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#RiAnsh #Meant To Be Your #Part – 4

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Here I am with update. 😎🤓

Anupriya faked smiled and approach Ishani and Ishani too smiled at her and next moment Anupriya started conversation

Anupriya: So, done with interview? 🤔🤔

Ishani: Yeah madam. 🤓🥴

Anupriya: I hope it’ll be entertaining for Riddhima’s fan. 😎🤓

Ishani: Don’t worry it’ll be.😎🤓 Anyway I’ve something, to be precise I want to ask you something. 🧐🧐

Anupriya: Sure go ahead. 🧐🧐

Ishani: Actually I would like to invite Riddhima to my home for dinner… 🤓🤔

Stopping her in between Anupriya replied to her

Anupriya: Sorry, but she won’t be able to join you as today she… 🙄🥴😬

And listening this words of her Ishani understood that she won’t let Riddhima come until and unless it won’t be beneficial for Riddhima so she come with idea and said

Ishani: Ohh, I thought I’ll introduce her to my media friends and she’ll make some contacts but fine, I can understand being most admired start she must be busy with her schedule. 😬😐🙁

As soon as Ishani’s words registered in Anupriya’s mind her greedy mind started working on answer which still can be I’m her favor without painting her image as greedy and soon she come up with one

Anupriya: It’s just her friends coming up to meet her but I’ll ask her and let you know whether she’ll or not? 😔😏

Ishani was holding her laughter cause she know Anupriya have flipped her answer but she was happy same time cause now Riddhima and Kabir can meet at her place as per her plan. But hiding her smile with a light artificial smile she replied

Ishani: Do let me know it soon I hope you’ve my number. 😎😎

Anupriya: Yes I do. 🤓😒

Ishani: Fine then will wait for your reply. Bye for now. 😎😒

And she left from there and Anupriya is about to move towards Riddhima’s green room to convince her for dinner unaware of the fact that it is already planned by her with help of Ishani, but before she can she heard Ragini calling her so she turned towards her and spoke

Anupriya: Yes anything I can do for you?🧐🤨

Ragini: Yeah you can, I actually have one more script and we’re thinking of casting Riddhima as lead in that too so just wanted to talk about that. 🤓😎

Anupriya was thanking God as just in few minutes she received two good news back to back but still keeping her expressions flat she said

Anupriya: But I do need to check script, another cast and most importantly dates. 😎😎

Ragini: In that case let’s meet up today for dinner, we’ll have script reading as well as other discussion like male lead, dates, “PAYMENT”.😎🤓😎

She intentionally put stress on word payment knowing this works like magic on Anupriya and TADA it worked too🤗🤗😜😝

Anupriya: Sure why not? do let me know place and I’ll be there. 😎🤓

Ragini: Sure, bring Riddhima too. 😎🤗

Anupriya: I am sorry but she won’t be able to join us as she have… 😔😒

But before she can complete her sentence Ragini stopped her and replied

Ragini: Then leave it, we’ll discuss it with Ahana she is already eager to meet us. We can’t have script reading without female and male lead. 😎🤓😎

Anupriya is now in dilemma cause of she take Riddhima with her she won’t be able to attend Ishani’s party where she can make contact, and if she don’t take her dinner with her then will loose movie and she thought of everything monetary benefit point of view and script reading sounds more beneficial to her so she replied

Anupriya: Let me talk with her, she is meeting her friends may be they can meet some other day. 🤓🧐🤓

Ragini: I’ll wait for your reply till 5.😎😎

And before Anupriya can reply anything she left from there. And Anupriya started moving towards Riddhima’s green room and soon she was there and before she can say anything to her, Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: Mom I know you’re here to inform me that Ishani have dinner party at her home and you want me to go there, so don’t worry I’ll go there actually I’ve confirmed with her too. 😛😎

Anupriya started cursing Ishani in her mind unaware of the fact that her daughter is master-mind of plan made by Ishani but being her usual self she choose profitable option that is script reading with Vansh and Ragini over dinner so in strain voice she said rather to say declared

Anupriya: No need to go to such stupid parties we do have guest coming over for dinner so stay back home and get ready to look well. 😖😠

The earth beneath Riddhima’s starting disappearing cause she already have planned so many thing and was really looking forward to spend time with Kabir but now nothing is going to work for her but she thought of being adamant here so with determinant voice she said

Riddhima: Mom I already have given commitment to her and I don’t want to feel embarrass by denying now. 😣😖🥺

Anupriya: I’ll handle it you don’t need to worry about it now go and get in car before I loose my anger and I’ll do something because of which you’ll have to feel embarrassment now. 😡😠😠

Riddhima’s mood become sour and knowing her mom very well she knows that she is capable of doing it so without arguing much stomping her foot she went to car and get settled.

And soon they reached home and throwing her bag on sofa in hall Riddhima without saying even a word went straight to her room and locked from inside and she picked up her father’s photo from side table and started talking

“Papa why you not took me with you after divorce, I don’t like mom she always want me to make money for her but she never thought of my happiness. I want to come to you papa. “😐😔😭

And as if her father have some telepathy connection with her next moment she received call from her father and sobbing Riddhima answered call and complaint about her mother to him and he calmed down her and sooth and coax her.

Meanwhile at down stairs Anupriya without thinking of Riddhima get busy in getting everything ready to impress Raisinghania duo and she even call designer and order new dress for her as well as Riddhima which arrived very soon and she drop dress at Riddhima’s door and ordered her to wear it.

But Riddhima have already made up her mind to wear casual clothes so can feel relax as well as it won’t require much make up so her skin can breath too but she didn’t argued about same with her mother and decided to show up directly in front of guest so her mom won’t make fuss about it.

Precap: Dinner + shooting of RiAnsh. 😍

Phew 🥵🥵🥵

Done with update. Will see you all next weekend and do drop your feedback on this update and let me know how was it. 😇🙏

Last but not least stay happy and safe with family and friends. 🙏😇🙃


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