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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Lord vishnu prays to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with lord Vishnu at the forest as he faces the shiv ling. Lord Vishnu says here lies the solution, mahadev will give me the solution to killing the demon brothers and destroying the diamond dome. Lord Vishnu sits for meditation and prayer to lord shiva. Lord Vishnu announces that he shall sacrifice 1008 flowers to lord shiva and recite lord shiva’s name 1008 times and I will venerate my divine god mahaev myself and I shall not move from here until the veneration is complete. Lord Vishnu says mahadev has 1008 names and every name is unique in its divinity. Lord Vishnu starts the Pooja of shiv ling.
Lord Vishnu does Pooja as he pours water and sacrifices flowers and bel leaves and starts reciting the names of mahadev. Parvati says to mahadev, brother Vishnu has started

doing your Pooja. Lord ishnu says when he was reciting the name of mahadev, the demons did not sit quiet and were planning new tricks. The demons stop the diamond fort from going further and head back to attack lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu continues the Pooja. Mahadev takes away one flower and parvati says it is necessary to sacrifice 1008 flowers and why are you breaking the veneration by taking away one flower? Mahadev says I don’t intend to break the Pooja, I am testing my devotee. Parvati says test? Prabhu Vishnu is the creator and caretaker of the universe, he lives in your heart and you in his, then why do you want to test him? mahadev says the veneration takes devotion, patience and I am testing for that. lord Vishnu completes the veneration but one flower is missing, he searches for it and says where did the flower go? I collected all the flowers myself, how will I complete the Pooja now? what mistake did I do? Lord Vishnu is sad and says I have done a mistake I am sure, what do I do? Parvati is worried for lord Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu says I wont let this veneration break, I will complete it and I know what I have to do. Lord Vishnu says instead of a blue lotus, I shall sacrifice my eye! Lord Vishnu removes one eye and he offers it to mahadev. Mahadev appears as he is impressed. Lord Vishnu says pranam. mahadev gives back the eye to lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu thanks for giving him darshan. Lord Vishnu says my Pooja was not complete prabhu, you did not accept my eye. Mahadev says no shri hari Narayana, you offered me something then how can I reject it? and you don’t need to offer your eye to me. mahadev takes the one lotus and says I had taken it myself to test your devotion and to give an example to the universe of your devotion. Mahadev says prabhu shri hari Narayana, you have given an example and made me a greater devotee of you and I announce when you shall take any avatar in the universe, I shall be your devotee always and help you. The diamond dome comes closer to earth.
Mahadev says I give you a solution to your problem, mahadev opens his 3rd eye from which a chakra appears and is given to lord Vishnu. Mahadev says accept the sudarshan chakra and it can destroy anything, nobody can stand in front of it! whoever tries to challenge it, their end is for sure. Lord Vishnu takes the sudarshan chakra and attacks on the diamond dome, the chakra destroys the dome as it cuts the diamond. The demon brothers laugh and say nothing can be done to this dome. The diamond cracks all over and the dome gets destroyed finally. The demon brothers get scared. Jarantak says out fort is getting destroyed. The dome is destroyed and the brothers fall down, all demon soldiers die and the chakra goes behind jarantak and durdantak. The chakra goes and cuts the heads of the demon brothers killing them. All gods hail lord vishnu.
Ganesh says mama Vishnu, father gave you another blessing that he would worship one of your avatars, then what was it? lord Vishnu says every time evil increases on earth, I take an avatar and soon I shall take birth as the Rama avatar on earth because asur raj Dashanand’s sins will cross all limits.
Dashanand is in his chariot coming to Kailash. He prays to lord shiva and recites his name. dashanand lands in Kailash and comes towards a shiv ling as he prays and offers bel leaves to mahadev and recites his name. Parvati says to ganesh, you still don’t know about mahadev’s leela, he has taken 19 avatars till now. ganesh says please tell me the story mata. Dashanand calls for mahadev. Nandi says it must be a staunch disciple of mahadev. Ganesh says but who is it? nandi says I will go and find out about it now. dashanand says accept my prayers mahadev, if you don’t then I will take Kailash with you to lanka. Nandi says I shall stop him. dashanand goes ahead and nandi comes and says stop here. dashanand says who are you to stop me? I do whatever I want, I don’t need anyone’s permission. Nandi says I wont let you go ahead. Dashanand shows his 10 heads, and says I am the king of lanka, you cannot stop me.

Precap: Dashanand’s mother tells him if he wants to do anything for his mother, then bring mahadev in lanka instead of the shiv ling. Dashanand sacrifices his body organs to mahadev for his darshan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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