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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (93)

Thank u soo much for ur suppift friends.. Hope i m on time..
Next morning:

Everybody is settled on dinning table to take their breakfast..

Twinkle- so what is the plan now? how we will make him pay for his deeds..

Kunj- by self confession..(smirking)

Twinkle- but how?? and why would he do something like this..

Kunj- that you leave it to me..

Usha- beta.. (holding his hands) now i dont want any problem on my son n my family.. plz dont do anything which will harm u .. (teary eyes)

kunj- (holding her hands back) maa.. plz now u dont worry.. i will make everything fine soon.. and its starting has occured..

Twinkle- matlab??

Aman- means.. (raising his eyebrows to kunj) his first cause of destruction has reached his home..


Luthra mansion:

(sorry i have not given him any name yet.. may be i will not give any name to him.. u can assume by yourself.. i i’ll call him by luthra only)

Luthra was sitting on his dinning and having his breakfast.. all alone..(ofcourse he is having no family except his son.. who died last year.. and his wife was long).

Suddenly door bell rang and the one who was serving him breakfast opened the door and received a parcel and handed it over to luthra..

Taking the parcel from his hand.. he dismissed him from there and opened the parcel to receive a big shock..

He was having a copy of all his illegal deeds along with some photographs which were enough to prove him guilty n make him behind bars.. and at last was written.. sent by ur destroyer.. and an evil smiley.. (ofcourse made by one and only aman)

He treambled seeing the contents.. and soon the silent hall was filled with the ring tone of his mobile.. he attended the call to listen an eveil laugh on the other side which is of no one else than our kunj..

Luthra- he.. hello..

Kunj- tch tch tch.. what happened mr luthra.. are u afraid to see the parcel in your hands..

Luthra- who.. who are u ?? (slightly treambling but composed himself)

kunj- none of ur consern.. just make it set in your mind that now ur time is obver..

Luthra- what.. what do u want..

Kunj- ur destruction n ur death..

Luthra- but.. but why.. what did i do to u..

Kunj- so easily forgot ur evil deeds.. tch tch tch.. meet me at.. xyz place to make u remind something.. n yes dont inform anybody n come alone.. otherwise u know what can i do.. a live example is in your hands now..

Luthra- but why??

Kunj- u will get toknow soon.. meet me at xyz place at shgarp 8’o clock.. no delay.. otherwise un know.. (evil laugh)

Kunj cut the call from his end but luthra was still numb..


Twinkle- no.. no sanskar u r not going anywhere near him.. he is so evil.. n he can do anything.. no i wont let u go there..

Kunj- and why do u think i ill listen to u.. (seriously)

usha- u wont even listen to ur maa..

Kunj- (cupping her face) relax.. u know na we cant let him roam so easily who destroyed us.. he needs to be given his punishment.. and i m not alone.. aman is with me na..

Kunj- no but vut.. i m not gonna listen to anything now.. its just a matter of few days and then everything will be fine.. hmm

Twinkle- (suddenly) ok then.. i m too comming with both of u .. u wont be handling this alone..

Kunj- (frustrated) plz dont make it more complex then it already is.. be at home safley.. got it..

Twinkle- no.. not got it.. when i said i m comming then i m comming.. (left from there arrogantly)

kunj roared in frustration due to this stutborm girl..

Kunj– ahhhh.. this girl will never let me be in peace..

Aman- afterall she is ur syappa queen only.. now handle.. (he chuckled lightly)

kunj glared him angrily n he shut his mouth.. now its usha turn to chuklle..

Kunj- mmaaa.. aap bhi..

Kunj heading towards usha..

Kunj- ma plz.. now only u can do something.. plz maa. ask her to listen to me.. its too risky.. he can do anything.. i cant let her be in danger,… why dont she understand..

Twinkle- (from behind) thats what i m sayimng to u… he is too dangerous.. n he can do anything n we have seen it through our eyes when he kill.. killed bhai bhabhi.. (crying)

kunj moved towards swara n cupped her face..

Kunj- twinkle.. look at me.. (both eyes meet) nothinmg as such will happen this time.. i assure u that.. plz plz trust me.. its not safe for u..

Twinkle- kunj .. i ..i trust u .. but i cant let u be alone in danger..

Kunj- (angry)  why dont u understand a simple thing that u cant come there.. dont make me do something which  i dont want..

Twinkle- bas bhot ho gaya.. if u wont le me come with u .. i will come following u..

Kunj-  groaned in frustration.. 0k fine.. but u will be ther in the car only which will be hidden in the premises.. and whatever happen.. u will not come out of it.. i repeat whatever happens..

Twinkle tried to protest..

Kunj- no dont.. otherwise i will lock u somewhere n wont take u with me.. now choice is yours.. n yes.. we will be covering our faces properly so that he wont be able to see us n recognise.. ok..

Twinkle n aman nooded obediently ..

Now all are sitting in living room n making plans to make him confess his crimes today only..


Screen freesed on the tensed faces of Twinj..

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