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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode69- Anu to keep Gayu away from Aarohi

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Anika skims ” pagal samajh rakha hai k hum is pani may khel (  i’m look carzy to you that i’ll play in this water)😆😆😆👿👿

Bhavya” playing with ball…. come soon i’ll waiting for my didu”

Anika” smirks evilly….. now get close to her…. i’ll see how to touch her…. she brushes her nose…. let me catch the other prey.”…….

Gauri” ohoh!! Omkara g don’t get senti…. Rudy bhaiya is there with you na”

“Om sigh”….. Rudra!!! He’s gone with friends to hang out”

Anika” hello! Om how are you? I know you are fine same Gauri is… so bye and all the best for you exhibition….

Gauri” what’s this Anika di? I was talking to omkara g and you cut the call”…. let me complain maa

“Anika pov” don’t leave a chance to get close to her….. abhi maza chakhatey hai…. Shikayati tattu !!

Anika”  come with me doll is calling you… agar zayad chu cha ki to phir kesi ko awaz nahe dey pao ge.she drags Gauri outside”…..

“Aarohi rest her head on Dev shoulder” Dev!! I know Shivaay is always there for my Anu but still i’ve the fear of losing Anu…

“Dev wraps her in his arms” throw this fear out of from you. Nothing will happen to our Anu. And look who’s taking name of fear “THE AAROHI”  who didn’t feared from me and like tigeress stood infront of me.

Aarohi” but i’m only mother….Dev!!” That mother who not one but for thrice have seen her child on deathbed.

Vanhi is still alive what if she again….

Dev” comes Aarohi face….. nothing will happen to our Anu nothing….”

“Aarohi with tears gazing Dev” what will happen the day Anu came to know about Vanhi…  my child heart don’t get filled vegeance… Dev i don’t want my child to get hand colored with Vanhi’s blood

Dev” No!! DSR won’t let that day come…. “

Khanna” i’m sorry sir but i’ve peek every place but there is no sign of Vanhi”

“Shivaay rise his voice” khanna mujh Vanhi chahiye….. his eyes gets grey

Khanna” Sir if we spread the news that Anika ma’am condition is cri…..( Shivaay clutches his collar)

Shivaay” Shivaay ki jaan hai Anika aur kabhi kisi nay abhi jaan ki……word dies in Shivaay mouth”

“Shivaay removes his hand from khanna collar” aaj k baad yeh khayal bhi tumhare karbee say bhi nahe guzarna chahiye….. now go and find her…

Shivaay” Maa!! I won’t let you to live in fear of losing your Anu….. Shivaay nay kabhi apno k uper koi anchh nahe anye de aur na kabhi anye dey ga…..He flip his hairs.

“Anika talking to teddy” kuch zayad he free ho rahe thi…. humaye socha chalo koi nahe choti hai dono per nahe hum say he shanapati karney chali thi. Per dono humein pecchanti hai hai k humein un k kareeb koi bhi acha nahe lagta….aur phir tum dono to kuch zyada he is liya……

Anika looking at Gayu picture

Golu aur Bolu de vaaja deti baind 

Oye  Goluaaaa

Oyeeee Boluaaaaa 

Hun kara le to pyaar 

(I’ve played with golu and bolu. Now love her)

Anika flying in whole room

Main vekha zara

Kesa kardaiy ho gili gili

Kesa kardeiy ho chumiyan

( now i see how you do gili gili and kiss her)

Anika holds comb brushes teddy

Meri Duniya haan teri mummy

Anika di na eh bheri na eh changi

Hun tushi  pakad lo kanghee

Tey kara lo  khujalee

( my world is your mummy. I’m not so bad not so good)

Anika cackles  swiming in  pool like kids

Kyun k pani vachi se khujalee

Is liya main nahe sa dhoobi

Hun tushi karo raat khujalee 

Asee kara gay sari raat kissy

(Because there was itching in water, that’s why i didn’t jump in it. Now you scratch your body and i’ll do kiss)


She swirls in water

Tunak tunak tun 

Tunak tunak tun 

Two pairs of eyes staring Anika

Anika takes a swirls gets shocked to see Aarohi. She gulps😨😨😨

She start rolling her eyes🙄

Maar gayi Anika… kehi  inho naye sun to nahe liya😓 she babbles..(you are dead Anika.. haven’t she heard)

“Aarohi hiding her smile” what you were doing?

Anika” grins…. hehe nothing… she comes out of pool … i was just..she start sneezing….aachu🤧🤧

“Aarohi marches to her” what you where? Just…aachu……..🤧

“Anika stepping back”

“Aarohi holds her” why you are getting frighten from me? I’m not any monster.

“Anika stammers”  i was just giving swings to teddy.. he said he wants swings.

“Aarohi narrow her eyes” really!!Anu what you are hiding from me?

“Anika thinking” if she came to know thay i sprinkle itching powder on Gayu bed and pool she will again scold me…Anika stealing gazes Aarohi🙁

Gayu” Maa”

Aarohi” what happened to you both?

“Anika smirks” seem like two cute not cute but devil puppies are scratching 😆😆😆😆

“Aarohi stepping to Gayu”

Gayu” Maa please stop there we got bad itching you too will get it”

“Anika jumps in heart” plan A got hit😄😄😄

Aarohi” how you both got it? She turns and gazes Anika

“Anika innocently plays with teddy”😇😇😇

Aarohi” come let me call the doctor”

Gauri” No!! Need for that maa dad called her”

Bhavya” maa where i’ll sleep now our beds too got itch…. i’m feeling sleepy but i want to be with you

Anika” you can sleep in my room i’ve no problem my bed is big enough for you trio😊😊”

Gauri” but where you will sleep and it’s ok we will sleep in guest room”

“Anika pov” chutki nahe dash____ hai.

I will manage on couch… Anika makes faces

“Bhavya jumps on bed no i’ll sleep here you go and sleep in guest room”….. but why there’s pillow wall behind bed?

Anika” woh actually it got wet so i build it”

“Aarohi eyeing Anika” why Anu getting extra sweet? This much sweetness in her for doll. 😒

“Anika pulls pillow from Bhavya” it’s my pillow she throws herself on couch…. grinning close her eyes

Aarohi” Anu change your dress first look it’s wet”

Anika” runs to bathroom”

After few hours


“Anika angrily staring bhavya” she saliently crawls to bed…. she slowly comes on bed lies on pillows wall smilingly gazes Aarohi…close her eyes

Bhavya” puts arm on Anika and her hand touches Aarohi”

“Anika slowly kicking bhavya and makes her  falls on floor. She lifts her head and pushes Gauri too…..😤😤

Muh dekha hai kabhi apna ek ka bhindee k jesa aur ek ka muh karelay  jesa hai aur in dono may he Aloo nahe dalta. Aur na hum anaye dey gay🙂🙂

( have you both seen your face once face is like Okara and other is like bitter gourd and in both potato is not added)

“Aarohi place her hand on Anika head”

“Anika smiles and close her eyes”

Next Day…

“Anika rubbing her eyes like kids” gajar ka halwa….

“Aarohi adoring her childish acts while sitting next to her”

“Bhavya whispers” Maa!! What we have decided?

“Aarohi pouts” please doll just once

Shivaay” No!! Maa….. he drags Aarohi out….

Bhavya” pecks Anika cheeks runs out”

Scene shifts to Hall


Aarohi” it’s enough i won’t do this more”

“Shivaay making Aarohi comfortable on dinning chair”…. you have to do this…. Maa!!

Aarohi ” there’s no use to protest”😔😔

Dev” Ssshhh!! Anu is coming”

Anika” greets everyone and settle down”

Aarohi” now open your mouth… i know you didn’t eat properly now i’m gonna make you have it.

“Anika smile widely open her mouth”

“Aarohi takes the morel and stuff in Bhavya mouth whose is standing behind Anika”

Anika” gape Aarohi and Bhavya with shock😲😲😲😲”

Bhavya” pushes Anika little compose herself in Aarohi lap”

Gauri” Maa!! Feed me too.

Shivaay” pocket fruit chunks in Anika mouth…… fruits are heathly for burning heart”😉

Everyone brust into laughters

“Anika munching chunks angrily gazes Shivaay”…..

Shivaay” pouts😗😗

Devi g” Anika beta what happened? Why you are not having breakfast”

“Anika hits bhavya” bas karo aur kitna khao ge? Moti ho jao ge( how much you will eat? You will get fat)

Bhavya” Maa! Dekho na Anika di maar rahe hai… aur moti bol rahe hai”( mother see di beat me and called me fat)

“Aarohi brushing Bhavya face” you have your breakfast my Bolu… she peck her.

Gauri” Maa mujhe bhi kissy”( i also need kiss)

Anika” haan!! Peck her too…. har baat may gusti hai…..( yup peck her too… she has the habit to poke her nose )

Aarohi” koi boblem hai?? To bolo( if you have so problem then speak?)

Shivaay” Arrey !! Maa kesi baat kar rahe hai Anika ko kya boblem ho ge…kyun Anika?”( Mother Anika don’t have any problem… Right Anika?)

Anika” haan humein kya hai…. sari ki sari kar dey.. in dono ko kyun Shivaay ko bhi karye, aur sab ko kare sirf humein nahe…. she babbles.”( yup i don’t care don’t kiss only Gayu give it to  Shivaay also no not only them but infact kiss all except me)😞😞

Aarohi” i’ve no boblem with that… come Shivaay”

Shivaay” runs to Aarohi”

“Anika keep her foot in mid and makes Shivaay fall”

“Shivaayfalls on floor hold his hip…..” Uheeeee!!!!😢

“Anika laughs” Bagda Billa falls on ground everyone say…… Aww!!!😆😆😆


Everyone doing ” Aww!!”

Anika” now stand up on your paws and slip your coffee but cats like milk so drink that😜😜😜😜

“Shivaay holding his hip stands” i won’t leave you Anika?

Anika” we will see she brushes her nose…nudge Bhavya.”😠

Bhavya” nudge her back”😋😋

Anika” where’s my juice?”

Maid” runs and get it for Anika”

“Anika makes Maid fall and whole juice falls on Bhavya”

“Bhavya screams and jumps out of Aarohi lap”

Maid” i’m sorry”

“Anika smiles” it’s ok….. hai na doll…. she shake her head

Bhavya” yup it’s ok… saying this she walk to her room”

“Anika smiles” fully enjoying her breakfast

Shivaay” jealous”

Oberoi Mansion

Seniors Oberoi enjoying the breakfast

“Pinky aunty ” Mummy ji’s ! For many days i want to say something.

“Tej laughs” is say phely pinky ji’s nay maun vart raha huwa tha.

Everyone giggles🤣🤣🤣

Pinky aunty” jetha ji zayad joker’s bananey ki zaroorat nahe hai.”

Tej” per tum to already joker’s ho”… haha.. he did hi-wfi with Shakti

Dadi” oye chup kar khoteya… “

Jhanvi” Tej!! Let Pinky speak first…. say it Pinky what you want to say”

Pinky aunty” maa g!! I don’t now from where to start”

Shakti” gari to sulf say start hoti hai aur tumhari OMM say”😂😂

Pinky aunty” mummy ji’s i’m going none is taking’s me serious.

Dadi” no one will laugh now… you say Pinky what you want to say”

Pinky aunty” mummy ji’s it’s so long now don’t you think we should talk to Rajput’s about kids future.

Jhanvi” yes!! Mummy ji i too agree with Pinky”

Tej” it’s a mircale that two cats ready share same meat”

Dadi” Tej !! Shut up”

Pinky aunty” mummy ji!!! Now everything is fine not fine but superb’s fine..  Aarohi bharja ji is back, Shivaay and Anika misunderstandings got clear, Anika condition got better. In mean while happiness are back and now i want my daughter in law back too.

Jhanvi” pinky not yours but ours daughters in law”

Dadi” both are saying correct this house lost it’s charm look. There’s no hustle and bustle in OM.

Tej” i’m missing them all very much… lets call the chopper and fly to RM”

Jhanvi” stop getting funny Tej. We are serious….. mummy ji you should now talk to Aarohi bhabhi ji about childern wedding.”

Dadi” Aarohi won’t agree soon”

Shakti ” now i agree with maa…. after years mother met her childern and it’s just month and we again separate them.”

Pinky aunty” it’s culture that girl has to leave their parents house as their in laws house is called their real home”

Tej” but Anika , Gauri and Bhavya situation is different Pinky”

“Pinky aunty” they can meet Aarohi bharja ji at anytime but now we too want our sons and daughters.

Jhanvi” mummy ji please talk to them”

Dadi” Ok!! Fine i’ll talk but i won’t force them.”

@ 8:15pm


“Anika lying on bed whole body sweating…. threater incident flashing….. Vanhi stoots Aarohi and Shivaay”

Shivaay” saking her….. Anika , Anika hosh may ao….he sprinkle water on her face.

“Anika gets conscious and holds Shivaay tightly” Shivaay!!!

Shivaay rubbing her back” kya huwa jaan? “( what happened love)


Anika hiding in him ” Shivaay! I don’t know some blur images are flashing i don’t know whose images are those”

Shivaay worries” kya dekha batao mujhe”( what you have seen tell me)

Anika” remember we were in fram house than someone text me that you all have kept something away from my eyes. I came to RM to find what’s that? And then i saw her.

Shivaay” haan bolo Anika phir kya”(then what?)

Anika” Shivaay when ever she touches my hand and some blur images strike my brain”

“Shivaay pull her out of his embrace and cup her face” kesi images”

Anika” telling him threater incident”

Shivaay” gets shocked to hear that.

Anika” gazes Shivaay with questioning eyes”

“Shivaay lies on bed and makes Anika lies on top of him”  keep on brushing her hairs and  talks sweetly soon his  therapy slips Anika into deep sleep.

Screen freezes on Shivaay face


Precape   Oberoi’s aye Rajput’s say Aniriya ka hath manganay.



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