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Muskaan 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal misleads Shantanu

Muskaan 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bua saying Kajal sleeping. Lovely asks her not to take stress. They leave. Ronak says you always protect me when I m in trouble, I come to help you always, we both will always be there for each other, what shall we name this relation, we will give such a relation that we both can accept, so that they have no hesitation at all. He asks her to become his friend. She says best friend and shakes hands. Shantanu comes to meet them. He tells them about the second opinion taken for Kajal. Gayatri says reports will be coming now, so I have called him. Reports come. Shantanu checks it. Ronak also checks. Muskaan asks what are the reports. Ronak says the reports are same, what will Shantanu tell now, he won’t doubt him now.

Ronak taunts Shantanu. Shantanu says we can say anything

after investigation. Ronak asks him to leave Kajal for once and all. Kajal smiles and goes to her room. She goes to the washroom and puts water on her head. She goes and switches on the AC. She gets shivering to fall ill. She laughs. Muskaan comes to Ronak. He says positivity is good, we are now friends. They shake hands and smile. Ronak says I was thinking, we should organize a fun party for Kajal. Muskaan says its a good idea, we will order a cake as well, you do the rest of the things, I will get the cake. He says don’t worry, I will do everything. She says let me do my part, otherwise I will feel you didn’t accept my friendship. They have an eyelock. Khud se bhi zyada….plays… She sees Gayatri and pushes Ronak. He asks her to hold his hand. Gayatri comes in. She taunts Muskaan about Kajal. Muskaan and Ronak go to see Kajal. Muskaan checks her and says she has much fever. Ronak worries. They help Kajal. She asks them to be with her. Ronak says I will tell you some good story. Muskaan says I will be with you. She asks Ronak to go and take rest, she will be with Kajal. Ronak goes. Kajal insists Muskaan to open the fan. She thinks now Muskaan can sleep well forever. She looks at the fan.

Shantanu says our doubt on Kajal got cleared. Sujoy says the case got more complicated now. Shantanu says Muskaan has no threat from Kajal. Sujoy says yes, I feel much relieved. Kajal goes and tries to make the fan fall down. She hides the other side. Gayatri comes and saves Muskaan from the falling fan. Muskaan wakes up and gets shocked. Ronak comes. Gayatri tells him everything. Muskaan hugs Gayatri and thanks her. She says I m fine. Kajal cries and acts again. Ronak asks Muskaan and Kajal to go to their room. He checks the fan bolts and gets thinking.

The man says something is wrong, the fan pin was removed. Ronak tells Hanumant that he is doubting on Kajal, she wants to hurt Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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