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Sitara 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Vrinda plans for Sureeli-Viraj

Sitara 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning. Viraj brings Diya to Sitara. She sends a servant to bring her milk. Viraj explains to family that Sitara found this girl outside tomorrow. They have informed the police and will find her family. Rani Maa had a problem with keeping a stranger child at home, when Sitara doesn’t intend to give them an heir.
Afterwards, Rani Maa speaks to Vrinda that their family will be destroyed if Sitara doesn’t give them an heir. Vrinda suggests her to send Sureeli with Viraj to a faraway place for a while. Rani Maa doesn’t understand, but Vrinda says Ratan gave her a huge responsibility of the heir. The will speaks about an heir, it’s not concerned about who the mother is. Rani Maa agrees. Later, Viraj comes to the room. Rani Maa tells Viraj he must go to their ancestor’s temple, as his father

always arranged a Pooja there. She tells him to stay there at the farm house. Viraj says he will go with Sitara but Rani Maa says she won’t allow the murderer of her husband to attend that Pooja. Viraj says he would only go with his wife, else he won’t. Rani Maa shouts there hasn’t been any relation between them, what kind of relation is there between them.
Viraj comes to the room furious. He throws the decorations down on the floor. Sitara comes to him concerned. Viraj asks Sitara what’s the problem, doesn’t she care or love him and his feelings. Why they have been living away from each other each night, though they are married. The relationship of spouse is a personal matter, but when someone else points towards it; it hurts. He had pushed her tightly towards the cupboard. Sitara says it hurts her. Viraj leaves her. Sitara hugs him from behind and says I love you. She notices his hand was bleeding. She sits and clean the blood and apply an ointment. She then kiss his hand out of care. Viraj holds her hand, then picks her in his arms. Sitara asks him to leave her. He drops her on the bed. They mischievously play around the house, then fell on the bed together. Viraj looks towards the smiling face of Sitara. Viraj kiss Sitara by untying her blouse. She holds his face closely and makes a mark with her nail behind his ear. Viraj falls asleep. Viraj feels sorry that she has no way to stop him, she can’t move ahead in their relation.
The next morning, Sitara was sitting in her bed when Viraj wakes up. He asks what happened last night, he doesn’t remember well. Sitara says nothing, he fell asleep at once. Viraj wonders how it was possible. Sitara tells him to leave it, and go to get ready. He has to leave by evening. Diya begins to cry then. Sitara gets dizzy. Viraj holds Diya and tells her to go and get freshen up, she must come along with him. Sitara says Rani Maa won’t like it, and its not good that he argues Rani Maa for her.
Yamini comes to smoke Albeli’s hair with Loban and sends a maid away. She accepts her offer about Arjun for one night. Albeli turns around in shock, hurting Yamini’s hand. Yamini says she may spend one night with her husband, but on a single condition. She must get the whole Raaj Paat to her for one month. Albeli assures she will speak to Vrinda about it, and complements her decision. Yamini leaves.
Sureeli asks Vrinda why Viraj would make a relationship with her. Vrinda says she can’t sit peaceful till she revenges her sister’s death. Albeli comes in with the news of Yamini’s agreement. Vrinda says tonight, both their revenge would be complete.
In the room, Arjun regrets marrying a selfish and greedy man like him. Yamini shouts she wants the position of a MahaRani. She is tired of always abiding by others. What’s the problem with him, she is allowing him to go to Albeli herself. Arjun says the greed of this MahaRani had disgraced her in his eyes today. He might not be able to give her this respect again.
Sitara brings feeder for Diya but she wasn’t in the cradle. Sitara looks around worried. Diya laughs from near the curtain, playing on the floor. Sitara looks on, Diya appears from behind the couch but vanishes from there as well. she notices the curtain had been moving and cautiously goes to look behind. The curtain had ceased moving. Sitara wonders how the girl can vanish from the house. A shadow appears from outside the door. Sitara goes to look into the corridor cautiously. She was worried and hears Diya’s cry again.

PRECAP: Sureeli turns to Sitara’s avatar. Viraj was shocked to see her, but Sitara says she wanted to spend the night with him. In the room, Viraj had been blindfolded and Sitara’s avatar turns to Sureeli again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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