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Love means only love (Part-7) shivika ff

Guys,I am back. I am really sorry guys for the delay…I know you have completed the target in two days but actually I wrote a chapter but that got deleted then I again write it but I didn’t like it so I deleted…then I thought to write tomorrow but I have come for vacation so for that I was hell tried so I can’t update…now before you throw tomatoes and chandi and eggs I should start writing…so enjoy
6:00 am
In flight…..

Anika was sleeping but her sleep was
disturbing because the sunrays was continuously disturbing her
Anika was really angry because of the sun so she tried to cover the whole
duvet on her face and she succeeded but because of Anika’s yawning Shivaay got up from sleep and saw the beautiful sight before him(guys,it’s not Anika)

When he saw the beautiful sight,he immediately called Anika but Anika our beautiful kumbhakarna’s face was fully cover with the duvet….

Then,Shivaay put the duvet aside then he again looked at Anika and lost into….

Shivaay’s pov

She is looking really beautiful and also so cute..no what’s happening to me?I think I should wake up her. As my little information,I think she should see this sky…

So,Shivaay started to wake her up…

Author’s pov

Shivaay,” Hey,kumbhakarna…wake up…You should see this…Will you wake up?

Anika,” Please,Shivu…let me sleep…

Listening Shivu…..from her Shivaay feels very good but one thing strike him that……

Shivaay’s thought,” One thing,Why she is calling me Shivu…but why? Only my Ani used to call me Shivu but when she called me that I feel…I feel that my Anu called me…no it can’t happen..she is not my Ani..I think I shouldn’t think about her…but one more thing,what is her name? Really,Shivaay…till now you didn’t ask her name…dame…after she get up I will first ask her name…yeah…it hurts my ego yaar.”

That time,Anika is already get up…

Anika yawning,” Why were you calling me? What are you thinking now?

Saying this,she looked at outside the plane then the beautiful sight caught her eyes

(Guys,sorry for this sky view again and again😂..I think till now you all understand that I am a sky lover😍😍😛😛)

Anika,” Wow…it’s really beautiful…why you didn’t wake me up and I will miss it…but it’s really beautiful.”

Shivaay angrily putting his arms in his waist,” Listen,I was trying to wake you up…but you are not listening to me…and giving me this shit anger…”

Anika biting her tongue,” Sorry,but it was really beautiful…Hey I think we are going to land after an hour…so atleast we shouldn’t  start any argument.”

” Yeah,you are right…but we will meet soon…as we are in same college,”Shivaay said smiling.

Anika,” That’s true. One more thing,where are you going to stay?”

” Oh,my dad had already settled everything for me,” Shivaay told her.

Anika,” Oh..that means Tej uncle has already take care of everything.”

” How do you know my dad’s name?” Shivaay asked looking at her with narrow eyes…

“Oh…I…I me..I mean who don’t know about the great Obroie’s…I know about Obroie’s especially Tej uncle very well because I also want to become a great business like him,” Anika told a great lie..

“Oh..okay..I understand…but I feel really good you want to become like us..Hey,where are you going to stay?”

” Me…I am going to stay at hostel…I had already told you na…,” Anika told him.

“Oh…what’s your name Ms.Chashmish…till now you didn’t tell me your name..” Shivaay finally blurted out.

“O..my name is Anika..”Anika spoke unconsciously.

Shivaay,”Okay…what!!! Your name is A..Anika…”

Shivaay in mind,” What!!! Her name is also Anika but she can’t my Anika because she is totally different…”

But,that time Anika also understood what mess she created…

Anika,” Oh..I mean yes I am Anika..Anika.”

Shivaay,” Okay..I listen one time. Don’t need to tell again and again…I listened one time.”

Anika in mind,” Thank God. Shivaay didn’t reqonized…but that means he didn’t remember me….”she is but sad.

After that,they didn’t utter anything…they were quite in the whole journey…

At last announcement started,” Ladies and gentlemen,please listen to us that we are going to land soon. So,for your safety please be at the seat and put your seatbelts. We will be in landing soon. We hope that you all had a nice journey. Thank you.”

Listening the announcement Anika uttered under her breadth,” At last,I am going to land. I am so excited. I hope I will now fulfill my last dreams and also will get rid from this baggar billa sadu singh obroie…but we are in same college…it will be good also…at last we will again meet…I think I am bit happy also…”

Shivaay,” At last,I came. Hope so I will have a great time.”

At last,they landed. Shivaay and Anika both of them came out from the plane together and after taking their luggage Shivaay and Anika came out. That time,Shivaay’s car has already came.

Shivaay looking at Anika who was witnessing the new country. He said,” Ms.Chashmish,if you want I can drop you.”

Anika become angry because he again called her chashmish…

She said angrily,”First thing, Mr. Kanje Akhe Bhala Shri Shri baggar Billa for your kind information I have a good name. So,please try to call me by my name and second thing thank you for your offer I can manage.”

” Listen, don’t call me that and I have also no interest to give you a lift..I am going…please don’t meet me tomorrow at college,” Shivaay said become double angry.

” I will never try…I will definitely meet your.” Anika told giving a fake smile….

Saying this,Anika started to walk and she called out a taxi and went away….

On the other hand, Shivaay was looking at astonishingly…

But,soon he also took his car if we say sport’s car and went from there….

Precap: Anika,” Hey,Shivaay...”
Shivaay,” Who are you? I
don’t know you?


So,done with this part. Hope you will like it and what do you think about precap…interested so give votes and comments also wait for me…but I am giving you surity that I will not late again. Thanks for the previous votes and beautiful khirkitoh comments. You guys are really amazing.

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