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Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Deep and arohi rush to hospital. Romaa us admitted there. DEep says who did this to mummy ji? Inspector says footage of JD house will show us. They show them Tara shoving Roma. Deep says a daughter can never do this. That look alike did this. GO and find her. ROma looks and Arohi and recalls what she did. She picks knife and says I will kill you. arohi gets scared. Everyone stops roma. She faints. Doctor says don’t worry she is in shock. She will be fine. Virat says why did mom attack Tara? Inspector says she thought that she is Arohi. Deep take your wife out of this city. We don’t want police to be confused. Deep says we planned to go out. Inspector says you should. We will find Arohi very soon. Arohi says in heart this means Tara tried killing Roma. she tried killing

her own mom? She can do anything.

Tara comes to a place and says what will I do. I have no money to even eat. She walks in a red light area. A woman says where are you? This is our work area. Tara says you don’t know who I am. A man comes and says we will give 50 come with us. He grasps Tara’s hand and says 70? 80? Let;s lock the deal in 90. Tara says 1 lac? He says lets go. She says you very lucky. I will make your life so colorful that you wont be able to go to anyone else.

Scene 2
Deep says Tara can never attack her mom. Arohi says who else would? SHe is psycho. She might have done this to trap me. Deep says she can never do this Arohi. Arohi says you took my name finally. SHe says Janu.. You are getting her wrong. she says don’t start that drama. Stop trying to pretend that you don’t recognize me. I am your Arohi. He says we were talking about mummy ji. Arohi says I am your Arohi. You know Tara did all this. What if I get punished for all these sins? he says I wont let anyone punish you janu. If you are scared then go from here. She says when you are with me nothing can happen. He says I can’t be with you all the time. You are in trouble all the time. I will have to save you all the time because you casn’t save anything. Like you couldn’t even save my ID card. I will handle everything. she says yes you are right. Some thugs attacked me but you didn’t come. A man came and saved me. God sends one person or other to help me. You focus on your work. I wont go anywhere without you.

Prithvi says to Virat Roma is being punished for killing Devika. Virat says Roma was attacked by Tara. But why?
Arohi goes to JD house and says I will find out where deep’s card it. the guy who saved her comes disguised as an old man and says please tell me this address. arohi takes the paper and he faints her.
Arohi wakes up in jail. she says what am I doing here. SHe looks around. Deep comes in and says inspector try to understand. The woman than you have arrested is my wife not her look alike. He says we found her near JD house asleep on the footpath. Arohi says I wasn’t asleep. someone attacked and fainted me. Please try to understand I am deep’s wife. The guy comes and says I will clear this confusion. He says to the constable and says didn’t you see her on bus station looking for something? If you didn’t see her did you see me? He says yes I saw her. she was taking a bus. Inspector says are you sure? He says yes. The guy says see she is Deep’s wife. Now you believe? He says yes.
Arohi says to the guy you saved me twice. Thank you. He says you saved me as well. You hit those thugs too. So I have on point. If you get a chance save me. SHe says thank you. Deep comes and says thanks Danial. Arohi goes to the car. He shakes hand with deep and says it was pleasure meeting you. I couldn’t go to save my wife and you saved her. You saved her today as well. Tell me this magic too. He says someone sends me on time. The God. You and Tara make a wonderful couple. Deep sees a mark on his hand. He recalls Arohi said she hit the man with mask and he had a scar. Deep says who are you? The one who kills or saves?

Precap-Danial brings in Tara. He says I saved her from police again. Its real tara. She says in heart deep your death is here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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