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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya goes missing

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Babli saying Anokhi has a breakup, she is strong, she will not break down, she wants to study, she doesn’t like men who don’t respect women. Ahir says even I don’t like such men. She says we are leaving before Shaurya creates a new drama. Vineet gets a watch and hides. He says its Shaurya’s watch. Shagun comes to Anokhi and asks where is Shaurya, he went to meet you. Anokhi says he didn’t come to meet me, I m not great like you to forget self respect and myself for love. Shagun says we have rights to take decisions and change it, everything is fair in love and war, Shaurya went to meet you, he didn’t return, tell me what did you say that he got upset. Anokhi says I don’t know. Shagun says don’t act smart, I don’t care what’s in your heart, I want to know where is he. Anokhi says you keep him safe. She goes. Shagun says I will find out myself.

Kanchan comes from shopping. She says maybe Shaurya went to meet Anokhi. Yash comes and asks why did you shop so much. Kanchan argues with him. She says I had waited for this moment that you support me, now I will do it myself, I m also a Saberwal now, I want to become bahu like they like, you asked me to do anything but not mess up with Devi, take the bags, I m going to shop more.

Anokhi says Shagun won’t lie, where did Shaurya go. She says did he meet with an accident again, why isn’t he answering, where did he go now. Babli says we will go back. Vineet says no, I won’t go back so soon, I don’t want to go home soon. He goes. Anokhi says he looks worried, keep an eye on him. Babli says forget him, we shall go soon. Anokhi says I think he left Goa, Shagun told me. Babli says great.

Anokhi thinks to find out what is Vineet hiding. Devi calls Shaurya. She asks Shagun to keep her phone on charging. She says I will wait for my son. Shagun says please take some rest. Devi says I won’t get peace, did you call his friends. Shagun says I had called them, Shaurya didn’t go to Anokhi. Devi says but he left because of her, once I find him out, I will not leave Anokhi. Aastha comes to know about Shaurya. She sees Devi and says you are here, it means Shaurya didn’t come. They argue. Aastha says he is my son. Devi says my son will come back to me, you don’t need to worry. Aastha says I will not listen to anyone now.

Anokhi thinks of Shaurya. She takes her dress and throws it away. Saaware…plays…. She cries. Kanchan looks on and thinks maybe they had a big fight, what shall I do, he isn’t answering, we can’t go to villa, I wish Shaurya’s fate isn’t like Shaan. Anokhi says I went to get some peace, I feel relieved. Babli says good. Anokhi asks where is Vineet. Babli says don’t know, he went early morning. Babli finds his clothes dirty. Anokhi says something fell down from his pocket, didn’t you see. She looks for it.

Anokhi says we couldn’t find Shaurya, he should have called someone. Everyone is worried for Shaurya. Shaurya is kidnapped.

Update Credit to: Amena

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