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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mata danu warns kansa.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram in the ashram. Rishi sandeepani starts teaching them the first lesson. The day goes as rishi teaches kanha and balram the first art of his knowledge. Kanha and balram learn happily as they ask for doubts and as the day ends. Rishi sandeepani says today’s lesson has ended, now we shall all rest and tomorrow at sunrise I shall start teaching the first forms of the 64 arts to you both. kanha and balram say okay rishi var and they take his blessings. Rishi sandeepani goes to rest.
In Mathura, kansa is with mata danu and bhadraksh. Mata danu says kansa your death is certain and the aakashvani will be true. Kansa gets angry and says what are you saying? You know I wont die, why are you saying this? You helped me all this time, what are you thinking

now? mata danu says kansa, Vishnu cannot be defeated, he is the creator and caretaker of the universe. Kansa gets angry and goes away with bhadraksh. Kansa comes to the palace and sees devki making some food and sweets. Kansa says oh dear sister, what are you doing? Devki smiles and says oh kansa, you came here! I was making food for you and all your favorite sweets. Kansa says what happened devki? Suddenly so much love for your dear brother? Devki says yes kansa, this love has come out of pity, I don’t want to regret later in life that I did not shower any love on my brother. Kansa sits and says why devki, why will you regret? You will always be here and even I will always be here. kansa laughs. devki says oh wait, I forgot to feed you kheer. Devki feeds kansa kheer and says kansa, I made this kheer for you and eat it and relinquish the taste of the food made by me, because this will be the last time you eat kheer kansa. Devki goes. Kansa eats kheer and says devki, you will know whose last time it is going to be because your 8th son will soon die. Kansa laughs.
In the ashram, at night as rishi sandeepani rests balram uses the hand fan and gives rishi air while kanha massages the feet of rishi sandeepani. Rishi says kanha and balram, please go and rest you don’t have to do this. Rishi says tomorrow at sunrise we shall start our class. Kanha and balram say yes guru but there is still time for us to sleep and we want to serve our guru, so we are doing what we can. Kanha goes to see how late in the night it is. Kanha comes outside the ashram and sees the moon is heading towards east so it is time to be past midnight. As kanha waits, he hears a woman’s sound saying save me, help me! kanha goes out and sees a woman running with her baby child as some soldiers follow her. Kanha says why are these soldiers running behind this woman? What has happened? The soldiers catch the woman and they take her baby child and keep it on a stone, the commander comes and says kill this baby. The woman says no, please spare my child’s life he is just a baby. Kanha comes and stops the soldiers and says wait sir, what happened? Why are you killing this baby? The commander says kid, go away it doesn’t bother you. kanha says no stop, I know this woman and what will you men get from killing a small baby? No one is so heartless to kill little children, right? Please leave her and her son, she will go her way, you go yours.

Precap: Kanha comes across the elephant kuvalyapida who is waiting for revenge. Kansa plans to lay down the 2nd trap for kanha and balram.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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