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You & Me (Chap-14) Kanchi fs by ArpitaKrish

YOU & ME (CHAP-14):

Recap- Engagement of Kanchi, Entry of Riya. Lets see what turns their life will take.
“Hello Kabir, where are you right now?” Sanchi makes a call to Kabir and asked.
“madam, 2 days left in our marriage and you are behaving like my wife” Kabir teased.
“stop Kabir. I don’t know anything. Meet me at temple in 30 min” Sanchi said.
“okay baba. I don’t want to get punch on my 1st night” Kabir makes puppy face.
“kabirr” Swara laughed. “okay bye. Love you”
“love you too” Kabir replied. Sanchi cuts the call.
After 30 Min, in Temple,
“why did you called me here” Kabir reached and asked.
“I know we are going to marry after 2 days but I have a wish. I want you to fill my hairline with vermilion infront of God in temple. I know its not right but we are going to marry after 2 days so it will not affect and noone will going to know about it” Sanchi requested.
“okay” Kabir agrees and filled her hairline. Sanchi became teary eyes. Both took the blessing of god and came out of temple.
“so now you had became half Dr. Sanchi Kabir Kapoor. So I can do half romance with you” Kabir teased.
“Kabirr” Sanchi blushed.
Sanchi was hiding her vermilion with her hairs with the help of Kabir.
Kanchi sits inside the car. They reached at Sanchi’s home.
“Okay, bye” Kabir hugs Sanchi.
“what bye? Come inside” Sanchi said to Kabir.
“Sorry, I have some important work. See you in evening in your mehndi” Kabir said.
“Okay” Sanchi bids him bye and went inside her home.
In Evening, Kabir & his mom came at Mishra Mension for the Mehandi.
Sanchi has been seated for her mehndi. She was wearing a lehanga of combo of green and peach colour with matching accessories.
Kabir was also wearing peach colour sherwani. They both had a eyelock and they smiles.
Kusum, Jaynil, Anand & Savitri were talking one side & other side Veer, Riya, PraSha & Kabir were sitting. Veer was making them boar with his stupid jokes.
“Stop it Veer. Noone is laughing here” Pragya scolds.
“Haww, I scared” Veer starts laughing making face.
“Veerr” Kabir shows her eyes.
“Finally, your sight caught us leaving your Sanchi” Veer teased.
RiPraSha starts laughing.
“Come hospital then I will show you my sight” Kabir said to Veer.
“Okay, Sorry” Veer keep his finger on his lips.
Kabir smiles.
On the other side Sanchi was smiling listening their talks.
“what is the name of groom?” Girl asked keeping henna.
“Kabir….. Write Kabir” Sanchi blushed saying his name.
Kabir listen and smiles.
“I think this mehandi is going to be boaring. We have to do something” Riya said to her gang.
“Let’s dance” Veer suggested.
“Its great idea” Isha agrees.
“Excuse me, Ladies & Gentleman. It’s time for dance. I don’t want to listen any excuse” Veer said to eveyone.
London Thumakada starts playing. Everyone came on the floor to Dance.
Kabir came to Sanchi “May I have a dance with you?”
Sanchi forward her hand. Kabir holds. Both starts dancing and around them other family members are dancing.
After sometimes, Everyone starts doing dinner. Kusum, Jaynil & Anantri were on one table & Kanchi, RiVeer, PraSha were on another table.
“It’s not fair. How will I eat? My mehandi will remove” Sanchi complained.
“why to worry when Kabir jiju is here” Riya teased.
“yes, He will make you eat” Veer laughs.
“Okay” Kabir nods.
“Really? I love you” Sanchi shouts.
Everyone starts seeing her including all the people, who are doing dinner.
Sanchi blushed and hides her face behind Kabir. Everyone starts laughing.
“Sanchi, what is this?” Kabir was embarrass.
“sorry” Sanchi holds her ears.
“Laila Majnu, Can we start our dinner?” Isha teased.
“off course” Kabir smiles.
Kabir was making Sanchi eat after he himself did his dinner.
After sometimes, Every guest starts going.
“Okay, Now we should also go” Kusum ask for permission.
Kabir touched the feet of everyone, hugs Veer & bids bye to everyone. He went near Sanchi & said something in her ears before anyone can notice. Sanchi blushed. Kabir smiles and sits inside the Car with Kusum. They went. Everyone came inside.
“PraSha, you both will be here till Sanchi marriage” Jaya said. PraSha nods. Everyone went to their room.
Next Morning, RiPraSha wake up and did not found Sanchi in room.
Riya checks in washroom. PraSha were checking in whole house.
“Where is Sanchi? Did she forgot that her haldi is today? If aunty will get to know, she will scold us so much” Riya was worried.
“Wait….. I think we should make a call to her” Pragya called Sanchi.
“Hello, Where are you Sanchi?” Pragya asked.
Sanchi was in hospital lying on bed.
“Acually, I came to meet Kabir. I am coming in 15 min” Sanchi lied.
“Okay, Come soon” Pragya said and cuts the call. Pragya informed RiSha about Sanchi being with Kabir.
“Thank God, I wish Aunty don’t scold us” Riya prayed.
“Okay, I am going to take shower” Isha said.
“go then we will go” Riya nods.
On the other side in hospital, Sanchi was lying on bed. Doctor came.
“Is everything fine?” Sanchi asked.
PRECAP:- Kabir will be sitting in Mandap. In room. Riya was shown in bridal dress. “I know, you will take care of my Kabir” Sanchi said with teary eyes.

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