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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh saves all gods.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Jalandhar holding the arrow and he says such a weak arrow you are having and you think you are greater than me? Jalandhar breaks the arrow and suryadev thinks how can this happen? He broke my arrow. Jalandhar says no you have to face a punishment for insulting the greatest god that I am. Suddenly indra dev and rest of the gods appear. Jalandhar laughs and says very good, you all cheap gods came here together, I am impressed. Jalandhar says my orders time has finished and suryadev went against my order so I shall punish him but I am a god so indra dev I give you a chance, tell suryadev and make him understand. Indra dev says Jalandhar I am here to warn you, get away from suryadev’s way and let him do his daily work, you will be punished. Jalandhar says I am a great god,

my anger shall wake up. Indra dev screams angrily and says enough Jalandhar! To bend his knee in front of you, you stopped suryadev’s way and his duty, I will destroy your ego, indra dev removes Vajra astra and says you think you will call yourself mahadev then you will be mahadev? That is wrong, your ego shall be destroyed. Jalandhar says you gods, I am the greatest god and mahadev will die from my hands, he is no god, so I give you gods a chance, if you want your positions stay the same way as before, then bend before me. Indra dev gets angry and he uses his Vajra astra, he attacks the powerful lightning on Jalandhar. Jalandhar then thinks I am greater than everyone, Jalandhar stops the lightning using one hand, indra dev thinks how did he stop such a powerful weapon? Indra dev attacks another lightning and Jalandhar brings his trishul and creates a tornado. The tornado puts the other gods trapped by a lightning. Indra dev says leave them Jalandhar. All gods say indra dev do something. Jalandhar says I will leave you all, first say om jalandharay namah! Suryadev says never! Indra dev says leave them Jalandhar indra dev then stops attacking lightning and he runs towards Jalandhar to fight him.
Jalandhar says come devraj, come! Indra dev jumps on Jalandhar to fight him. Jalandhar throws indra dev on ground and he kicks him behind. Indra dev falls down and gets angry, he gets up injured and says Jalandhar you have created enough problems, I will kill you now.
There kartikeya says to ganesh, why is it taking so much time for suryadev to rise today? Ganesh says yes i am worried, I think all gods are in trouble. Kartikeya says I would have told father but he is meditating and it wont be good to wake him up if the problem is not huge. Ganesh says we have to go and see.
There indra dev removes his parshu and says you cannot live the attack of my parshu, indra dev runs and attacks Jalandhar. Jalandhar stops him using his weapon axe. Indra dev is shocked and he hits again, then he puts a cut on jalandhar’s hand. Jalandhar says I am your god, I will punish you. Jalandhar attack indra dev and throws his parshu down, then they fight hand to hand combat and Jalandhar kicks indra dev in stomach and says see the power of the greatest god. Jalandhar throws back indra dev besides other gods as they are injured.
Vrinda comes to Jalandhar and says my love, show them your power, show them what it is to clash with devo ke dev Jalandhar and me, devi Shakti! Jalandhar removes his trishul and picks all gods in air and throws them down as everyone get hurt. Indra dev says you egoistic demon, for your sins mahadev will punish you. Vrinda says my love, these evil gods still take that foolish mahadev’s name, kill the, destroy them and wipe them out of existence, do we need these gods? No! we will replace these gods with demons. Jalandhar says I will kill you all right now, Jalandhar becomes very huge in size and says you will all be crushed under my feet right now. As Jalandhar picks his feet, suddenly ganesh appears and a huge bright light hits jalandhar’s eyes, he screams. Ganesh uses his trunk and takes all gods inside the chariot of suryadev. He rides away. Jalandhar is shocked. All gods say ganesh ji, you saved us in time. Ganesh says suryadev, the sun is yet to rise, do your work. Suryadev says yes ganesh ji. Suryadev lifts both hands and rides the chariot, the sun rises as Jalandhar is shocked. Vrinda sees and thinkshow can someone come and free the gods from me and Jalandhar? I will not bare this.

Precap: Jalandhar says I wont let that chariot go, he runs behind the chariot. Vrinda says loudly my love, don’t go near Kailash, you have been told before, if you go near only Shiv can kill you. Ganesh hears this and thinks Jalandhar I will make you come to Kailash.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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