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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Chedilal is forced to buy a new mannequin for his shop

Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 5th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Asha is at the cash counter with the worker while Alukik is working with the mannequin, he suddenly drops the hand of it so Appu is forced to divert the attention of the customer while Alukik fixes the mannequin, he then fixes the other hand, the customer doesnot like any of the sarree which she is shown, she likes the sarree which is displayed over the mannequin, she exclaims that she would look really nice after wearing it, Asha calls Appu saying that he should quote a higher price and not give any discount.

Appu explains that she would look really nice after wearing it when she sits down the mannequin falls on her face and breaks her nose.

Chedilal asks the driver to stop the auto however he doesnot listen, Chedilal turns the handle and it causes an accident, he asks where is the auto driver, he comes back with a broken pot of clay over his head, they both get in an argument meanwhile the owner of the shop also comes demanding that they pay for his damages, the auto driver immediately blames Chedilal saying that he turned the handle while sitting at the back, Chedilal however explains he was forced to because he asked the auto driver to stop at the corner however he drove so far ahead causing the bill to be forty two rupees while he usually pays only forty rupees, he therefor says that the auto driver would pay for the damages, Sargam meanwhile takes out five hundred rupees and tries to give it to the owner and the auto driver for their damages, Chedilal takes the money from her hand, he sees Alukik with the juice glass so asks if he would also give them the juice, Alukik explains that it is for the lady who broke her nose in their shop after the mannequin fell over her, Chedilal rushes to the shop. Sargam also rushes to the shop after apologizing.

Sargam is about to laugh after seeing the nose of the lady who is adamant to call the police, Alukik requests her to take the juice explaining that it is really tasty however she pushes it away, Sargam in a state of panic offers her a discount of five hundred rupees, Chedilal immediately comes asking why is she spending the money when he saved it, Sargam tries to reason with him saying that her nose broke in their shop, the lady also agrees with Sargam, she responds that this is what she was trying to say but they did not listen, Chedilal mentions that they have also faced a loss for her medical treatment however Sargam offers her the discount and she immediately calls her relatives informing them of the technique.

Chedilal explains that their schemes would make him bankrupt, Appu and Asha explain that he should consider buying a new mannequin because their old mannequins have worn out and their hands fall, Alukik says that one of them has a lot of times caused his yogurt to fall, Asthik explains this is the reason they do not eat anything with a sauce under them as they might fall at any time, Asha warns him, explaining if any customer dies because of the mannequin then he would be sent to jail, Chedilal agrees to buy a second hand mannequin however is pressurized to buy a new one as then they would have a greater customer base.

In the Awasthi house, Raj comes explaining that he has a wide range of Mannequins which are of the latest variety, he displays one which can even speak, Chedilal along with his entire family are really impressed and even Asthik says that such a mannequin would surely attract a lot of women, Appu explains that he is right and until they do not yell women do not listen, Sargam gets really mad.

Raj then moving on shows them the other mannequins with their features, in the end Chedilal asks him for the price, he quotes them but this worries Chedilal who quotes a price which is really less however Chedilal doesnot listen to anyone of them and is adamant at five hundred rupees when Raj has quoted a price of four thousand for the least expensive one.

Chedilal is with Asthik siting outside the shop, he explains that he bought the mannequin for a mere five hundred from the second hand shop, and because of their new mannequin a lot of customers have bought sarree from their house, Asthik also agrees then Chedilal inquires how did he like his idea of placing it out of the shop, Appu while packing the sarree exclaims that they have made a lot of sales, Alukik says that they should ask for the sweet dish from their father, Asha asks him to call everyone, he starts counting the ghosts however he orders Alukik to call their father as he has finalized the accounts.

Alukik going to Chedilal asks him to come inside after ordering for a cup of tea, Chedilal cancels the order, Asthik is picking the mannequin however he orders him to leave it as there is still fifteen minutes and who knows another customer might come, Asthik tries to explain that greediness is not a good sign however Chedilal doesnot listen and goes to check the profits which they have earned. Asha mentions that they have only sold twenty-two hundred rupees, Eklawya asks him to calculate it correctly as they have made a sale of twenty-two thousand and two hundred rupees, they all start rejoicing.

Sargam comes to the shop, Chedilal says that they have had a miracle as their sales doubled because of the new mannequin, he then says that they would all get the sweets which they desire, he gives the money to Sargam who rushes back inside and then finally explains that someone stole the mannequin, Chedilal starts crying.

In the night he explains to grandfather that someone stole the mannequin in the middle of the day, he explains that he is really tensed but his children are busy in eating the sweets, Asha says that the mannequin was stolen and not the treasure, he says that he wants the same mannequin and would find it, he even calls the police, but they end the call.

Sargam reveals the idea which she has to catch the culprit, she explains that they would have to set the trap for the thief, In the morning Appu and Alukik bring the mannequin and the rope, Chedilal orders them to not cut it otherwise it would render the rope useless, Appu brings the rope in the shop asking who would they tie it to, they decide on Asthik however he refuses then Chedilal explains how he is the most simple and honest amongst them. They tie his feet and act as to sell the sarree, the thief pulls the rope causing Asthik to be dragged till the door of the shop.

Precap: Chedilal is not prepared to buy any more mannequins for catching the thief, Sargam says that they would place the mannequin however the thief would not be able to rob them she disguises Alukik as the new mannequin. He stands outside the shop while everyone else hide in the shop.

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