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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kabeer Exposes Satya’s Truth

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Samar walks to railway station shattered and sits on a bench. Vicky calls him and says Shanaya told he left from marriage venue midway. Samar says yes. Vicky asks him to come home immediately. Samar says he cannot come and asking to take care of maa/Rama disconnects call. At Jaya’s house, Satya locks Kabeer in a room. Kabeer knocks door and cries calling mamma and papa. He sees open window and escapes via it. Satya returns to mantap. Shikha asks what was Kabeer telling. Satya says he is a kid and was telling he will miss Jaya, she made him sleep. Panditji asks to perform bride and groom’s gatbandhan. Nimmi daadi hopes this jodi does not break forever. Satya says it will not as she did gatbandhan.

Kabeer enters and tells Jaya he needs to inform her something

important. Shikha asks what. Satya frightening Kabeer with her frowning face says he is still in sleep and tries to drag him towards room when Kabeer frees himself and says he will not go. Satya holds his hand again. Naani warns Satya to leave Kabeer and asks what he wants to say. Satya nervously tries to take away Kabeer again. Naani warns her to let him speak. Kabeer says he knew Satya would try to prove him wrong, so he has recorded her confession video. He gives his mobile to Karthik and asks him to play video. Karthik plays video on TV and everyone are amused to see Satya confessing her crime that she always tried to separate Samar from Jaya and she played many dramas alleging Samar trying to kill her and even insulted Rama. They further see Samar and Jaya’s exchanging wedding rings. Kabeer continues that Satya did not let him speak and threatened that she will separate his parents if he exposes her truth.

Shikha walks to Satya and confronts how can she threaten a small kid. Jaya shouts her to stop and walking to her asks how can she allege mamma just with Kabeer’s evidence, a mother is always true and cannot think of harming children. Satya says she is right and should not believe Kabeer. Satya continues praising Satya and says she obeyed her mother always from birth and even got married and divorced her husband on her order, now she is remarrying on her order; her husband bore her mother’s mental harassment and made him ghar jamai, he reunited her sisters with their husbands. She continues that everyone mother protects their children, but her mother spoilt her children’s life to satisfy her ego, she stooped so low to win over Samar and finally won; she will marry Dhruv on her mother’s orders now and walking to Dhruv says let us finish pheras. Dhruv stops her and says Samar was her love and will always be, there is no use of this marriage now. Satya stands fuming with her typical frowning face.

Vicky tells Jaya that only 15 minutes are left for train departure, she should go and stop Samar. Samar boards train and waits for Jaya. Jaya rides horse towards railway station.

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