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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh love saga) Episode 9

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing well..Let’s begin with today’s update..

Episode starts as..,

Deep : To tell you all that I want Vansh and Riddhima to choose their partners fast, so you’ll bring alliances for them..

Everyone clapped, while Vansh and Riddhima went sad.

Deep : Time to light up the stage..

Both of them went holding each other’s hands. 

Suraj hua maddham, chaand jalne laga

Aasmaan yeh hai kyon pighalne laga

Main thehra raha, zameen chalne lagi

Dhadka yeh dil, saans thamne lagi

Oh, kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai

Sajna, kya yeh mera pehla pehla pyaar hai

Vansh twirls Riddhima and then tucks her hair behind her ear. The song stops. They both part off. After the guests left :

Riddhima : Daddddddddddddddddddd…

Deep, Arohi and Tara come running to her. Vansh also follows them.

They all : What happened?

Riddhima : How could you fix my alliance? Dad, I don’t want to marry..

Deep : Huff!!

Vansh : Yess dad, same here..

Deep : Listen, first let the alliances come…

Vansh : But-

Tara : No but, what..

Arohi : Tara, maybe Vansh loves someone..

Vansh : Exa..No..

He leaves from there. Riddhima makes an angry pout.

Riddhima : See, I’ll not marry..whatever you can do, do..

She goes from there.

Deep : I’m not able to understand what is happening..

Arohi & Tara:  But we do..

The next morning, a girl enters VR Mansion..Deep, Tara and Arohi welcome her. Riddhima is in her room. Vansh is there only.

Vansh : Who’s she?

Deep : Came for an alliance..

Vansh : Ohh..

Girl : I’m Nia..Hii..

Vansh : Hello (giving a weird look)

Tara : You both talk, we’ll catch you later..

They go inside. Nia sits in front of Vansh. 

Nia : So, Vansh, busy?

Vansh : Yess, a bit..

Nia : By the way, you look handsome today (I feel liking killing her but Riddhima will do a better work)

Vansh : Excuse me, I’ll be back in a minute..

He went to the washroom. Riddhima stepped down the stairs, scrolling her phone, and then, saw Nia. She came to her and gave a tight slap on her cheek turning it red.


They all gather there again. 

Deep : What happened?

Nia : Uncle, she slapped me..

Deep : Ridd..

Before he could complete, she got a tight slap again. 


Deep : Will you tell what has happened?

Riddhima : She is Nia, Abhianshu’s sister, found just a few mins ago you told me to come down to meet the girl who came for the alliance.

Nia : But do you have any proof?

Riddhima : Angre..

Angre brings some photos to her.

Vansh : Angre, you’re playing for two?

Angre : Yess boss, but secret is secret..

Riddhima throws the pictures on Nia’s face. Deep sees and gets shocked.

Tara : How did you collect those?

Riddhima : As soon as my spy told me, I told Angre to collect those photos, and he did, which Abhi had kept secret..And when I saw her here, my blood boiled but I still controlled myself from slapping a rapist’s  sl*t sister..

Nia : Stop calling me that..

Riddhima : Oh c’mon you just stop it..

Nia raised her hand to slap Riddhima but ended up getting one more.

Riddhima : This one is trying to raise my hand on me..

Slapping her once more time, 

Riddhima : This for keeping your filthy foot here..

Slapping once again,

Riddhima : For bringing alliance and also, telling lies…

And this slap,

Riddhima : For being a sl*t sister of a rapist brother..

Again slapped her..

Riddhima : For doing plastic surgery of yourself and your brother so that we do not recognise you..

And the last slap..

Riddhima : because I know you won’t stop your rubbish..

Nia : You’ve insulted me…

Riddhima : Do you even have any respect?

She mocked her.

Nia : I’ll take revenge from you.

Riddhima : Best of luck..now LEAVE

Nia left. Riddhima hitted her wrist on the table as she realised what she said just now in front of all of them and now she had to reply to their questions..

Riddhima’s POV-

What did I do? I’m the biggest fool..Why did I utter all this infront of them? See those glares..those questioning looks, I know they’ve tons of questions but I’m not ready to answer them all..But what to do now? Couldn’t I control my emotions? But I don’t regret slapping her 6-8 times, instead I regret doing that in front of my family..Please GOD, give me some strength to face them, to answer them..

Precap : Love..yes..it is love..

               Are you sick? 

               Yes, I’ve got a disease called “LOVE” 

Same precap again!! Was this episode unexpected? A bomb? Like it? What’s that past which pissed her and she slapped Nia? Will she ever tell her family? What will be the destiny? Lemme tell you one thing, that Riddhima is still pure, she is not raped, but something has happened, and Abhi won’t sit quiet, the problem knocks the door..Now, make your assumptions..Also, don’t forget Vansh will do something, also, he’ll take class of them who looked at her with their filthy eyes..

Stay safe!! Keep loving!! Keep supporting!! 

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See you after the target gets completed…(remember it’s without replies of mine)


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