Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)



Anika looked at Rudra with wide eyes ….”Rudra i think this will be too much” she tried to make him understand but Rudy being Rudy replied “Didi relax …why fear, when Rudy is here” he did his logic wala sign. “But…” Anika tried to say something but Rudy hugged her and left from room.

“Shivay bhaiyaa…come let’s spend some family time, we are gonna watch a good horror movie” Rudra stormed into Shivay’s room. “Rudra not now I am busy…” Shivay spoke looking into his files. “Shivay bhaiyaa, you are denying me…your one and only Rudy…why because of this stupid files” he did his usual drama. “Ho gaya natak shuru…(now again he started his drama)…. Rudra I am looking at something very important” Shivay initially murmured and then spoke aloud. “Ahh…now I got it….you are actually scared of horror movies…so you are making these reasons …and…And not to forget, you are growing old…yeah…I forgot you are uncle now..Shivay uncle I should say” Rudra instigated. “What the wuck…I am not uncle..i mean..see…I am still young, fit and killingly handsome…and ..and …and it’s not me but you are scared of horror movies..did you forget” Shivay said with full on attitude. ” prove that…” Rudra this time showed his attitude. “What?” Shivay asked confused. Rudra again taunted Shivay ” prove that you are not scared of watching horror movies…Shivay uncle”. “Hey ..don’t ..don’t call me that unc..uncle..sshhh..sshhh” shivaay spoke doing his usual hand twisting movements. “Fine see you in an hour in the projector room then” Rudy left without hearing his response. Rudy met Tia and spoke about movie plan and Tia readily agreed.
He walked towards Omkara’s room….when he saw Om present in his art room. Rudra stormed in and spoke without a break ” O …in an hour in projector room…we all will be watching a good horror movie…see you there.” Om spoke looking towards Rudra “am not coming..i have to deliver this painting tomorrow.” ” Do you think am i the only person who doesn’t have any work , that i am planning all this?” Rudra with full force counter attacked but it went in vein “do you have any doubt Rudra.” “What…what did you say…i have no work…O..listen ..you know how difficult it us to search for a good movie, then put the tape in the projector, arrange speakers, popcorn drinks and above all enjoy movie…it us tedious work…you have no idea” Rudra spoke with full tashan. Om again pulled Rudra’s leg ” really Rudra…how difficult work you are doing.” Rudra again applied his infamous technique” don’t taunt me…waise it’s not Shivay bhaiyaa..it’s you who is growing old………I think I must call you dada ji….o daadu……wake up and enjoy your life before you walk with a stick …” Om got irritated and at last spoke up ” Rudra kya bakwaas hain ye sab?(what nonsense are all these?)” “Ok …I will not speak nonsense if you agree to come” Rudra said and looked at Om like an inspector does. Om had no other option than accepting ” fine…i can bear that film rather than your nonsense Rudra”. ” better” Rudy ran without looking back while Om laughed at his brothers drama


Shivay, Om, Tej, Jhanvi, Pinky, Shakthi , Prinku came to the projector room
Om was stunned to see Tej being present and that too in a jovial mood…Shivay pressed his hand in a good gesture…Om relaxed. Om asked “Tia …where is Anika?” Tia looked towards Om and answered “I think she is resting…it’s good else she will get tired” Om smiled to Tia reply. “Where is Rudra…he called everyone and he is not here yet” Tej questioned. “Papa ..i am here…” Rudra entered with popcorn buckets.

Finally the movie was played….

The movie showed a scene where two hands were touching a person from behind …Prinku felt two hands touching her from nowhere….Prinku looked down …and saw two hands and screamed….everything spilled their popcorn with that scream and looked at her….
“What happened Prinku?” Shivay asked with concern. “Bhaiyaa someone placed hands just as it was shown in movie scene” Prinku answered horrified. “Prinku you are getting way too much involved in the movie..relax” Om said and rubbed Prinku’s back. She nodded and they continued….then a scene was going on where blood was oozing on 4 people….suddenly blood started dropping on Tej, Jhanvi, Pinky and Shakthi….first they didn’t realize but when the wetness was being felt they screamed and at once stood up in fear…. lights were switched on…

Shivay and Om turned to see what happened when lights went away…everyone were confused and the movie started playing…..a scene played where two vampires were coming to kill two persons….and from nowhere two vampires appeared in the room walking towards Om and Shivay….that was it….everyone ran for their life outside the room without looking back

After they left Rudra gave hi-fi to both the ghosts and followed the rest OF members…..everyone was scared to maximum… ” i ..i said na bhaiyaa…someone touched me the same way it was shown films” Prinku said stammering. “Ohh my maata…this blood…it fell exactly like they showed it in the movie…” Pinky spoke terrified. “But how come this is possible? I mean ghosts, vampires they don’t exist” Tej said “I think some positive reikis are needed here from the universe” Tia spoke. “I think something is wrong” Om said trying to join the dots. “not something, everything is wrong” Shivay spoke setting his hair in usual swag. ” what?” Everyone questioned Shivaay in union. ” Did you notice, we all are here but Rudy is not here..while he is the one who gets scared first” Shivay said. “yes Shivay…and not to forget he is the one who planned all this movie thing” Om spoke. “Ohh my maata …aane do Rudra ko kaan ke neeche do doongi usse” Pinky said in anguish

Rudra came there all smiling … “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha” he continued laughing holding his stomach looking at all of them. ShivOm came towards him and looked at each other nodding their heads
“bhaiyaa… no..no…i am sorry…sorry” Rudra said while trying to run away but ShivOm lifted him and threw him in pool mercilessly. “Good job Shivay and Om” Tia spoke and turned to look other side when the two ghosts appeared. Tia screamed hell out and everyone looked at her…and were shocked…. One ghost removed the makeup and laughed at all the OF members … ” Anika tum ” everyone looked at her in shock
Anika laughed continuously
” i am sorry …but Rudra asked me to do this…and i could not deny him” she said while laughing
” and who is the other one in this?”Shivaay asked
The other ghost removed make up and everyone were stunned

PRECAP- WHO WAS THE THIRD PERSON?………………any guesses friends??? …………Some sweet and emotional moments to continue.

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