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Riansh-love between police officers episode 7

The episode starts with:

Vansh: the next rule.

Riddhima (cutting him in between): sir…you have already told so many rules..then also..

Vansh: shut up Riddhima! The next rule is you all must not be late at any cost.

And the last and the final rule wherever you all are in the whole world when I call you to the police station you must be here. Hope you understand Riddhima not like that day.

Riddhima: yes sir!

Vansh: good! Now everyone back to work!!

They all get back to their work.

Riddhima (thinking): this man…a totally khadoos..I hate him…I want to talk to mr.unknown..but this… atleast mr.unknown’s talks calmed me down.

She started checking all the files but was just lost in mr.unknown’s thoughts. Vansh came out of his cabin to check everyone (fir se aagaya bas aata hi rehta hai😂😂😂). He goes to riddhima’s table but Riddhima was lost in her own world of thoughts so he didn’t notice him. Vansh looks at her but she doesn’t.

Vansh: riddhima…

She doesn’t reply.

Vansh: Riddhima…

Again no reply 😂.

Vansh(in a loud tone): Riddhima….

Riddhima jerks.

Riddhima: whatt!!! Why are you shouting!!!

Vansh: what the hell! From last 5 minutes I am standing here. I have called you 2-3 times and you didn’t listen. So I had to shout only!!!

Riddhima: what.. when did you call me?

Vansh: Riddhima (stern)

Riddhima looks down.

Vansh: this means you were not focusing on your work but was lost somewhere else!

Riddhima: no no I was lost in my work only!!

Vansh: I know you were definitely not lost in the work!!

Riddhima (thinking): bappa please aaj bachalo is khadoos se! Mai aapko laddo chadaungi!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂(god please save me today I will give ladoos to you)

He snatches the files from her hand and checks what work she had completed.

Riddhima (thinking): oh no now I am gone!! He will definitely kill me! But wait…that was not in the rules..that if I am lost and not completing the work then he will punish me!! No no he can do anything!!

Vansh was checking the file while fear was on Riddhima’s face. After seeing the file vansh’s face turned angry.

Riddhima (thinking): oh god!! His face!! Maybe I am breathing my last breath right now!

Vansh(anger): Riddhima…what the hell is this!! You are doing this from last one hour. Only one column you have filled.

Riddhima (fear): vo…vo…vo..

Vansh(anger): what!! Vo vo!! I will not leave you now!

Riddhima: sir but it was not mentioned in the rules that you would punish me if I have not done my work.

Vansh: but I told that you have to complete the work assigned!(smirk)

Riddhima fears.

Vansh: wait here!! I will tell you your punishment.

He leaves.

Riddhima (thinking): oh no!! What to do now!! Should I run away!! No riddhi! No I can’t do that! But what to do now! He will gulp me up! Wait idea..

Riddhima quietly takes out her phone and hides below the table (favourite places of Riddhima 😂😂🤣)

She then messages mr.unknown.

On message:

Riddhima: I need your help!

Vansh was searching for something and he got Riddhima’s message.

Vansh: what happened??

Riddhima: I am in grave danger! I have a done a small mistake and my boss is going to punish me! Please help me out!

Vansh: small mistake??🤔🤔

Riddhima: leave it na!! Just tell me a way!

Vansh: ok!! Let me think!

Riddhima: fast! He would be here anytime!

Vansh: ok so you do one thing!! Do some extra work before he comes. His mood would definitely change and he would not punish you!

Riddhima: great idea! Thankyou!

Vansh: 😉😉.

She quickly gets up and quickly finish more work before he comes. Vansh comes. He was having a basket in his hand. Riddhima looks.

Vansh: ready for your punishment???

Riddhima: sir..see I have done more than the work you assigned..now please forgive me..

Vansh was shocked. It was the same plan he told to his unknown friend.

Vansh: show!!

He shows him the work.

Vansh: ok forgiven!!

She jumps in happiness. Then she looks at the basket. In the basket red chillies and green chillies were present.

Riddhima: these..these..

Vansh: these were for you!! I wanted you to eat these as your punishment!

Riddhima: are you mad or what??

Vansh: I am not mad you are mad!

He leaves.

Riddhima (thinking): oh god mr.unknown saved me today.

She messages him.

Riddhima: he forgave me! Thankyou so much 😊😊!

Vansh: it’s ok😉😉! We are friends and I had to save you!!


In vansh’s cabin.

Vansh’s POV:

How can it happen! It was the same idea I gave to ms.unknown. how did Riddhima know this..and she was also being punished by me..and ms.unknown also being punished by her boss. Is Riddhima… No no she can’t be!

His pov ends.

Precap: Riddhima goes to vansh’s cabin and sees him using phone and breaking the rules.


Done with the update!! Do comment your reviews! And the precap was somewhat annoying user’s point..what if vansh breaks the rules😂😂! So I added that😂! Caught red handed😂😂😂!

Now 10 crore ka question on your screens:

Whom do you think vansh would be talking to on phone in precap??






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