamed stepping back.. Yuvraj came out of it.. He pulled me towards himself and covered my mouth with his hand.. Our eyes locked..

“What are you doing here?” I asked..
“Suhani, I’ve realised my mistake.. And I want to apologise..”
I couldn’t believe whatever he said..
“Is this the way you apologise to someone? By scaring him?”

He knelt down and held his ears.. He made a puppy face.. I couldn’t understand what to say.. He looked genuine..

“Yuvraj, see, things are already complicated.. Maa thinks we want to get married, but the truth is that we don’t even consider this engagement..” I said turning to the other side..

“Then back-out, and live your life.. I’ll make her understand..” He replied..
I looked on..
“No.. I can’t leave.. I want to live with maa.. After years, I’ve got mother’s love and affection from someone.. I can’t leave..” I shared it with him.. I was almost into tears..
“Then marry me and stay forever..” He said.. He wiped my tears..

I sat on the edge of the bed as I had no answer to it..
“Suhani, whatever happens, let it happen.. Don’t think much.. You will end up being with the person you are meant to be with..”
I looked at him.. He smiled slightly..

“By the way, I’ve got a bouquet for you..” He said and went to the other room..

When he came back, I was really surprised.. He was laughing.. I understood he was making fun of me.. Instead of flowers, the bouquet had two samosas, some french fries, cookies and my favourite chocolates..

“Rest in peace.. Someone is going to eat you up now..” He said looking at the bouquet..
I slapped his arm.. We laughed..

I took it and thanked him..
“So, did you…. forgive me?” He asked nervously..
I nodded.. He thanked me and smiled.. I smiled back..
“But Yuvraj, make sure you don’t repeat it.. I may not forgive you next time!!”
“I’ll take care of it..”

PRECAP: Yuvraj is in Sambhav’s house.. He searches for some proof.. He sees the curtain and says, “It wasn’t there before.. What’s behind it?” He walks towards it..

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