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Where there is LOVE there is LIFE (EPI 5)

Hi guys look who is here LOVEY aka NISA i know i know you are all angry bcoz i dissappear without informing but i have boards plus i have some personal problems GOD my life sucks 😷 but thank God ANAYA (Esha) is always with me my Exams are over and was pretty good SO finally i am here with my So called boring story but you all have to bare me 😅 Now i will try my best to be regular if i will not get into another blunder Ok ok i missed you all allllooootttttt and i know no one missed me at all 😜 Lol just kidding and one thing tell me if you are on instagram so i can interact with you there too my insta acc. is  sidhantisbae  So let’s go to the  epi THE TWINJ MEET 😘




The epi start with twinkle reaching at Turkey international Airport (if it exist) She come out of airport and take a deep breath inhaling the fresh air


Twi pov

Finally Turkey Twinkle Taneja opppss.. sorry Twinkle Kunj Sarna is here to take her groom back how much i miss him only i know but now not more distant first i have to go to hostel (coz twi is here becoz she took admission in uni of Turkey) thn i will go to his place

Pov end


twi look here & there and think where is chinki?


twi: this girl 😐 She turn and see chinki sitting on a bench she went toward her

and say


Twi: ayeeee what are you waiting for..?


Chi: chilling babes 😎 btw is someone coming to pick us..?


Twi: yup a girl from hostel i think so


chi: ohhh okkk


They wait for sometime passing time by chit chating since they met someday ago but they are becoming good friends or i say Best friends


Chi: Heyyy… Twinki look there is a girl with our name board


Twi: where and she saw a girl inthe direction of chinki’s finger


Chi: i think she is from hostel


twi: i think same


Both get up, took there Bags and went toward the girl


Twi: Heyy i am twinkle Taneja (for world twi is taneja not sarna so) and she is my friend Chinki


Girl: nice to meet you both i am Rosy from hostel and roommate of you too


Twi: nice to meet you too


chi: nice meeting


Rosy: 😊😊 ready to go


Twi+chi: Yessss


They sit into the car and rosy start driving slowly slowly Twinkle is watching the city where HER LOVE had lived these years she can’t think but wonder how he looks?? Is he know her as his wife or just as czn?? her mind is just clouded with his toughts but she clear her mind and tell her ownself


”Twi talk with her self”

Twinkle just relax no need to worry after reaching hostel i will ask rosy to take me to his place and thn i will do something


Twinkle chain of thoughts break when rosy told her that they reach twi come out of car and went in hotel it was not to far from the Universty it was like that stairs are outside and every room door open at stairs there  is 3rd one they went to the room it was not to laxrious room but it was comfy one it has three beds every bed has its own study table and own small cupboard At one side there was Kitchen and thn at other side washroom chinki and twinkle like the room


Twi: its beautiful


chi: yup and so comfy


Rosy: yes it is


Chi: ok so i am gonna sleep


Twi: ok


chinki went to sleep and in no time she sleep


twi: Rosy can you take me to this address


Rosy: Ofcrs but first sleep you are tried i will take you definetly


Twi: Thank you that means alot


Rosy: no need we are friends and freinds can do anything for eachother


Twi: yup thats true


and twi also went to sleep in evening twi wake up but Chinki is still sleeping Rosy come from the kitchen and say


Rosy: Twinkle food is ready first eat thn we will Go to that address


Twi: ok first i will take a shower


Rosy: ok


Twi took a quick shower change her dress and ate

Twi: i am ready


rosy: ok so what about chinki


Twi: let her sleep we will leave a note


Rosy: ok so lets go


after putting a note on chinkis study table they left In the car twi is just doing same looking at the city but at passing min her nervousness increase bcuz she know it not easy to meet her Bua and HIM she is hell nervous they reach at address Twi come out of the car She tell rosy that she will text her when she wanna go hostel and with that rosy left Twi see his house


its was not to big house like mansion but it is big enough for his family it has a small garden infront of house and than 2 or 3 stairs to the beautiful wooden door twi look impress by house she reach to the door and think to ring the bell or not but she have to do this so she rang it


1 2 3 no one open the door than she again rang it now she hear some one footsteps she is feeling hell nervous 1 2 3 someone open the door since twi eyes on floor she saw someone bare feet her eyes travelled toward the person face and its him Her breaths stop for second he is same as he look in his childhood

his hair falling on his face wearing a jeans  with a sweater he Look damn she had never seen a person like him Indeed he is handsome or i say Hell hot,cute andd handsome indeed he is perfect



Kunj: who are you…?


twi: wooo I….i


Kunj: yes you


twi: i am twinkle (how much she wanted to tell him actually yell at him tha she is his wife but can’t poor Soul) i am here to meet usha Sarna


Kunj: who twinkle….?


Twi: Twinkle taneja daughtet of Rt taneja brother of your mother amd she is my bua


Kunj: that me you are my czn


what i am his czn that mean he don’t know about our relation or he is acting.  Twinkle think


twi: yup Can i come in..?


Kunj: yeah sure


He let her come in and went to call usha downstair




EPI end here finally they meet and a longest chapter i wrote ever i think 😅 ok guys i wanted to change Uv previous character with cherry coz i want Uv to be positive one are you all ok with



Love you all

Nisa ❤



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