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Santoshi Maa 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update – Swati gets locked in washroom while Babli joins Indresh.

Santoshi Maa 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Indresh & Swati are appreciating their each other’s looks lovingly & leave for party. Devesh along with Abhay, Lovely & Rinky are checking in at Resort reception while Indresh is moving towards party along with Swati.
Devesh sees Indresh & Swati & plans to keep eye on them while Indresh is unaware about Devesh due to lost in Swati’s looks.
The Resort staff is keeping on serving Devi Polomi soft drinks while their owner stops them from acting foolishly & asks forgiveness from Devi Polomi of his staff’s foolish behaviour.
Devi Polomi challenges Mata Santoshi saying that all players are ready for the game to start hence it’s time for you to arrive to share the game.
Dev Rishi asks Mata if she accepts Devi Polomi’s challenge while she explains him the fact of life how enjoyable is for human’s on earth but again he asks her about challenge & she tells him that her invitation has to be accepted.
The owner is pampering his daughter Samiksha to become little lively in this party.
Devi Polomi is roaming around outside the garden of Resort while Samiksha sees her asking what she is upto but instead Devi Polomi tells her that I was only taking a stroll but your looks are very beautiful & appreciates her name too asking how come she outside. Samiksha tells Devi Polomi it was just a routine check & they both go inside to enjoy party. Devi Polomi is appreciating Swati’s dress to Samiksha but Samiksha instead is cursing Swati due to her cheap choices while Devi Polomi wonders hearing her views about Swati.
All guests have gathered along with Indresh & Swati while owner announces of starting the party directing his staff to arrange music & they begin accordingly but not so entertaining hence Devi Polomi intervenes suggesting the owner to arrange face mask to enjoy the party along with music for which she’ll take initiative for & he accordingly arranges.
Devesh along with everybody also arrive for the party wearing face mask.
Devi Polomi sings song while all are dancing on her music & Devesh is watching Swati dancing with Indresh but Bubli also comes in her weird costume & a waiter spills soft drink on Swati’s dress hence Swati goes to clean her dress in washroom.
Devesh follows her while Babli changes herself in the same dressing & Swati cleans her dress but get locked in the washroom.
Babli takes place of Swati coming near Indresh telling him that you are only mine but Indresh in unable to hear her voice due to music’s sound echoing & does not realize it’s Babli.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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