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Chandragupta Maurya 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Chandragupta Escapes Dahak’s Attacks

Chandragupta Maurya 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chandragupta with his team fights with Dhananand’s soldiers to rescue Bandi villagers. Baldev realizes soldiers are not well trained and informs Chanakya. Chanakya notices ill fitting uniforms and untrained men and says Dhananand has tricked to catch them. He alerts Chandragupta. Chandragupta asks where are real soldiers then.
Chandragupta shows a hut and says they must have hidden there. Chandragupta burns hut and real soldiers walk out. Chandragupta and his team fights with real soldiers. Assissins Nishumbi uses her 6th sense and informs Dahak their target Chandragupta’s presence nearby and informs her brother Dahak to shoot his knife in that direction. He shoots knife. Chanakya notices knife and rescues Chandragupta on time. Knife hits Magadh soldier. Nishumbi says

their target is still alive. Dahak shoots knife again. Chandragupta escapes again. Chanakya alerts his team that an unknown force is trying to attack Chandragupta and they escape from there. Dahak says they missed their target and reaching the venue sees dead Kshatriya soldier.

In palace, Shipra tries to convince Durdhara by preparing her favorite dishes. Durdhara does not get convinced. Dhananand walks in and says he knows how to convince his sister and shows previous stone. Durdhara says he brought one more stone while he already gifted many. Dhananand says it is a special stone. Soldier walks to him worried and informs t hat they could not collect taxes from Bandi villagers as they escaped and found khsatriya soldier’s body there. He pleads Dhananand to spare him for failing in his tsk. Dhananand smiles and he need not worry as his assassins are already doing their duty. Nishumbi uses her 6th sense and informs Dahak that target has headed towards Paraspura. They reach Paraspura and seeing a mother pampering her child discuss that they can get their job done with emotional blackmails.

Chandragupta informs his team that Bandi villagers are very happy for our help and have gifted sweet pot for them. Chanakya says an unknown enemy wants to kill Chandragupta. They get afraid seeing someone running towards them. Sthulbhadra comes running and barges on sweet pot crying was wandering in jungle since long. They all laugh. Chanakya warns Chandragupta to be careful from unknown enemy as he can be attacked anytime. Durgam Dugu’s servant requests that his father is on the death bed, so he wants to go home immediately and will let his brother work in his absence. Dahak enters as his brother and takes employment badge. Similarly Nishumbi takes badge from Jagat jala’s wife as replacement maid.

Chanakya Niti: A fire torch is not so powerful that it can lighten a dark room, but if they can light many other fire torches, whole house brightens; similarly a fire of courage starts alone and when many joins, it can destroy biggest enemies.

Precap: Durgam Dugu flirts with Mura again. Chandragupta watches them.
Mura gets tensed that if Chandragupta does something, they all will be caught.

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