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Tantra 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update – Kanchan dies

Tantra 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Niyati and Daksh try to stop the family but Kanchan orders them to continue without stopping on Niyati’s call. Everyone pushes Niyati aside. Niyati and Daksh fell over the floor. The family had climbed their stools and worn the ropes around their necks. Niyati was tensed and stood helpless. Someone came there to chop the feet of stools they were standing over. It was Akshat. Everyone had fallen off. He says there are few people who still believe in helping others, that’s how he came out of lock up. Niyati tells him to take everyone outside, but Kanchan had grabbed the gun and shot a bullet in the air. She then points the gun at Niyati, and says this time luck is on her side. Everyone must die and Akshat is the first one. Niyati comes to stop Kanchan by holding her hand, and wrestling with her. Kanchan

shots the bullet towards the glass roof. A piece of glass hit Kanchan in the midst of abdominal; she fell on the floor in front of everyone. The Tantrik and Astha try to flee. Kanchan breathes on the floor. Daksh and Akshat grab the Tantrik, while Niyati gets Astha as they had turned to flee. Daksh and Akshat tie the men to the wall poles. Astha requests Niyati to spare her, Kanchan brought her here. She is an actress, but Kanchan warned to kill her if she leaves her side. Niyati tries to come to the family who was still not conscious and under Tantra. Kanchan laughs weakly. She says this time, luck is on her side only. Even if she dies, she will be the winner. None can ever break her Tantra. Niyati says she is only steps away from death, at least now she must accept her family was destroyed because of Tantra. Kanchan says she chose her own path. She isn’t afraid of death. No matter what they do, her parents and family will remain like puppets, brainlessly. Kanchan close her eyes.

Niyati comes to Daksh. Daksh says he wish he could do this. Daksh says if the performer of Tantra is dead, it’s difficult to get over its effect. Niyati continue to plead and requests Daksh to help her, she can’t see her family suffer. Daksh says he will try, but it seems impossible. Niyati notices the family moved at her name. Niyati recalls Kanchan’s words, and says their minds won’t work but their heart would. Their heart beats must increase at her name, and points a gun at her forehead. Daksh and Akshat try to stop Niyati. Niyati calls everyone from her family, and says she might die. Kanchan and Prithvi continue to move, and finally breaks out of the effect of Tantra. The family also recovers. Sumati asks Niyati why she is crying, they only scolded her because she was behaving odd. Niyati asks what the date is. Ashutosh says it’s 20th March. Niyati says it’s 5th April. Kanchan had taken them all in her control and they don’t remember anything. Prithvi remembers drinking water from Astha. Niyati says she will tell them what happened, and what Kanchan wanted. How Kanchan died. Everyone was shocked to see Kanchan being carried by paramedic staff, while Tantrik being taken by police.

Akshat tells Prithvi about the lady who helped him come out of the jail. He was ready to come along, but the lady says Mr. Khanna always took his bail. They all wish the family best and leaves.

Sumati thanks Dr. Daksh for helping Niyati. Daksh says although he helped selflessly, and it was an effort of bringing smile over their face. He earned little respect in return. Prithvi comes to caress Niyati. Sumati asks Niyati if she wasn’t afraid to point her gun towards herself. Niyati says she was extremely terrified. Prithvi says the good always win over the devil. From now on, there will be no Tantra on thie house. There will only be happiness. Parth asks for a family selfie.

The show has ended

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