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Arranged Marriage ke Siyappe (vol 3) pt 24

Let’s begin….

Ragini smacks her fingers: idea!

Both pari and laksh looks at him

Ragini:we trio should by different rounte!!

Lak:but bhabhi different…

Ragini:oh ho listen to me first..
She shares a plan

Pari:ha.. nobody from our family would get a doubt on us..but there’s one problem…

Ragini: what??

Pari:laksh is telling nithya’s dad is a don…but how would we manage to go there!see Ragini..they know laksh.. Is impossible for him to enter but we need someone who would save us from this mess incase if we got trapped then!

Ragini thinks🤔🤔🤔🤔 and smiles: there’s someone who can do this! But he should know this

Laksh:please bhabhi no bhai

Pari:yeah…i can give 100% that if adarsh gets to know he would stop us…and Sanskar he is the rebirth of harishchandra..it would flop or plan..we can involve them later

Ragini:but i am not talking about you bhaiyya laksh…i am talking about my bhaiyya..😉


Arjun who in the meeting sees 6 missed calls of Ragini..

Now he got so worried that…he left the meeting inbetween and handovered it to his assistant..


Arj calls Ragini..
Ragini picks

Arj: what happened? Can’t you wait for sometime!

Ragini suddenly:i will give you 500Rs..can you act as halwai..can you?..no no you have to act…

Arjun looks at his phone to confirm did he call right number!

Arjun:are you mad??

Ragini: no i am Ragini…

Arjun:shekar gadodia ka beta ab halwai banke ghoomega..tumhare chakkar mein gaya tho mein pitunga

Ragini: free mein nai i am giving you 500 na

Arjun: aiae bol rai hai hai jaise apne saare daulath mere naam kar rahi ho

Ragini:please na bhaiyya…

Arjun melted:but why?

Ragini: then meet me at xxx..now


Arjun:are you out of your mind??

Ragini: don’t you know that i am Ragini

Arjun:laado it’s not the time of joke… You know the meaning of don right.. First tell me

Ragini: please bhaai…

Arjun looks at laksh who was standing sadly

Arjun:laksh…. you will get line’s of girls and better you forget the girl

Ragini blackmailing:bhaiyya…

Arjun looks at her

Ragini:if purvi bhabhi was a daughter of don…you would have also got line’s of girl..then also would you have thought you would get line’s of girls..forget that..if i loved a lerson who would be a don’s soon then also would you have said forget him you will get line’s of guys

Arjun felt sad

Ragini:bolo bolo…even nithya would have a dream

Arjun confused:nithya kaun🤔🤔🤔

Ragini😏😏: about whom we are talking

Arjun:oh sorry sorry i understood…

Ragini:socho ki woh aapki bichdi hui behen hai

Arjun:bichdi hui..?

Ragini:shayad kumbh ke mele mein

Arjun:but why should i act as halwai..

Ragini tells something to him

Arjun: it’s impossible…

Ragini: its possible..so tell me first would you help us or not

Arjun thinks something and then nods

Ragini hugs him: you are the best bro in the world

Arjun:jab mujhse kuch kaand karwana ho tabhi mein best bro banta hoon nai??

Ragini smiles: ok now we should start our plan


Laksh leaves the house by telling he is going to his friend’s marriage for 4 days

Pari asks the permissin to go to her house .. She packs her bags

Adarsh:pari..i will also come with you

Pari:no no adarsh.. You be here.. There would be work in office…i will go and come soon

Adarsh confused by her behaviour:you always had a complain i don’t come with you to your home

Pari:woh..woh kya hai na adarsh i now understand how your professional life is…so i don’t want to mix our personal life with professional life

Adarsh smiles and hugs her: will miss you..
I will drop you to the railway station…i don’t understand one thing why did you choose train instead you could have gone with planr

Pari:arey adarsh don’t question me more..i would miss my train…

Adarsh:ok ok…

Here Ragini herself:2 of them have left..how would i go now?

Sanskar enters the room: what are you thinking..

Ragini without her senses:how would i go from here

Sanskar: you wanted to go somewhere??

Ragini immediately looks him: hein??

Sanskar: you only told you want to go..

Ragini: haannn…i..i..wanted to go for my friend who have no one ..she is in the hospital now

Sanskar:oh why didn’t you say before..which hospital

Ragini: is not here

Sanskar: then

Ragini: Kolkata

Sanskar:is she doesn’t have anyone

Ragini nods.. She was really feeling guilty to hide the truth from him

He sees her face: ok..Go

Ragini was shocked and she gets happy

Sanskar: and i will too come with you.. You alone will not go

Ragini mentally slaps herself

Ragini: you will not go!!

Sanskar confused: why??

Ragini was praying

At the Rp comes

He smiles at Ragini and then looks at sanskar

Rp: sanskar you are ready with tomorrow’s presentation right

San:woh dad it’s ready but i can’t present it..

Rp:but why…

Sanskar: actually i am going with Ragini to the Kolkata

Ragini: its ok Sanskar…arjun bhaiyya is coming with me

Rp:but beta why are you going

Sanskar:her friend is in hospital and she has none with her so.. Ragini wants to go

Rp:oh…sanskar if you want….

Ragini:no dad bhaiyya is coming with me

Sanskar: ok then you go

Ragini smiles..

Rp goes…

Sanskar: did you arrange the tickets

Ragini:bhaiyya did it

Sanskar: ok..then…

Ragini gets ready to go…
Ragini: bhaiyya will come to pick me

Sanskar: ok but Ragini…are you hiding something from me?

Ragini nods in no

Sanskar:you sure!

Ragini nods…

After sometime Ragini leaves…

Adrash: sanskar

Sanskar turns and smiles: ji bhaai

Adarsh:Ragini bhi gayi kya?

Sanskar: Ragini bhi matlab

Adarsh:pari bhi gayi hai

Sanskar:even laksh..ajeeb hai

Adarsh:but i feel there’s something

Sanskar: something…



Here arjun Ragini pari and laksh reach kolkata..

Arjun: we have reached but karenge kya

Ragini and pari moves from there

Here sanskar was in deep thinking:i just hope Ragini told me the truth…. hope Ragini doesn’t put herself in some mess…

He was really missing Ragini her antics everything in her


Next day…

Nithya was moving to the temple with some ladies..

Laksh held her…

Nithya sees him shocked..

Laksh pulls her from there

Nithya: why did you came now laksh?u told me it’s over
She had tears

Laksh: i am sorry neethu..i m really sorry..i was frustrated…

Pari:ha nithya

Nithya looks at her

Pari:i am laksh’s badi bhabhi…

Nithya looks at laksh: what are you planning for laksh…

Ragini: tumhe yahan se bhagana…


Ragini: don’t worry.. You have arrange our entry in our house


Ragini:no buts and if’s…

Nithya looks at laksh

Ragini: we will check if anyone is seeing us…u both talk

Laksh: thankyou babhi

Ragini smiles

Ragini and pari stands out with arjun and looks around keenly of anybody are watching them

Nithya:i am still hurt laksh… You know how much it pained me. I was all lonely…

Lak: i am sorry.

Nithya:i think now i should go…
She goes by signing Ragini and pari


Ragini and pari goes to nithya as nithya told her dad that they are her friends

Ragini and pari was about to go in

“One minute”they heard a strong voice

Pari gets scared and Ragini held hand assuring her

It was nithya’s dad Rajnath

Rajnath:are you both nithya’s friends?

Both nods

Rajnath: don’t try to be smart..it won’t take much time to me to kill someone.. Go now…

Both goes

Here Raghav sees a message from Ragini

He opens it and reads
Ragh:jiju..i haven’t hidden anything from you but this time i am hiding a big thing from you..i would reveal it later…
Ragh confused: what Ragini had hidden from me??

He gets confused

Ragh:if she have hidden something from me then…..yeh ladki…

Raghav: Naina Naina…

Naina coming towards him: what happen??

Raghav:where is Arjun?

Naina:arjun has went to meet some client

His face covered worry

Naina: Raghav..is everything fine!

Raghav: its not fine…
He goes..

Naina gets confused


Arjun who was making a dish:haaye meri phooti kismath…arjun gadodia se arjun halwai 😭😭😭😭

A man: don’t dream here..do your work nai tho kaam se jaoge

Arjun nods and cooks


Sanskar calls Ragini…

Ragini’s phone was with laksh
As she thought raghav would call her and ask her…

Raghav have already called her but laksh didn’t accept the calls

And wn sanskar calls..laksh without knowledge actually thinking to be his phone he picks it…


Laksh:ji bhaai

Sanskar confused: laksh.. How did you got Ragini’s phone

Laksh hits his head for his foolishness…

He immediately cuts the call..switches off

Sanskar: am sure it was laksh but..m so confused

At the time he gets the call from raghav

Raghav: Sanskar..where did Ragini go

Sanskar: even arjun have went with her.. As her friend is in hospital

Raghav:jhoot..jhoot jhoot jhoot

Sanskar: what are you talking about?

Raghav: arjun told that he is going to meet client here…

At the time adarsh enters sanskar’s cabin: sanskar pari didn’t go to her home!

Sanskar connecting the points: Ragini’s phone with laksh…arjun and Ragini together and pari bhabhi

Adarsh:what???ragini ke phone laksh ke paas…isme kuch locha hai sanskar

Raghav to sanskar: locha nahi..i think its gonna something big risky

Sanskar: Raghav can you come to our office


Here Ragini and pari notices the house so that it could be easy for them to leave…

That day wasn’t free enough..so they decided mission dulhan bhagao to next day


Raghav: but how will we know where they gone?


Sanskar: Omi


Next day…

It was mehendi and sangeeth

Laksh comes there as singer for orchestra being disguised as a sikh

Then realisation struck him that how would he sing the song..he would get eggs and tomatoes if he sing

Rajnath tells him to sing…

Rajnath:i find i saw you somewhere..

He goes very near to laksh

Ragini was not getting what to do…how to save laksh….

To be continued…..

There’s no RagSan in this part…!! Situation demanded 🙂

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