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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Lord vishnu fights the demons.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord Vishnu continuing his story of the 2 demon brothers durdant and jarantak. The demon brothers wanted swarg and guru shukracharya helped them. The demons ask guru for help to conquer heaven and he gives them 2 parts of a diamond. The demons say we don’t want this, is this a joke? What will we do with a diamond? Guru says fools, these diamonds will protect your armies and the gods wont be able to solve this solution. Guru says when these 2 diamonds join each other, they will turn into an illusion dome. Shokracharya shows the dome and says it will intensify your attacks on the gods by 8 times and nobody can destroy this, no god or even supreme god. The brothers say now lets go and throw the gods out of heaven.
The gods are doing a yagya and they sense a voice and

a danger. They see the diamond dome floating in the sky and come towards them, indra dev says will that be a problem? The gods get up, the dome attacks the yagya. The gods get angry and take their weapons as the entire god army appears. The demon brothers durdant and jarantak laugh and say we will take over heaven and throw you all gods. Agni dev says you are misunderstood, agni dev attacks a fire ball and indra dev says, go back from here otherwise the screams of your demons you heard will be your screams too. The demon brothers say look again gods, these screams are not of our demons. The gods see their own soldiers with skins burned and screaming in pain. Agni dev and all gods get angry. Agni dev says I will punish you for this demons. Agni dev attacks again and his fire attack is divided into 8 parts and comes back on the gods. Vayu dev and varun dev stop the attacks with their power. Indra dev says I will destroy this dome right away with my Vajra Shakti. Indra dev uses his Vajra and attacks lightning on the dome, the lightning is divided into 8 parts and harms the universe. Surya dev comes in between and takes the attack on himself to save the world. Surya dev gets hurt. Vayu dev says I will send back your diamond fort away from here using my power, vayu dev uses his wind power but it comes back on the gods and they are thrown back.
Ganesh says then what happened? Indra dev says we then went to shri hari Narayan for help. The gods go to lord Vishnu and he says their diamond fort has to be destroyed first. As the demon brothers go with their diamond fort and their entire army, lord Vishnu comes on garud dev and with all gods. The demons see and say Vishnu dev himself has come, I never knew these gods are so weak they cannot fight their own battles. The demon brothers laugh. Lord Vishnu is on garud dev, garud dev flies near the diamond dome and says I will destroy this myself with my talons. Garud dev attacks the diamond fort but it is indestructible. Garu dev gets angry and lord Vishnu says calm down garud ji, if this dome cannot be destroyed then we will push it far away into the darkness from where it cannot come back. lord Vishnu flies around the dome on garud dev, they fly so fast that the dome rotates with all pace. Garud dev then pushes the dome into darkness. Vayu dev no one can come back from darkness. After some time, suddenly the diamond dome comes back. everyone is shocked. the demon brothers say now handle our attack Vishnu dev. The demon brothers attack their trishul weapon on lord Vishnu. The gods alert lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu stops the weapon by holding it in his hand! He destroys the weapon and then turns back and says I will destroy your fort too. Lord Vishnu attacks his sudarshan chakra on the diamond fort but as the chakra hits the dome, it burst and the Chakra is destroyed.
Ganesh is shocked and says how can the chakra be destroyed? It is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. Lord Vishnu says sometimes due to boons and blessings, the impossible becomes the possible. Lord Vishnu then says, after that the chakra was destroyed. Lord Vishnu became angry. The demons say now what will you do Vishnu dev? Lord Vishnu gets angry and becomes huge in size in his divya avatar. the demons get scared and jarantak says brother, by looking at the huge form of Vishnu dev even I am feeling scared. Lord Vishnu holds the diamond fort and he uses his strength to crush it, but Vishnu dev fails. He then throws it in the universe in anger, the dome comes back and Vishnu dev throws it again as his anger is increased. Indra dev says now no one can save these demons and the diamond dome in front of the wrath of lord vishnu’s anger. Brahma dev appears and stops Vishnu dev and says prabhu calm down, calm down your anger as it doesn’t suit you. lord Vishnu says no brahma dev now I will destroy this diamond fort. Brahma dev says Vishnu dev, please calm down this fort cannot be destroyed like this! You are the caretaker of the universe and your anger just might destroy it, we need to find another solution to it. lord Vishnu thinks and he calms down and comes back to his normal size, he comes to a forest and sees the shiv ling and says I found the solution brahma dev.

Precap: Dashanand is arriving to Kailash. Ganesh says he is mahadev’s disciple but why does it seem that as he heads to Kailash, dashanand brings trouble with him? nandi goes to stop dashanand.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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