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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak Doubts Divyajyoti Prakash’s Identity

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 5th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak asks Uma if he remembers Mausaji/uncle and if the one present now is really Nanda maasi’s husband. Uma says he saw Mausaji in childhood and his pitaji/father used to say Mausaji is strict, but good at heart. Kanak asks to remember something at least. Mausa asks Kanak if she prepared kesar/saffron milk or not. Kanak says she is searching kesar. Mausa says Maasi used to keep kesar near sugar bottle. Kanak is surprised to see kesar bottle and says how can anyone remember so much when house is renovated recently. Uma says Maasi left Mausaji and stayed here sine years, he needs desired respect. Kanak says she will serve Mausaji, but question is same, how to identify if he is real Mausaji. She then realizes Mausaji’s son Aditya can identify his father. Sh calls Aditya.


buys vegetables on street. Neighbor walks to her and says she was going to her house with cradle and gynecologist’s card. Saras sadly says if she does not know about the accident. Lady says she knows, but this is for Payal and informs Payal is pregnant. Saras is surprised that Payal hid such a big news.

Mausa gulps kesar milk. Kanak says if he had informed beforehand, they would have received him. He says he did not want to come, but was remembering his children a lot. He praises Uma that he is intelligent and sanskari like his father. Kanak thinks why Aditya did not come yet. Aditya enters disguised as woman and tells Mausa that she is his daughter Aditi. Mausa trashes him brutally shouting how dare he is to disguise as girl. Aditya runs and Mausa runs behind trashing him.

Bhabho serves almond milk to Payal. Saras returns home and asks Payal why did not she inform about her pregnancy, she is very happy for her, from hereon she will take care of her. Payal shouts to stay away from her and her child and never come near them. Saras shatters hearing that.

Uma applies cold compresses to Aditya’s wounds. Aditya cries if any father beats his so much. Kanak says she still doubts if that man is or mausaji, even Maasa is not available to identify him. Mausi hears their conversation standing near door. Door opens and he falls into room. Aditya gets afraid seeing him again. Mausa starts emotional drama that his bahu is doubting him. Kanak says he came suddenly, how can they identify him. He says he is happy that his bahu is intelligent. He starts his story that Maasi disowned him, so he left city in whichever train he saw and reached MP. He started a tea stall there and spread his business, but he was alone, then he found a girl. Uma gets a medical emergency call just then and leaves with Kanak. Aditya searches Mausa’s room and finds MP mental assylum file, thinks Mausa is mentally ill patient.

Precap: Mausa calls Uma and others. He sees his mental asylum file on table. A new enemy enters Uma’s life.

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