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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update modern anita and angoori

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Angoori scolds Tiwari for forcing her to drink alcohol,Tiwari says it’s modern world be with it,angoori says you be with it don’t tell me and calls amaji and tells her,amaji scolds Tiwari,and says dare you spoil her,I shall whack you so hard,cut the call.

Tiwari walks out and sees vibhu with pillow in lawn and asks how come here,vibhu says anu got angry on alcohol thing,anu in balcony sees Tiwari and Vibhu chat,angoori in balcony too here’s them too,vibhu says anu just acts modern she is backward in actual,anu and angoori look at each other,vibhu says what about bhabhiji,Tiwari says she is 10 times backward,vibhu says I have an idea,they are finding it odd to open up in front of us,Tiwari asks how then,vibhu says I will convince Bhabhiji and prem will anu,Tiwari says why will prem

I will go,vibhu says if you wish to be beaten go ahead,tiwari says agreed.

Angoori says let him come I will teach him lesson,anu says on call we will discuss plan to deal with them.

Tikka Malkhan tilu go visit Rajesh khana in formals for job proposal,tikka says we need to go London so speak fluent English.rajesh opens the door and asks who do you wish to see,tikka says you sir,Rajesh asks why,tikka says sir you called for meeting at 10.30,Rajesh says it’s 10.35 be here tomorrow at 10.30,I don’t talk to late comers.

Angoori doing household,vibhu walks in and asks how are you,angoori says very good and you,vibhu says very lonely,I’m missing my daddy,angoori asks is he no more,vibhu says he is in Himalaya and so can’t even call him and this pain will go only with two pegs and I need a partner to share my pegs and pain,angoori says I will give you company,vibhu says you never showed this side,angoori says I got busy with household and life but in village oh I miss it,and let me get glass and snacks and leaves.

Anu on call with Meenal,Meenal says I drank 4 pegs and was so high,anu says for cultured people like us this doesn’t suit,Tiwari walks in and says hello bhabhiji,actually it’s my shops anniversary today,anu says that calls for celebration,Tiwari says let’s celebrate and removes bottle,anu scolds him,Tiwari says I thought you are modern and so accept this and I’m sorry you just look modern,anu says you are wrong,tiwari says I didn’t get you,anu says I love this brand,Tiwari says wow,anu says from today onwards you will call me anu and I will call you manu and says let me get glasses and snacks and leaves.

Tiwari and Vibhu discuss the situation,Tiwari asks what advantage will you take,vibhu says its new will wait for some time,to take advantage.
Anu and angoori walk to them,tiwari says we were missing you girls,anu says shut up you English doesn’t suit you,angoori says cmon let’s go disc,vibhu says good idea,angoori says let’s get dressed then accordingly and leaves.vibhu and Tiwari feel little insecure.

Happu on call in police station,discussing a land deal,and is angry,master walks to happu and says my son sanskar is in bad influence and goes disco has alcohol comes home late,Happu says what will I do,master says talk to him,I tried talking to him and forced him too but now I need your help use your powers please,Happu says okay I will,master says thank you so much.

Pre cap: anu vibhu angoori tiwari at pub dancing ,tiwari and Vibhu feel insecure.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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