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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 73

CHAPTER 73: A lot more to the past

Mishti was sitting in her room thinking about what her parents had told her, and what Maa had told her the day they had met…. The three people whom she looked up to for all the best advice in her life were asking her to tell Abir the truth…. And she knew they were telling her the right thing to do, the right thing she should have done long ago…. But she also knew telling Abir everything was not going to be easy…. The truth was going to break him…. She had seen him broken once and she did not have the courage to see him broken once again…. The last time she had broken his trust, he had his family to take care of him…. However this time, she had to be with him, because his trust was going to break once again….

She was lost in her thoughts when the doorbell rang and she looked up surprised not knowing who could be at her house at this time of the night…. She walked towards the door and opened it….

The shock would have been an understatement for what Mishti felt at that moment…. Kunal was the last person she had expected to ever show up at her doorstep, and yet today he was there standing in front of her…. And his eyes clearly showed that he was not pleased to be there…. Mishti came out of her shock and looked at him, not knowing what she was supposed to say to him…. Kunal however made it easy for her because as soon as she was about to say something he gestured her to stop…. She kept quiet knowing he would anyway say what he had to say and would never listen to anyone, especially her….

Kunal: Why are you here?

Mishti: Shouldn’t I be asking you this, you have come to my house; I should ask you why you are here?

Kunal did not like this…. The way she spoke to him enraged him further….

Kunal: You know what I am talking about, stop acting innocent in front of me; I know your true colours.

Mishti: Kunal, it’s almost midnight and I really don’t wish to argue with you. So, if you are here for all this, please just leave.

Kunal: That is what I want you to do, leave us, leave us alone.

Mishti: Kunal, I have already done the mistake of listening to you once, and I am sure of not repeating it ever again.

Hearing Mishti’s words, both of them were reminded of the day that had changed so many things in their lives….

*Flashback to four years ago*

Mishti was waiting for Abir in his room, they had decided to study together, and like it was their ritual, Abir had gone to make her favorite coffee…. She was looking around his room when her eyes fell on the photo frame kept on the side table…. She picked it up and smiled looking at the childhood photo of Abir and Kunal….

“Kya soch rahi ho, in do bhaiyon ko ek dusre se alag kaise karu” (What are you thinking, how to separate these two brothers)

Mishti turned around and was shocked hearing Kunal’s words…. She did not understand why he said it to her…. She was about to keep the frame back but it slipped from her hand and fell down breaking the glass into pieces…. And before she could do anything Kunal held her hand and stopped her from picking up the broken frame…. Mishti looked at him surprised….

Mishti: I am sorry Kunal, it happened by mistake….

Kunal: Ha aaj tumhari wajah se sirf frame tuta hai, kal ko tumhari wajah se hamara rishta bhi tut jayega. (Today because of your mistake, the frame broke; tomorrow our relationship will also break)

Mishti: Kunal, what are you saying?

Kunal: Why are you so surprised, I have not forgotten anything, years ago Bhai had forgotten that incident, but I remember everything.

Mishti: Kunal, you know it was an accident, no one did anything willingly.

Kunal: No, it was not an accident but your mistake, and that mistake cost us our father’s life.

Mishti stood frozen hearing Kunal’s words…. Tears collected in her eyes as she remembered the day that had snatched so many things from them….

Kunal: Why cannot you let us live in peace, when you had left years ago then why did you come back, why are you back to spoil our lives again?

Tears flowed from her eyes as Kunal’s words pierced her heart….

Mishti: Kunal, I know that whatever happened was not right with you all but I did not do it intentionally….

Kunal: Now all this doesn’t matter Mishti, we lost what we had and now nothing will bring Papa back. But now don’t snatch Bhai away from us, leave him, leave us alone.

Mishti: Kunal, please understand, I love Abir and he loves me too.

Kunal: And that is why I am afraid, he loves you so much, what will happen when he’ll know the truth, the truth that you are the reason his father is not with him….

Mishti looked at him shocked….

Mishti: Kunal, what are you saying….

Kunal: Yes Mishti, I’ll tell Bhai everything.

Mishti: Kunal….

Kunal: If you don’t leave Bhai, and don’t go away from our lives, I’ll tell Bhai everything.

Before Mishti could say anything Abir came there and looked at the scene surprised….

Abir: What is happening here? And Mishti, why are you crying?

Kunal: Thank God Bhai, aap hi aa gaye, ab aap hi samjhaye ise. (Thank God Bhai, you came, now you only make her understand)

Abir looked at him confused….

Abir: What do you mean Kunal?

Kunal: Bhai, she broke this frame by mistake and now she is crying for it, I tried explaining her but she isn’t listening; now you only tell her not to worry.

Mishti looked at Kunal shocked while he left the room…. Before moving out, he gave one last look to Mishti who understood what he meant….

*Flashback ends*

Mishti: I am not going to let Abir go this time, this time we’ll be together forever and it is better if you get it all straight in your mind Kunal.

Kunal: Look Mishti, I am warning you, stay away from Bhai otherwise….

Mishti: Otherwise what Kunal, what will you do?

Kunal smiled and Mishti looked at him confused by the change of his expressions….

Kunal: I’ll tell him the entire truth, not only about why you left him but also the truth about what happened with our Papa. Bhai has forgotten everything Mishti, but I have not.

Mishti looked at him shocked….

Mishti: Kunal….

Kunal: Kyu, tum hi toh sab sach batana chahti ho naa, toh kyu naa hum pura hi sach bata de. (Why you also want to tell him everything and then let us tell him the complete truth)

Mishti just looked at him unable to say anything….

Kunal: Aakhari baar keh raha hu Mishti, dur chali jao hum sab se, warna iss baar aise dur kar dunga tumhe Bhai se ki, sirf unka bharosa nahi tutega, unhe nafrat ho jayegi tumse. (I am telling you for the last time Mishti, go away from all of us, otherwise this time I would make you so away from Bhai that not only Bhai’s trust will be broken but he will hate you)

Kunal did not wait for Mishti’s answers and left the place banding the door on his way…. Mishti fell down on the floor as tears flowed from her eyes….


Mishti was lost in her thoughts when the doorbell rang again…. Thinking it to be Kunal again Mishti wiped her tears and walked towards the door…. She opened the door and was about to ask Kunal to go away and leave her alone but stopped seeing Abir standing in front of her….

Mishti: Abir….

Abir could sense something wrong with her voice and looking at her eyes, he understood that she had been crying….

Abir: Mishti, what has happened and why were you crying?

Mishti did not know what to say…. She had already been lying to Abir for a long time and now yet again she had to lie to him…. This was killing her from inside….

Mishti: Abir….

Abir: Don’t you dare say it is nothing, I know something is definitely wrong and I have been noticing this for many days, are you hiding something from me?

Mishti looked at him as she heard his question…. How could she forget Abir was not only her boyfriend but also an ACP…. And somewhere he would doubt her different behavior…. And he would definitely know if she was hiding something from him….

Abir saw her lost in her thoughts and he knew that he had struck the right cord…. Mishti was definitely hiding something from him…. He was sure it had something to do with Kunal…. He was parking his car outside Mishti’s apartment when he saw Kunal exiting the lift…. Kunal’s behavior towards Mishti had always made Abir suspicious that something was not right and now the way Mishti had been behaving confirmed his doubts…. Whatever was happening, both Mishti and Kunal were aware of it, and Abir somehow felt that it was only him who was kept in the dark…. It was as if everyone around him knew what was happening but he had no clue about it….

Mishti: Abir, I have to tell you something….

Abir: Haa bolo….

Mishti was about to say something when Abir’s phone started ringing…. He would have declined the call immediately but seeing Ranveer’s name flashing, he picked up the call…. He was shocked hearing whatever Ranveer told him…. Seeing the change of his expressions even Mishti sensed something was wrong…. Abir disconnected the call and looked at Mishti….

Mishti: Abir, what has happened? What did Sir say?

Abir: Mishti….

Abir told her something and she looked at him equally shocked as him….

Abir: I have to leave now….

Mishti: I am coming with you.

Abir nodded and the two of them walked off from the house….


“Maa, why are you scolding me when the mistake is done by her….”

Kunal said in a raised voice as Meera questioned him about meeting Mishti, although Mishti did not want to do it she had to, so she had messaged Meera about Kunal’s recent visit to her and how it did not go well, and that he was again blackmailing her…. And before he could say anything more, a slap landed on his face and he looked at his mother shocked by her action….

Meera: Don’t you dare blame Mishti for anything, she was never at fault, not four years ago and neither before that.

Kunal: Maa, how can you always support her, because of her we lost Papa and still you always worry for her, why?

Meera: Because whatever happened was an accident, Mishti was just twelve years old then, how can you even think of blaming her for an accident which no one had control over.

Kunal: Maa, we lost Papa, because he tried saving her….

Meera: And he did the right thing, and I’ll always be proud of what he did. Kunal, you lost your father, so even I lost my husband, but that doesn’t mean we’ll blame Mishti, get it clear in your mind Kunal, it was not her fault.

Kunal: Maa….

Meera: And don’t you dare ever try and blackmail her again. Stay away from Mishti and Abir, let them live in peace, don’t ruin their happiness.

And before Kunal could say anything Meera gestured him to stop and left the room…. Kunal threw his phone in anger as he sat down on the bed feeling defeated….

However, both Kunal and Meera were unaware of the fact that someone had heard their entire conversation and the person was beyond shocked….


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Something happened in the past that Abir’s father died saving Mishti and it made Kunal hate her, but why does Abir not remember anything, does this mean Mishti was a part of Abir’s life even before they met in college? Why is Meera supporting Mishti even after Mishti being the reason she lost her husband? What did Abir come to know on the phone call that shocked him? Who might have heard Meera and Kunal’s conversation?

So many questions about Mishti and Abir’s story, but not to worry they will be answered in the coming chapters.

Next will be an Ishkara chapter and some revelation about Daksh and Devika’s past.

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