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Twinj: Finding Solace In You (Episode:13)

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Finding Solace In You-

Twinkle set the pot down and tilted it abit towards the sun. She was taking personal interest in the villa and was making it more livid with lushness and life. Though she resisted from changing anything about Kunj’s studio or his room. It might offend him or upset him, she thought. She didn’t even visit his studio once, after the incident had happened. The thought of slapping Kunj made her cringe inwardly. Maybe that day she wouldn’t have imagined being his wife someday but fate does play games after all.
“Twinkle?” One of the maids called at her. She refused to be addressed formally and thus, everyone called her by her name. “Yes?” She asked paying little attention to her. She continued digging into the pot to mix the mud for the plant to grow well. “Mr. Fateen is asking for you.” She said abit out of breath.
“Oh! Wait I’ll be there.” Twinkle stood up and dusted her muddy hands. She washed her hands and made her way towards where Kunj was.
She towed behind the maid into the living area. Kunj was taking long strides in pure impatience. On hearing the maid knock, he turned his head towards them. He eyed Twinkle top to bottom. The front of her loose cotton shirt was covered in drying mud. He sighed deeply and signalled the maid to leave them alone.
Twinkle walked further towards him, “You called for me? I’m sorry I didn’t know you’d arrive early today. You should’ve informed.” So she wouldn’t have been in such an improper form, she thought.
His eyes squinted and focusing on something. He reached out and rubbed dry mud off her face with the pad of his thumb, “What have you been doing? Rolling in the grass like some seven year old?” Twinkle chuckled at his statement.
“No, I was just fixing a few indoor plants.” He rolled his eyes at her. “You could’ve told the maids or the gardener to that for you. They get paid for it Twinkle. This isn’t your work to do. As much as I like you simple and carefree, I don’t want you to getting hurt with something.” She zoned out on his words and focused on only one; like. Did he like her? She looked at him amused but it didn’t seem like he realised what he just stated.
“I’m not used to it.” She answered back. Both of them extracted their own meanings from that statement. Twinkle wasn’t used to being liked by any man except for her father. And to Kunj it felt like she meant she wasn’t used to having people work for her.
“You’ll get used to it soon.” He dismissed the topic. “Okay just tell me how fast can you get ready?” He deliberately asked her in a haste. She furrowed her brows in confusion. “Ummm fifteen minutes.” She answered uncertainly. “Make it ten and just go do it, now. Hurry!” He ordered her. Without letting her to question him, he dragged her towards the staircase and signalled her to comply.
Twinkle washed off the mud and took a quick shower. She dressed into a pink plain sundress with golden patterns. She wore a purple full sleeved cardigan caring less if it matched. She secured her wet hair in a messy bun and wrapped a cream colour hijaab. Holding her cross strip sandals she rushed downstairs. In her haste, her foot slipped over the marbled floor but was saved from falling with an impact, by two strong arms. “I asked you to get ready quickly, not injure yourself in haste.” Kunj scolded her in a concerned voice while securely straightened her to stand upright.
He eyed her top to bottom, her clear and washed face looked fresh and appealing, with her plump lips and still wet eyelashes. He shook his head to dismiss the thoughts. He held her from her hand and walked towards the front door of the house.
“Are we going somewhere?” She asked him while being dragged from one hand and holding her sandals in another.
“Yes, we are. Now, hurry or we’re getting late.” He rushed her out of the door and into his rocky driveway. He didn’t realise she was barefooted and abruptly stopped when he heard her hiss from sudden pain. She had stepped onto the edgy pebbles, it didn’t pierce her skin to bleed yet but the rough feel of it against her bare skin was enough to make her ache. He noticed her shoes being held in her hands and searched for the source of pain. He sighed in frustration when he noticed her standing barefooted.
“Can you ever do something properly and not get yourself hurt.” He scolded her again.
“You were the one in such a haste, it’s not my fault tha-” She was cut mid sentence when he rolled his eyes and bent to pick her up instead. Twinkle eyes widened in surprise but she bit her lips from shrieking. She decided to stay silent and not ignite his anger as he seemed to be running late for something important. She didn’t understand why he was taking her along but whatever reason it was, it wasn’t an appropriate time to ask.
The driver opened the door to passenger seat of the car. Kunj carefully placed her and leaned into clasp her seatbelt in place. He took the keys from his driver and got himself seated in driver’s seat of the car. The engine roared to life and he took off on the road.
After awhile, the silence started hurting and Twinkle’s patience unleashed. “You know that car has been following us since past ten minutes.” She indicated towards the rear mirror that reviewed a black colour car following behind. “I know.” Kunj answered. “Shouldn’t we tell the-” Kunj cut her mid sentence and said, “It’s my car.”
“Are you going to tell me where are we going?” She finally asked him.
“Wait till you see it yourself.” She huffed in annoyance.
After some dreadful sixty minutes, Twinkle found them entering the gates of some foster home. She looked at Kunj questioningly. It seemed old and located far from the main city. “Why are we here?” She asked confused.
“Remember you talked about some wedding feast? You said we could feed it to anyone right?” He asked her. “Yes!” She answered. “Well here it is then. Our wedding feast and children you can feed and celebrate with. They’ll enjoy and appreciate it more than anyone. I’ve been at a foster home once so I know how it feels. Little attention makes a whole lot difference.” He let out a sour laugh but dismissed the feelings quickly.
“So, this is the nearest foster home I could get to and not have media towing behind. They keep tabs on me so this hour of the day was convenient to do this as I’m usually in the office. They won’t find out about my whereabouts.” He genuinely smiled at her.
Twinkle felt a warm feeling tug at her heart. This man was full of mysteries. He didn’t let out much and cascaded his true self with fake arrogance and pride. Maybe he was scared of letting people know him, he was scared of getting hurt but aren’t we all scared of it? She thought to herself.
He got out of his car and opened her door. She unclasped her seatbelt and struggled to strap on both her sandals. He held out his hand at her which she willingly took. They walked towards the other car and the man opened the back to reveal many packed paper boxes that seemed to have food in them with toys stuck atop of each one. She almost laughed at his thoughtful gesture.
They helped in getting all packed boxes out of the car and piled them up near the building area. Soon the kids rushed out in lines. Kunj had already talked with the faculty and they were expecting them. He let Twinkle distribute the boxes with gift.
Twinkle enjoyed herself. She’d causal converse with the children, make them laugh and kiss her on the cheek. Kunj watched her playfulness. “Are you fairy godmother?” One of the kid asked. Twinkle laughed and dismissed his assumption, “No, I’m ummm-” She was still pondering over her answer when Kunj answered instead. “A guardian. She’s your guardian. You see Lord has created many children. And He has given each child a pair of parents to look after but then there were children very special to Him so He thought why not look after them Himself. So, he make many guardians who comes and check on the special children He promised to look after and inform Him back on their well being.” The kid beamed at him with pure bliss, “That means I’m special?” Kunj nodded at him with a smile.
Twinkle turned to face him with an awestruck expression and mouthed a thank you. He didn’t believe in any Lord but didn’t felt right about snatching away that strand of hope from an innocent child. “Do all guardians wear that around their heads?” A little girl asked Twinkle. Kunj intriguingly looked towards Twinkle and waited for her to answer this time.
She bent down to the girl’s level and looked her in the eye, “You see you’re a very special child and I’m your guardian send by Lord to look after your well being. Therefore, I need protection of my own so I’m able to look after you better. I wear this protection coverage, it’s like Lord hugging me and protecting me against bad people.”
Kunj got the hidden meaning behind her words and was taken aback by her thinking. He never thought of it that way. Her covering was indeed protecting her. How many guys lust after women by seeing them exposing themselves mercilessly which had always resulted in brutal and cruel happenings. Twinkle covered herself to protect herself from earning such lust or happenings.
“Can I cover myself too to stay protected from bad people.” The girl innocently asked to which she smiled and nodded.
Kunj watched her play games with the kids and laugh whole heartedly. He wasn’t sure anymore if his heart could bear with it but then again he believed he had no heart anymore. He was starting to like her. Soon the children retired back to their rooms. He offered good sum as a charity funding to the foster home.
It was nearly sunset when they were heading back home. “Get rid of that car.” Twinkle voiced her thought out of the blue. Kunj paused to look at her, “Why? That’s my bodyguard.”
“Still, get rid of him.” She sternly stated. “No, I can’t. It’s not safe for us to stay alone and we’re heading home anyways so what’s the point?”
“We’re not heading home that’s why get rid of him. I want to take you somewhere too.” She desperately wanted him to listen and comply this once.
“Twinkle you know how dangerous this is right?” He asked her uncertainly.
“Yes, I know. Allah is with us, He’ll protect us.” She confidently murmured.
Sighing deeply, he knew there was no point in arguing with her. She wasn’t going to listen and it was only fair to her that he listened to her propositions this once. Suddenly he hit the brakes and parked the car to a side. Twinkle was unsure what he was doing and panic reeked her face abruptly. “I’m just going to inform him of our plans and ask him to leave for a while.” He assured her.
The car behind him came to a halt too and a bulky man came out. Kunj unclasped his seatbelt and went out to him. He instructed him to stay at a few miles distance from them. He took the pistol hostler from him and clasped it around his jeans, closing the lower button of his coat so Twinkle won’t suspect anything. He didn’t want his bodyguard to leave them on their own. He wasn’t scared for his life but he certainly was for hers.
“So, guide along.” He asked her after he got back into his car. She gave him directions towards a scarcely crowded city side which seemed near to hill tops. They got out of the car and Kunj was unsure where she was taking him.
“You’ll have to walk.” It was already sunset by now. “Twinkle it’s not safe here.” He told her with worry lacing his voice. She turned towards him and offered him her hand. Tiredly he sighed, placed his palm over hers and closed his fingers around her hand.
“It’s safe. Rather it’s the safest place I know of. Trust me.” She pleaded with her last words. He nodded at her in defeat.
She leaded the way to the hill top and then started depending the other side. It was going darker and so was Kunj’s concern but he followed her trail anyways. He internally thanked himself for all hours spend in gym. It helped him increase his stamina or else the simple climbing would’ve tired him by now. He trailed behind her, “Aren’t you tired yet? He asked her abit uncertain.
“Nope! I’m used to walking for hours.” She looked back and offered him a smile. “Trust me, it’s worth it.” She tugged tighter at his hand. On reaching a certain point, she halted and turned to him. “Close your eyes.” She demanded. Kunj seemed dumbfounded, “What? Why?” Twinkle shook her head in disapproval. “You’ve already trailed this far, trust me a little more.”
Kunj huffed in pure annoyance. “Fine!” He closed his eyes. “And what if you cheat?” A bewildered expression crossed his face with eyes closed and he smiled. “Well then you try keeping them close.” Twinkle reached behind him and clasped her hands over his eyes. Her delicate touch made his heart skip a beat.
She realized her arms were straining due to his tall height and she wouldn’t be able to walk. “You know what never mind. I’ll just trust you on it.” She heard him chuckle silently. She grabbed him by his arm and started dragging him towards the plain area. After walking consistently, she halted again making Kunj stumble a bit but she caught him instantly, “Careful!”
“Okay now on the count of three you’re going to open your eyes.” She instructed like some kindergarten teacher. He nodded with a small smile tucking on the corner of his lips. “Okay one, two, three-” His eyes fluttered open. He blinked a few times to adjust with the dark. His breath caught up in his throat with a hitch.
Before him laid a dark blue lake almost turning black with the falling dark. The area was thickly covered with trees and lushness. Everything radiated nature and freshness. It offered genuine peace to the heart, mind and soul. The moon wasn’t completely full but almost full. It shone over the horizon radiating illumination. A big smile spread across his face and he looked back at her to find her copying his smile.
“Wow-” He couldn’t find words to comprehend. “Mesmerizing right?” He nodded in agreement. “I discovered this place with abbu. He’d always bring us here in spring. It’s special for me. Though honestly I’ve never visited this place after sunset because it didn’t feel safe here in the wild. Guess I was missing out on it’s real charm.” Kunj looked at her in bewilderment. The moonlight reflected on her face making it gleam.
“And now?” He asked her intently. Twinkle took time to interpret what his question meant, “I feel safe.” She genuinely smiled back at him.
Kunj looked away clearing his throat. “We should’ve brought food and stuff. This place seems suitable for picnic.” She rolled her eyes at his mood ruining statement.
“Or we can just lay under the stars in peace?” She offered.
“That we can do.” He graded her hand and walked her towards a plain patch of grass. They both laid down and stared at the night sky once again. “You’re a brave woman you know.” Kunj twisted his face towards her.
“You’re a scared man you know.” Twinkle spoke without looking at him. He furrowed his brows, “Why would you say that?” She took a deep breath and turned to look at him. “Because you hide your feelings in fear that people might stake your vulnerability and hurt you.” He shook his head and dismissed her comment. “It’s complicated.”
“I’m sure it is.”
“You understand more than you should.” He tried to warn her.
“It hasn’t gone bad so far.” She challenged him with equal dispute.
“I’ve never met anyone like you before.” He let out a laugh. ‘Believe me I haven’t either.’ She wanted to tell him but bit her lip from doing so.
Closing her eyes, she tried soothing her inner battles. She sat up and looked ahead of her unsure. Kunj sensed her body tensing up and he too sat upright beside her. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean it in a bad way.” He tried to assure her.
“Yeah-yeah I’m fine, it’s not that.” She turned to look at him. He searched her face for an explanation. She gave him an assuring smile. “Kunj Fateen! I trust you.” She stated out of nowhere. Kunj was taken aback by her words abit but he didn’t know what she was getting at. From a woman like Twinkle, who had agreed upon his vile proposal, married him, who had laughed whole heartedly with kids she hardly even knew, who had dragged him over the hill top and into the small valley with an enchanting lake, who had made him close his eyes and watched the stars with him, who had simply made him live into many different fragments of life he never imagined, anything was expected from her.
Slowly she reached out to unpin her scarf with her long delicate fingers. His heart stopped when realisation drawn to him on what she was getting at. One by one, she took out every single pin. After all pins were out, she stuck them in the hem of the scarf. She didn’t want to lose any. Slowly she started unwrapping her scarf but before she could proceed a strong hand gripped hers and stopped her in middle of it.
“Don’t.” Kunj spoke in a thick voice. He wanted this, he wanted her to take off her scarf but the moment caught him in a daze. And suddenly he didn’t feel comfortable about manipulating her into doing so. After all what Twinkle had said earlier was true. If she took it off, she might perk his lust and he’d turn into a bad guy. She was beautiful after all, no doubt in that.
“I want to, trust me.” It was his turn to trust her now. He nodded in defeat and recoiled back his hand. She proceeded to unwrap her scarf. Finally it came off completely, revealing a pile of loose hair in the form of a bun atop of her head. The fair flesh of her neck and collarbone peeked out at him. She reached again to loosen up her hair. Struggling with a few bobby pins, after a while her hair fell loosely to her back and sides. Cascading her in strands of dark brown hair. It wasn’t a rare shade but he hadn’t found it more attractive shade before.
Her hair reached down her thin waist. It was dry by now but the lavender smell strongly hit Kunj. On seeing such a vulnerable sight of her, his breath hitched in his throat. “You’re… extremely beautiful.” Though it wasn’t a word that could comprehend how he felt. He reached out to push a stray strand of hair behind her ear. A blush crept up Twinkle’s neck and to her face. But she didn’t break away their gaze. Her stomach knotted in many twist.
He moved forward in his place and picked a lock of her hair. It felt soft against his skin. Emotions shone in her eyes and it reflected back in his. His brown eyes pierced into her hazel ones. Involuntarily he brought his face closer to hers. “Do you trust me?” He whispered intensely hovering his eyes over her face. She nodded a yes feeling his warm breath fan his face. “Good!”
The moment compelled him. Her pureness made him delusional. He forgot his crudeness, he forgot his lingering past, he forgot his proposition, he forgot his motives, he forgot about consequences to his next actions. He simply let himself drown in the sweet breeze that laced with her presence. And so he leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. Both their eyes closed and the moment seemed to halt making a void. Neither one of them reacted to senses. Maybe this was in fate for them.

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