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The magic of love, part 25


I am having a tight schedule now, so I won’t be able to be regular. I will post a part once in two or three days.

Hope you will co operate with my. Here you go.

By dawn, they were back at Birla house, Suhani was still sleeping on Yuvraj’s shoulder and he was about to park the car. She woke up.

Suhani was terrified, for she was sleeping on a stranger’s shoulder! She got scared to hell as the man and surrounding are completely unknown to her. She got scared of him, and she had absolutely no idea of how she ended up in this car with him and screamed. He looked shocked.

Suh: (scared) who are you?? Where are you taking me? And….STOP THE CAR!

Only then he realised that she forgot everything, he got scared, they have reached Birla house. He was panicked thinking about how will the family react and drove to garage in spite of her pleas to stop the car. This scared her further, for a stranger was taking her to a garage all alone. He then closed the shutter, and tried to explain her. But she was completely scared when he closed the shutter and shouted for help. He was panicked by her scream and pleaded her to calm down; he got her memory book and pleaded her to read it. But she didn’t pay any heed and shouted again.

Family came out hearing the noise and opened the shutter. They were shocked to see a complexly scared Suhani and a miserable Yuvraj there. Dadi came forward, she cupped Suhani’s face.

Dadi: Beta, why are you scared?

Suh: (scared) WHO ARE YOU?

Everyone was shocked hearing this and Dadi took off her hands, they all looked at Yuvraj, he was silent. Suhani looked around frightened and saw Bhavna, and she hugged her sister. Bhavna cried and hugged her back.

Suh: (stammering) Di, which, which is this place, why are we here…….who are these people? (Indicating at Yuvraj) and that guy,

She couldn’t say anything further; she hugged her again and cried. Bhavna was miserable.

Suh: (hugging her tighter out of fear) Di, I am very scared!

Bhavna wiped her tears.

Bh: (controlling herself) Suhani, until you have your sister by your side, there is nothing to worry.

She forwarded her hand for the memory book, Yuvraj gave it to her, they looked at each and both were miserable.

Bh: (breaking the hug) I will tell you everything, come with me.

Suhani nodded and Bhavna took her with her.

Family was utter shocked by whatever happened!


Bhavna calms Suhani down and asked her to read the book and told her that she herself wrote it. Suhani nodded and started to read.

Meanwhile, in the hall, there was huge argument going on. Dadi was very shocked and really angry when got to know about Suhani’s illness. She calls Suhani a fraud as she hid this from her. Yuvraj told her that she hid it only because he asked her to do it.

Dadi: Why?? So you thought that by hiding about her illness, you can make her win my love and that I will agree for this alliance?

Yuv: No Dadi, I wanted to tell you everything, but only after you understood her, accept her. So that you will realise that her problem is not a huge one.

Dadi: You are still saying that? Even after what happened now?

She scolded him more, and he too was arguing with her. This came as a shock for everyone for he never ever argued with her. She was very shocked; she was unable to believe that her favourite grandson was arguing with her, going against her.

Dadi: Yuvraj, you are arguing with me for a girl?? That too for such a girl who can’t even remember the people who loves her unconditionally. I will never get you married to such a girl and that is final.

Yuv: (firmly) if that is so, I also have my decision; I will marry her or no one.

He turns back and saw Suhani standing by door. She had read everything, understood who he was for her and came back. But she witnessed the huge argument he had with his Dadi for her and each and every word Dadi spoke hurt her. She cries and leaves from there.

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