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Mere Sai 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Srikanth’s Determination To Change Govinda

Mere Sai 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Srikanth tastes food and shouts spicy/chilli. Chihu checks food and thinks it is alright, then sees chilli powder on floor and realizes Govinda has done this. She calls Govinda in and asks if he mixed chilli powder in food. He lies and says no. She asks maid to get thali in, she will change food. She then angrily stuffs chill-mixed food into his Govinda’s mouth. Govinda calls Rukmini maami for help and runs away shouting she always beats him and he hates her. Chihu runs behind Govinda. Srikanth sees bald Chihu and realizes Govinda painted her pic as evil woman. He addresses her and says he has realized that mother and son’s relationship has gone sour, so instead of speaking rudely and beating Govinda, she should speak to him calmly. She says he does not have to interfere and blames

Rukmini for provoking Govinda against her. He says he is Govinda’s teacher and it is his duty to not only teach academics to his students but also teach them to be a good human being; he wants to show her a painting Govinda made and she should not react wrongly after seeing it.

Sumith returns home and showing his father’s wallet says he came to know everything via Sai and apologizes them for being so rude to them and forcing them to get precious things for them, he knows how his parents are working hard to fulfill his demands, he will never demand anything precious from them hereon and will be an obedient son. Father thanks Sai for his help. Sai says even parents should realize that they are spoiling their children by budging to their illegal demands and not letting their children to be self-reliant; they should let their children learn to face hardship of life and be a better human being. Everyone around thank Sai for his moral gyaan.

Srikanth shows Govinda’s made painting to Chihu. Chihu says it looks like a chudail/evil. Srikanth asks her to look carefully it resembles her, Govinda developed so much hatred for her with her rude behavior that he considers her as evil, but he also loves her immensely, so he fought for her against barber during holika dahan ritual. Chihu imagines her dead husband confronting her that she infused so much hatred in Govinda’s mind, he did not expect this from her. Govinda also confronts her. Out of imagination, she starts crying. Srikanth asks her to calm down and promises that as a teacher, he will get Govinda back on track.

Srikanth then meets Sai at Dwarkamayi and informs him his interaction with Chihu regarding Govinda and him promising to get Govinda back on track. He says he promised, but does not know how will he. Sai looks aside. Srikanth asks what is he looking at. Sai says butterfly. Srikanth asks where is it. Srikanth says if he finds it, he will achieve his goal. Sai goes to fetch water while Srikanth finds butterfly. Srikanth searches butterfly and finally finds one shawl. Sai returns and asks if found one. Srikanth says yes. Sai says then he will find solution for his problem soon. Butterly print on shawl turns into real butterfly and it flies. Srikanth is amused to see that.

Govinda while going to school with Udhav thinks he cannot face Srikanth, so asks Udhav to reach school while he finishes some work and get to school. Srikanth at school waits for Govinda and gets concerned thinking if something happened to Govinda. Govinda climbs a tree, plucks and fruit and enjoys it lazing on tree thinking nobody bothers about him. He gets afraid seeing a snake heading towards him.

Precap: Srikanth falls unconscious. Pari with her friends pleads him to open his eyes. Sai says he has not heard the voice he wants to hear. Udhav asks whose voice. Sai looks at Govinda.

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