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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Dashanand prays to shiv ling.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with dashanand attacking nandi. Dashanand attains a weapon from shukracharya to fight his obstacles on the way to Kailash. Ganesh asks parvati and mahadev if dashanand came to take mahadev? Parvati says yes, dashanand headed towards Kailash. Dashanand sits on his chariot and heads towards Kailash. As he comes near Kailash, he is stopped by the protective field around Kailash. Dashanand falls down with his chariot and he looks at Kailash, he says mahadev I understand this protective field around Kailash has stopped me but I have come here to take you with me hey shiv shambhu! I will have your darshan. Dashanand makes a shiv ling out of wet mud, he starts praying to mahadev and then says give me darshan prabhu, please appear. Mahadev sits in Kailash as he watches dashanand. Dashanand

then starts sacrificing his 10 heads to mahadev and at the last one, dashanand says I shall sacrifice my 10th head too mahadev. As dashanand is about to cut his head, a garland appears in his neck and mahadev appears. Dashanand falls at his knees and says thank you prabhu, I am grateful for your darshan. Dashanand is mesmerized by mahadev’s divya darshan.
Parvati says to ganesh, dashanand was so mesmerized by mahadev’s darshan that he forgot what he came for. Mahadev asks dashanand what does he want? Dashanand looks at mahadev and mahadev asks again. dashanand says mahadev, I want nothing but the dust of your feet, it keeps my body alive and it makes me feel divya, the dust gives me life and that is what I shall eat. Dashanand eats the dust and says mahadev, this is what keeps me alive. Dashanand is happy and says I want nothing else mahadev. Mahadev says you want nothing dashanand? You are one of my param bhakt’s and so I shall give you my divya khadak, the chandrahas, it is a formidable weapon and with your trust in it, you shall defeat all your enemies. Mahadev goes. Dashanand returns back to lanka with the khadak. Parvati says only the khadak was not enough for dashanand’s mother, she wanted mahadev himself in lanka. In lanka, dashanand’s mother scolds him and says I don’t want this divya khadak son, our mayasura the weapon maker can make any weapon. Mother says dashanand, I want shiva himself in lanka. Dashanand says okay mother, I am sorry but this time I was not able to ask but I will go again and bring mahadev to lanka.
Dashanand goes back to Kailash this time. He sets up the shiv ling and starts praying to mahadev for darshan again. dashanand then cuts his stomach and spills out his intestines, dashanand sacrifices blood and flesh to mahadev and even then mahadev doesn’t appear. Dashanand then plays the veena instrument to impress mahadev, mahadev appears with devi parvati. Dashanand is mesmerized by the divya avatars of mahadev and parvati. Mahadev says what do you want dashanand? Dashnand says mahadev, I want you to promise me that you will give me what I want. Mahadev says okay son, you are my param bhakt so I promise to fulfill your wish. Dashanand says mahadev, I want you to come with me to lanka and stay there. mahadev smiles and says dashnand what are you asking? This cannot happen. Kailash is my residing place and I control the entire universe from Kailash, I cannot come to lanka. Dashanand says but prabhu you promised me you would fulfill my wish. Mahadev says yes but dashanand this wish cannot be fulfilled, I cannot leave Kailash and come to lanka. Dashanand says mahadev, fulfill my wish mahadev!

Precap: Mahadev is meditating and dashanand uses his strength and says I shall uproot Kailash and take Kailash to lanka but mahadev you have to come to lanka. Dashanand starts lifting the ground of Kailash. Mahadev gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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