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Bepannaah (AdiYa SS)– Apna Sa– Chapter 2 (Last Part)

Hiiii guys….I am back with the last part..

guys I know u all want me to write in English but as I have started it in Hinglish, that’s why I don’t want to change it in the mid. please bear with language.

from next story story I will keep the language in mind…

hope u guys love it…




Aditya was lying on the bed. Slowly he got conscious and looked here and there. At first his sights were blur but slowly and steadily he was able to see everything clearly. As soon as he realised that it is some unknown place, fear stricken him and the first person who came in his mind was Zoya. He sat on the bed with very difficulty

Aditya-“Zoya” and looked here and there, suddenly his eyes fell on Zoya who was sleeping peacefully on sofa. He breathes a sigh of relief.

He then slowly stood up from the bed and went towards Zoya. He kneels down in front of Zoya to get to her level.

Aditya(thought)-“kitne sukoon se so rahi hai” and he smiled. He slowly removed the hair flicks from Zoya’s face and tucked it behind her ears. As soon as his hand touched her ears, she slowly opened her eyes and saw him in front of her. She immediately sat on the sofa.

Zoya-“aap uth gaye?aapko ab Kaisa feel ho Raha? Dard ho Raha hai kya?(And she realised that he was kneeling down) aur aap aese kyu baithe hai? Aur aap bed se uthkar yahan kyu aaye?”

Aditya-“Zoya…Shhhhh” and put his finger on her lips and they shared a few seconds eye lock. After sometime, he removed his finger and then he sat on the sofa beside Zoya.

Aditya-“zara saans le lo..” said with a smile

Zoya-“aab aapko kaisa lag raha hai…dard ho raha hai…?”

Aditya-“ abhi theek hun main…(he held her palm) tum theek ho na?” Zoya kept her another palm on the hold

Zoya-“hum bhi theek hun..” and she smiled

Aditya-“par Zoya ye hum kahan hai?”

Zoya-“ye…uss wakt jab aap behosh hogye thein tab inhone ne hi humari madad ki…(Zoya closed her eyes) Allah barkat kre” Aditya smiled and then Zoya slowly opened her eyes.

Aditya-“Zoya tumhe confirm hai ki unhe humare baare mein kuch bhi nahi pata…”

Zoya-“pata nahi…unhone humse aesa kuch nahi pucha…” in the meantime the woman came to the room

Woman-“beta tum uth gaye…(and came close to Aditya) ab kaisa lag raha hai beta…”

Aditya-“abhi theek hun…(and he stood up and held the hand of the woman) Zoya ne bataya ki aapne humari madad ki…really thank you very much..”

Woman-“insaan hi toh insaan ke kaam aata hai..aur tum don otoh mere bachon ke tarah ho” Aditya smiled to it.

Woman-“chalo tum dono bahar aa jao”

Zoya-“ji” and the woman went from there.

Zoya-“chaliye Aditya..”

Aditya-“haan, tum chalo, main aata hun…waise washroom kahan hai?”

Zoya-“uss taraf” she showed him the direction and went from there.

Aditya(thought)-“humare bhagne ki news poore country mein faeli hui hai toh inhe kaise nahi pata kuch..”


The man was sitting on the sofa and the woman was in the kitchen. Zoya went inside the Kitchen

Zoya-“aunty chaliye hum aapki madad kar dete hai..”

Woman-“nahi beta…tum jao aaram karo, tumhe chot lagi hai..”

Zoya-“aunty karne dijiye na…please…isi bahane hum aapka ehsaan utar payenge..” the woman smiled and they started doing some work.

Aditya came to the hall and went to towards the man

Man-“aao beta baitho….ab kaisi lag raha hai..”

Aditya-“abhi theek hun..” and Aditya’s eyes fell on the T.V.


Man-“ek haftey se kharab hai…pata hi nahi ki duniya mein kya chal raha hai..”

Aditya-“oh…(thought) isiliye inhe humare baare mein nahi pata..”

Aditya-“Zoya kahan hai?”

Man-“vo andar Kitchen mein hai..”


Man-“beta tumhara naam kya hai..”


Man-“Zoya tumhari bahut fikr karti hai…uski aankhon mein tumhe khone ka dar dekha hai maine…bhagwan hamesha tum dono ko khush rakhe..” Aditya just passed a smile as he was not getting how to react.

Aditya-“main abhi aata hun..” and he stood up and started walking and the man’s words were ringing in his mind. He saw Zoya in the kitchen, he walked towards the kitchen.

In the Kitchen

Woman-“tumhara pati bahut khush qismat hai..” and in the meantime Aditya came there and listened what the woman said. He stood there silently

Zoya-“Aditya humare shawhar nahi hai..”

Woman-“toh kon hai..” Zoya remembered all the moments she has shared with Aditya

Zoya-“pata nahi kaisa rishta hai humara. Par aaj vo hume APNE SE lagte hai. Jab sabne humara saath chor diya…tab unhone humara saath diya. Jab sab kuch khatam ho gaya tha..tab vo thein humare saath…” and Aditya went from there with a smile on his face

Woman-“jo bhi rishta hai tum dono ka…bahut khoobsurat hai. Zoya meri ek baat yaad rakhna..ese log humari zindagi mein bahut kum hotey hai, Usse kabhi khona mat..” zoya smiled.

Then they all had their dinner.

Woman-“Aditya aur ye(the man) aaj saath so jayenge aur Zoya tum mere saath so jaana..” then Aditya and the man went to their room.

Zoya-“hum Aditya ko unki dawai de kar aatey hai..” and she went to aditya’s room with medicine and a glass of water.

She knocked the door and went inside the room

Zoya-“vo hum aapki dawai lekar aaye thein…(she forwarded the medicine to Aditya)..waise uncle kahan hai..” Aditya had the medicine

Aditya-“washroom” and he was about turn



Zoya-“vo…hum aapka shukriyada karna chatey hai..(Aditya gave her a confused expression)…vo aapne mera har uss wakt saath diya jab hum bilkul akeli pad gaye thein, jab logon ne humara saath chor diya. Jaane anjaane aap humesa humare saath rahe. Thank you..” Zoya’s eyes were filled with tears. Aditya held her hand as a sign of assurance.

Aditya-“Zoya…main humesha tumhare saath rahunga (then he whipped her tears and passed a smile to her) aur ab kisi bhi baat ki tension mat lo aur jaake so jao… Good night” Zoya smiled to him.

Zoya-“good night” and went from there.

Today, unknowingly both of them after very long slept with peace.


hope u guys loved it..

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