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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan is heartbroken

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shagun and Ishita asking Bala to be strong so that he can handle Kiran. Bala says you have a flight to catch today, Raman told me about this, you have to go, I promise I will be strong, you will always be there to give me strength. Karan says no, you are mistaken. Raman says I trusted you, you wanted to ruin us. Yug asks Karan not to lie. He says you were with Muskaan. Karan says mind you Yug, you did a drama to marry Aaliya. Yug says yes, I lied, but on your saying, you brought me to this house. Raman asks what. Karan says just shut up, don’t make stories. Yug says you did this, you told me that I will get Aaliya, I was mad in love and came in his words. Raman slaps Karan and says Aaliya is my daughter, how dare you do this, Aaliya and Ruhi trusted you both, you broke

their truth and sent them home.

Karan says you can beat me, mom doesn’t like Aaliya, Rohan loves her, mom asked me to separate them and I did this, now Aaliya is happy. Raman says she won’t run according to your wish, you have ruined your family, its not your fault, you don’t know what family means, your mum used you to ruin your brother’s life, you ruined Rohan and Aaliya’s lives, you will find it out soon, I m seeing you for the last time, next time I won’t spare you. Yug says its my mistake also, I will tell truth to Aaliya. Raman says no, Ishita is going to London, already family is worried, I m more angry on you, I fought Ishita because of you. Raman says you can hate me, but tell me where is Rohan. Raman says good luck, I don’t know, I wish you get him fine. Karan thinks where is Rohan.

Sahil meets the vendor. The man says Raman had come to get ghee, he got a lady’s call and left. Sahil meets Nair. He asks was Ishita locked here. Nair says yes, I took her home, everyone was unconscious, some gas leaked, I don’t know any Muskaan, my assistant was there that day, but she didn’t come to the office that day, she is scared. He gives her address.

Karan looks for Rohan. He sees Rohan drinking. He says leave that. Rohan says everyone cheated me, Ishita, Aaliya, everyone cheated. He cries and says you were right, you are my brother, you are still with me, my family, family never leaves you, I miss mom a lot, mom went away, but I m very happy. Karan says please come home, I will keep drinking till I forget Aaliya and Ishita, they betrayed me. Karan says come with me. Karan says I don’t want to go home. Karan takes him to car. He says I didn’t know you love Aaliya so much, I have made a big mistake. Ishita packs her bag. Raman says I m happy that you are going away for some days, you maybe thinking about Sahil and Muskaan. Sahil meets Nair’s assistant. Ishita says I don’t think I should go.

Raman says don’t worry, I will handle it, do you think I killed Muskaan. She says no, I trust you a lot, I want Sahil to catch the culprit. He says he won’t get any proof, why would we get scared, he is a sensible guy, he will not hurt us. The lady says Muskaan called up Ishita, they quarrelled, they both threatened each other, Ishita was very angry. Sahil says Ishita did bad, maybe she has killed Muskaan. Shamshad says Nair and doctor said Ishita was at her place, taking care of family. Sahil says I think Ishita did it, we need to find out who got this. Shamshad says it means she lied, I will see her. Sahil says I will not leave her, I will make her entire family suffer.

Raman says its time for your flight, come fast. He helps Ishita. Shamshad says I told Manish, he is getting info of entire Bhalla house. Manish says I found all the info. Sahil says these two are our aides. Shamshad says yes, maybe Seema and Abir were at their place before. Sahil says find them, we will teach a lesson to entire Bhalla family. Raman gets Ishita’s call and says don’t worry, everyone is fine, just have fun, love you. Ruhi gets green tea for him. She says liar, you are missing Ishita. He says I m not missing her. She says you have stopped eating in one night. He says don’t say this to her, else she will come back. She says she gave me so many instructions, have green tea and come. He agrees. She says I will cast off bad eye from you and Ishimaa, you both are very cute. Shamshad gets tea for Sahil. Sahil refuses to have it.

Shamshad says I got ashes to immerse. Sahil says no, I won’t immerse the ashes until I find her murderer, I will find out, I m sure Bhallas are responsible for her death, she said the name Bhalla when she was dying, someone from Bhalla family killed her. Sahil says I swear on your ashes, I will punish your culprit. He asks Shamshad to find out the murderer. Shamshad agrees. Sahil says we need to think how to hurt them, I m make them feel my pain. Everyone misses Ishita. Raman says she reached London, she had called me. Yug comes and greets. Ruhi asks Raman to have tasty parathas, its great. Raman asks Simmi to get pickles. Yug says what time should we go to see Aaliya’s factory. Raman says send tea for me to room. He goes. Yug goes to him with tea. Raman refuses to have it. Yug asks are you angry with me, what’s the matter. Raman asks is Aaliya here, stop this drama. Yug asks drama. Raman says I m fighting with Ishita and family, why, you didn’t tell me that you came here on Karan’s saying, Adi meant the world to me, I gave you Adi’s place. Yug says I m sorry. Raman says you are here until Aaliya gets fine, then just get out. Yug gets a call and goes. Raman says I wasn’t even done talking, he left.

Manish asks Ruhi to get ready for her auction. Karan says that’s don’s man, I have to inform Raman. Raman asks what, I don’t believe you. Karan says I swear on my mum, these people are dangerous, come here soon.

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