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Dil ding dong ding dole – Ragsan 5

Hi sissy’s…

let’s start this part

Next day Ragini reached maheshwari mansion.

Rag: hi sanky mom. Where’s sanky? It’s already time.

Suj: today no office Ragini. M sending sanskar for shopping. Few things have to purchase. M having headache so m sending him.

Rag: wow. Shopping? Shall I also join?

Suj: of course. See there’s he’s coming.

Sanskar understood that Ragini is abt to come.

San: mom m going.

Suj: take Ragini with u.

San: m enough to carry bags.

Sujata glares at him.

San: ok fine.

Rag: thanku sanky mom. Let’s go sanky.

They reached mall. They went to cafe to have coffee. They ordered coffee. Sanskar was sitting silently whereas Ragini was making sound by spoon.
Waiter comes with coffee. By mistake it fell on ragini’s hand.

Wai: scared. sry ma’am.

Rag: chill bro. It’s k don’t wry. Sanky I’ll go to wash hand

San: ok. Come soon.

She went. Sanskar liked ragini’s habit of forgiving him.

San: it’s already more time. Why she still dint come.

He goes near handwash. He saw that Ragini keeping hand under drier machine.

San: m waiting for u and wat r u doing here from this much time?

Rag: I like this sanky.

She again made on machine again kept hand under that.

San: glaring her: over now? Shall we move.

Rag: ok.

They had coffee. Just then they heard some noise. Sanskar asked one man

San: Wats going on there?

Man: shooting is going on. All r going to see.

Rag: loudly. Shooting. I want to see.

She holds sanskar’s hand and drags him with her.

They saw there actors sitting.

Rag: wow. Varun Kapoor and tejaswi. My favourite.

Just then a man comes on stage.

Man: there’s a golden chance for Varun fans. We will play a game. We will ask questions abt Varun. Whoever win they’ll get chance to dance with him.

Rag: I’ll participate.

Compitation starts. Sanskar sits on chair doing something in his mob.

Man announced Ragini as winner. Sanskar looks on. Varun holds ragini’s hand and takes her to middle and dances on a romantic song. Sanskar see the way Ragini staring Varun. He didn’t like it.

San: Wats special in him that she’s staring him like that.

Sanskar was watching both. Tejaswi comes to him.

Tej: feeling jealous?

San: jealous? Me? No.

Tej: this is first step of love. Well nice choice. Both look gud together.

Saying so she went. Again he started to see there dance. While dancing ragini’s sandal broke and she fell from stage but sanskar holds her in arms at rite time. Both share a small eyelock. All claps.

Varun comes down from stage. He keeps his hand on ragini’s shoulder.

Var: r u ok?

Sanskar slowly removes his hand.

San: she’s ok now. Don’t wry.

Varun smiles and goes from there.

Rag: sanky wat a filmy style. U r holding me like sharukh holding kajol.

Sanskar put her down.

San: always abt films u talk.

Rag: yes . I love films. Have u seen jaane Tu ya jaane na? I love that film. The way he proposes heroine. I too selected a song. When I’ll find my dream boy, I’ll sing that song.

San: which song?

Rag: staring him: y shud I Tel u?

San: simply asked.

Rag smiling: later I’ll Tel.

(I hope u all have come to know which song)

After shopping they reached home.

Rag: sanky mom. See I did shopping for u also. Sanky is very kanjus. I paid money for extra gifts.

San widen his eyes: u paid? But u paid from my card only.

Rag smiles sheepishly. Suj gets happy.

Suj: now u go home and take rest. Sanskar, go and leave her.

San: slowly: I became driver now.

Suj: wat?

San: nothing. I told ok.

They left in car.

Rag: u know sanky. Now I’ve become serious. I stopped making silly things. It’s all after meeting u only.

Sanskar applied brake.

San: serious? U? From when? Since how many days u know me?

Rag: come on sanky I was joking.

They reached her home.

Rag: ok bye. I’ll directly come to office tmrw.

She went inside. Sanskar saw her dairy left in back seat, where she had kept her bag. He took it with him.

At night in room sanskar was applying balm to his head. Jai enters.

Jai: wat happened sir? Headache? How u got?

San: after reading her diary.

Jai: ragini’s?

San: obviously. I thought after knowing something abt her I can try to make her normal. But I only got headache.

Jai laughing: in movies we see that after reading heroine diary, hero Wil fall in love. Here hero fell with headache.

San: but I knew abt her song.

Jai: song? Wat song?

San: nothing leave.


Days passed. Now Ragini’s doings r making sanskar laugh. They don’t irritated like first. But he tried his best to change her. But Ragini is Ragini. She never changed.

One day they went to restaurant to meet a client. They were waiting in hall. A boy(Parth) comes and sit on sofa Infront of them. He stares Ragini. Ragini also looked him. She asked him.

Rag: do u like me?

Parth and sanskar got shocked by her words.

Par: vo… Actually…

Rag: don’t wry. U can Tel. Do u want to marry me?

Again they both got shocked.

Par gulps. After a pause he nods.

Ragini took her diary and wrote.

‘ 58 parth’

She took his number.

Rag: ok go.

Par: ur answer?

Rag: ur number is 58?

San and par: ????

Rag: u r 58th person who wants to marry me. There r many more. But I write only those names who r handsome. When I’ll think of marriage I’ll choose from this list And select.

Parth went from there looking at her weirdly.

San: but u said u’ll marry the one whom u love. Then y u listing this?

Rag: that is rite. This coz if in case I don’t love anyone. Let’s go. Clients came.

San in mind: from where she brings such ideas? Crazy but cute.

Hope u liked it.
I’ll post my remaining ffs soon
Love you all 😘😘😘😘

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