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Patiala Babes 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Stitches Dress For Minnie

Patiala Babes 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita stitches Minnie’s clothes on sewing machine in Hanuman’s area while Hanuman sitting near peeps at her holding reverse book. Babita asks if he is busy. He says yes he is concentrating on a book. She sees reverse book and says reverse book needs more concentration. He nervously says he is free, but cannot help her and he knows everything except to thread a needle. She asks to hold a cloth then and cutting it says thank you. HGe sleeps on steps peeping at her. A romantic song plays in the background. Nex morning, he wakes up hearing Minnie’s excitement. Minnie looking at Babita’s stitched clothes jumps in excitement and says seeing this new design all her classmates will be jealous of her. She asks if it is very costly. Babita says it would have been if she had bought

from outside, she stitched it. Minnie asks when did she learn stitching. Babita says she was a supervisor and learnt in factory via Munna. Minnie says this dress is very precious for her.

Hanuman goes to Balli’s tea shop to have tea and dozes off. Laala wakes him up and gives tea. Khatri with his puppets Balli and Kartar taunts that Hanuman must be having sleepless nights and laughs in his signature style. Hanuman warns him to stop laughing like a donkey. Khatri says he should thank him for working hard and getting heritage tag for their locality and even his house and organizing food mela in their locality. Hanuman warns not to litter place and reads rules. He then says heritage tag is given by authorities and his grandpa’s haveli is indeed heritage.

Lovely over phone scolds Sukhi to do whatever he can and get her dress from tailor. Ashok asks if he she fought with Sukhi again. Lovely says no, he is sitting in tailor’s shop for her dress and she has kitty party in the afternoon at her friend Shayna’s house. She reminds Meeta to prepare cup cakes as promised. Meeta says she has important meeting, so she will prepare in the evening. Lovely says party is in the afternoon. Meeta asks her to buy cupcakes from any bakery and present them as hers and walks away with Ashok. Lovely then calls Babita who is busy preparing lunch for Minnie and hurrying for her job at 10 p.m. She after yelling at Meeta requests Babita to prepare some dish for her. Babita agrees after a bit of emotional atyachar. On the other side, Shayna unable to c console her crying baby yells at her husband Amit that Babita will not come and he should have hired another aaya. Amit says he tried, but could not get anyone. Babita walks in. Shayna yells at her for coming late. Amit apologizes Babita on Shayna’s behalf and even makes her apologize. Babita checks baby and informs baby has colicky stomach and treats him with home remedy. Maid says Babita is very experienced and consoled baby so easily. Shayna and Amit also say same.

Minnie goes to college where all her friends like her dress and take her pics to get same design stitched via their tailor. Minnie says nobody can stitch a dress like her Babes. Babita while roaming baby outside in garden calls Minnie who excitedly informs about her new friends and feels sad about Preet. Babita asks her not to feel sad as Preet will be back to her soon. Minnie hears baby voice and asks where are other babies. Babita says baby is her student’s younger brother and she brought him out. Minnie video chats and plays with baby. Babita says she is getting late and disconnects call.

Precap: Babita takes baby to her locality. Amit scolds her that she is aaya and should have some commonsense. Hanuman and Minnie hear that.

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