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Kesari Nandan 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rana ji helps Hanumant

Kesari Nandan 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Hanumant asking Jagat to take some rest, he will get fine. He cries seeing Jagat. Doctor asks him to go and sit. Hanumant goes. Zoravar asks him not to worry for hospital bill, he will do something. Hanumant says I know this, I m worried thinking who shot Jagat and why, do you know this. Zoravar says what shall I say, this bullet wasn’t for Jagat, it was for Kesari. They get shocked. Zoravar says Kesari has initiated this against the villagers, everyone is upset with her, the villagers want to kill her, Kesari is the root of all problems, Jagat got shot to save her. Kesari comes. Hanumant looks at her. Zoravar says tell me who will like to kill Jagat, this girl has challenged the village customs, Jagat had to pay for this. He prays for Jagat. Kesari says sorry. Hanumant shouts

Madhavi….. take this girl away from me right now. Madhavi agrees and takes her. Kesari says I didn’t wish this to happen, forgive me. Hanumant asks won’t you listen to me. Kesari says I will listen. Madhavi asks her not to argue and understand them.

Zoravar says go from here, spare us. Madhavi takes Kesari. Hanumant cries. Kesari thinks of Hanumant and cries. The police comes to arrest Hanumant. Kesari thinks of Rana ji who can help them. She sees Rana ji going in the car. She goes to stop him. She runs after the car. Kala singh enters the hospital. Hanumant gets shocked seeing him. Kala says you think you will get saved from me. He arrests Hanumant. Zoravar says leave him. Kala says he is a criminal. Madhavi says my son is in danger, where are you taking him. Kala says he is charged for theft and prison break, you know the punishment. Madhavi asks him to have humanity. Kala says we can arrest you too, don’t anger me. Hanumant says dare to touch her and then see. He asks Madhavi not to talk to Kala. He goes. They see Rana ji and stop.

Kesari gets Rana ji with her. Hanumant greets him. Rana ji asks what’s happening. Inspector says Hanumant is blamed for theft. Rana ji says he has run away from the jail, right, why didn’t you let him come, you should have got him here, his son needed him, why did you keep him in jail, its just a blame, crime isn’t proved. Inspector agrees. Rana ji says it means Hanumant can get bail. Inspector says yes. Rana ji says leave him, my lawyer is coming to your police station with bail papers. Inspector agrees and asks Kala Singh to leave Hanumant. Kala frees Hanumant. Zoravar looks on. Police leaves. Kesari smiles. Hanumant thanks Rana ji.

Rana ji asks him to take care of his son. Kesari thanks Rana ji. He smiles and goes. Doctor calls Hanumant. Kesari turns to go. Madhavi stops her and says you will never understand. Kesari cries. Madhavi cries and says you will handle all this alone, forgive me, I always vent anger on you. Kesari hugs her. Zoravar and Kala argue. Kala says Shakti called me here. Zoravar says you can’t do anything, my plan spoiled because of you. Kala says it was your plan, it failed. They argue. Shakti stops them and asks them to fight, so that Hanumant and his family celebrate. He says everything is fine, Hanumant is tagged a thief, you can still hurt Hanumant, Jagat shouldn’t have got shot, but this will scare the girls. Kala asks what if girls go to school again. Shakti says then we will make Kesari leave the school and village also.

Everyone meets Jagat and ask is he fine. Jagat nods. Hanumant says you have more courage than me, you got shot, but I lost my life. Kesari ties a thread to Jagat’s twist. Kesari says I will tie rakhi to him every day, he protected me. They smile.

Doctor says sorry, Jagat has lost both his legs. Jagat thinks I can’t live as a burden on dad. He goes to commit suicide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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