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Woh Apna Sa 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Jia loses in first task

Woh Apna Sa 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
jia makes her laddos. Her head hurts. She fainted. Rano came there and said you will sleep peacefully. she changes her laddos.
Rano makes her laddos.
Arjun comes and sees Jia. He is dazed. He wakes her up. She says i don’t know how I slept. Where are my laddos that I made all night? Rano says you slept. I completed your count. Arjun saays you can’t help your competitor. Rano says I want her to win. Jia says I can’t lie to ma. Rano ssyas its okay. Ambika comes and says are the laddos made? Rano says they are ready. Ambika tastes laddos of both of them. She says they are so good. she tastes Jia’s and says you didn’t make these. rano made this. I recognize her hand’s taste.

Ambika says I thought you would do your task honestly. Rano made these lados. rano says I wanted her to win the first one. Ambika says are you crazy,, She is fooling you. Jia says ma I wanted to tell you. She says you have no honesty. I can’t believe you chose this way. Arjun says ma Jia.. Ambika says you shut up. Ambika says Rano won this task.
She gives her the first ring. rano says to Jia this was the first dayv see what happens next. I know how to win.

Arjun says to Ambiak where is Akash? She says I haven’t seen him either.
Akash serves everything to Bini. He says made everything pasta cake. Bini sspits it and says its uncooked. She throws it on his face and leaves. Arjun keeps running after Bini and doing her errands. HE becomes her driver. She insults him. Bini syas I am bored dance for me. He dances people laugh. Bini is leaving. Akash says tire is punctured. He says I will get it fixed.

Rano calls Bini she says is Akash with you.. But he can’t come there, Mai asked him never to see your face again. Akash arranges another car for Bini she leaves.
Akash comes home. Ambika says where were you? Lights turn off. Someone plays Akash’s video.
Precap-Ambika gives rano key of her locker. Rano steals something from it. Jia sees it and tells Arjun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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