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I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) episode-14

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Ragini is in OT..every second passing like hell to sanskar..he consoling himself saying nothing happend to his ragini..he sat on chair nd closed his eyes nd recalled his memories with her,her hatred ,her love ,her crazy things,finallly her smiling face flashed who is calling sanskar name..He opened his eyes,he squeezed his heart,then his eyes fell on ganesh idol which is in hospital..he says she trusted u more than me,she had faith on u always that u will alwways do good for her..but u always gave pain to her..but she still believing u…dont brk this tme..if any thing happend to her naaa,i dont knw what will i do..i knw u r a god,u can do anything…his voive gets calm nd sad..then y cant u understand our pain,(tears rolling from his eyes)..plzzz save her..plz save her..he collapsed on floor crying..
Sanskar runs to doctor who just comesout from OT..
Sanskar:doc ragini is fine naa,tell doc she is fine..
Doc:calm down sanskar..opeartion got successfull..
Sanskar smiles through his tears..
Doc:she is ok for now..but..u have to be carefull with her until she conceive her child..u have to be careful in everything..
Sanskar(nodded):can i see her once doc
Doc:no sanskar,u can see, after changing her to normal ward..
Sanskar:plzz doc..2mins..(he requested him)
doc( nodded):but plz dont disturb her..
Sanskar nodded nd runs into OT nd sees ragini unconscious,he sat beside her nd kissed her forehead..
Sanskar:u are fine(he smiles,wiping his tears)..u dont knw howmuch happy im..i wnt to hug u tihgt,plzz wake up soon..
he caressed her hair nd goes out..

Sanskar comes to ragini who just got into normal ward..he caressed her hair..Ragini opened her eyes slowly nd sees sanskar..she called out his name two time nd fell concious suddenly..
Sanskar:ragini..ragini..(he is hell worried)
Sanskar about to call doc but stopped feeling ragini hand which held his hand..he looked up at her..she opend her eyes..
sanskar:are u fine naa
Ragini winked at her..
Sanskar:are u mad..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Sanskar:im dying here nd u.. (his eyes got moist)
Sanskar:howmuch u make me cry haan…dont doo this again..orelse i will make u cry..
Ragini:u..maky me cry..seriously..i knw it will never happen…u cant do it with ur dreams also..
Sanskar pouts..
Ragini( smiles):i told na nothing happend to me..god is with us..
Sanskar:actually i warned ur god..might he got afraid..
Ragini: what..u warned him
Ragini smiles..
Sanskar:im very haapy..
Ragini:i knw..
Sanskar smiles nd hugs her sleeping figure..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:i got opeartion na..its paining..
Ragini:but i wanna hug u tight
Sanskar:but we cant na..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:take rest now..doc asked me to meet him..
Ragini:come soon..i will wait for u..
sanskar smiles nd goes after telling to nurse that take care of his ragini..

i knw this is small part,actually i need ur opinion again…

Thanks for telling ur opinion…but exactly not ,what u all are thinking about that track..ragini will die but,later will knw, not ragini died,someone died who look like a ragini..actually in hospital ,some inter changing happend nd all.i thought like that..but thats ok…now i dont want to write that one…now i need another track..i thought 3..plz choose one..

1.Ragini memoryloss-it happend in season 1 also but i will try to write something new

2.Sanskar memoryloss-why laways sanskar suffer,this time ragini chance to proove her love..im excited to write this one..

3.Happe ending-they had a baby nd lives happily forever..

plzz tell ur option..how can i run story without any twist nd turn..

Sindhura:thank u dear for telling ur opinion frankly..after long time happy to see ur comment..

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