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Udaan 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chakor gets framed

Udaan 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor telling everyone about Poonam, who is poisoned by some food medium. He says its slow poison effect on her. Jatin says but we all eat the same food. Minty says Chakor is preparing the food for Poonam since some days. Anjor recalls the juice drinks served to Poonam. Jatin asks Minty what is she saying. He asks Chakor to leave. Anjor says you can’t go until reports come. Chakor asks why, you are doubting on me. Jatin asks what are you saying. Anjor says I doubt on her.

Chakor says I m ready to stay here, Poonam may need me. Sameer comes home and says mum and dad went to temple, I m feeling hungry. He sees Vanshika leaving and questions her. She gets Kiku’s call and says I m coming. Sameer says you are not going anywhere, just go in. She says just move, I m not a kid. She

leaves. He says I should talk to Maasi. He goes to see Chakor. He says she didn’t come home yet. He calls Chakor and can’t get through. He calls Anjor and asks for Chakor. She says yes, she is here, she will stay here tonight because… Chakor takes the phone and says my phone got off, I was going to inform you. She thinks not to tell anything to Sameer right now. She says Poonam is unwell, I will come home tomorrow. Anjor asks why didn’t you tell him the truth, I have doubt on you and that’s why stopped you here. She goes.

Chakor sees Anjor sleeping and holds her. Anjor wakes up and sees her. She gets angry and holds Poonam’s hand. Chakor says you are tired, I will be with Poonam. Anjor says no way, I will take care of my only mum. Chakor says I feel hurt that you don’t trust me, I m happy seeing your love for Poonam, every mum loves a daughter in such a way, some people don’t have love in their fate. Anjor says yes, mum and daughter’s relation is full of love, my mum never leaves me for anyone, but I regret that some people can never understand this. Chakor asks why do you hate me. Anjor says you really want to know, you left me alone for ten years, you didn’t try to know if I m dead or alive, tell me where were you for ten years, with whom were you, did those people also leave you, or did you cheat them too. Chakor recalls the punishment. She thinks I wish I could tell you, I will never tell you, you will hate me more. Anjor asks where were you, I hate you. Naina….plays….

Anjor goes to Poonam. Poonam gets conscious. Anjor shouts to Jatin. Jatin comes. Doctor comes and tells about the rare poison, Poonam would have died if she consumed the poison once again. Chakor asks which food contained the poison. He says it was in veg juice, which Poonam was consuming since few days. Anjor recalls Chakor. Chakor gets shocked.

Minty says you were making it for Poonam. Chakor nods. Anjor says dad, we can’t trust this woman, you didn’t listen to me, she has given poison to mom. Sameer asks peon when will Jatin come. The man says Jatin won’t come, someone gave slow poison to his wife. Sameer asks what. He rushes. Chakor asks what are you saying, I m innocent, I m your mum, trust me.

Doctor says its attempt to murder, such people should be given to police. He goes. Chakor says its a misunderstanding, I didn’t do anything, explain Anjor, why would I try to do this, your family did a big favor on me, I can’t even think of this. Anjor says I m not your daughter, you left me alone for ten years, you can kill anyone. Poonam smiles. Anjor says you came here to get money, you couldn’t see my mom’s love for me, so you made this plan. Jatin looks on. Anjor says I will tell you what to do with her. Chakor says I m innocent, I didn’t do anything. Anjor throws money on Chakor’s face. She asks Chakor to take the money and leave. Poonam and Jatin stop Anjor.

Jatin says now even I don’t trust Chakor, I did a big mistake to get you here, I know you well, it was same situation when we met ten years ago, you had killed a person, how did I risk my family’s life by getting you here. Anjor gets shocked. Jatin says I can call police, I m leaving you as you gave birth to Anjor, go from here. Chakor says I didn’t do anything. Anjor looks at her.

Anjor drags Chakor to throw her out of the house. Sameer comes there and holds Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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