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The dark side of her childhood – Part 1

Hello all, this is a story about a girl.

Everyone in her family gathered for a casual snack time during her summer holidays. They made her favorite snack ‘jalebi’, everyone was talking and enjoying their time…by watching television, singing songs…..

She and her elder brother were playing with her mum’s mobile on turns. He started first and gave the mobile to her little sister to continue it. She enjoyed playing the game in her mum’s mobile, he came back to take the mobile form her hands. She asked for few more minutes, she wanted to play more, but her brother didn’t give her chance to play and took away his mum’s mobile.
The next day, everyone in her family were getting to ready to go to their respective jobs. She woke up at 9, he was still sleeping. Her mum said “I made breakfast, its in kitchen brush and eat your break fast and then bath, and also ask your brother to eat, I have made lunch also ask your brother to heat it and then eat, don’t forget to do your summer home work bubyee.. take care.” She left saying that. She brushed her teeth and ate the break fast made by her mum. Everyone left by that time. Only people left in the home were she and her brother. It was 10:45. She took the TV remote and started watching her favorite. Her brother woke up by hearing the volume of TV. He went to bath soon after waking up. It is 11:15 now.

She was feeling bored, she wanted to play with some one. Her brother came to her and asked her “hey, do you wanna play a game?”, She was so excited to hear this and agreed to play. He asked her to lie down, she was scared at first but found it interesting playing on the bed. She did as her brother said. He climbed on top of her, she said it was uncomfortable, she said she couldnt bear his weight on her body. He said its a part of game. She thought if its a game then it must be good, I should bear this and enjoy the game. He started touching her face with his mouth, and asked her if she enjoyed it or not. She said yes, its good. He continued doing that and he pressed his lips to hers. After sometime he stopped doing it. and slept next to her. They didn’t eat their lunch, they both slept because their body was feeling immensely tired. She didn’t like someone touching her body, but her body was feeling little bit good because of those actions done by her brother.

She woke up at 4, she went to bath. She was hungry, she ate everything she could find in the kitchen. She was surprised that she ate that much of food.
By 5 o clock, Her mum came back to home. She wanted to tell about her new game to her mother, but her mum didn’t listen to her. Her mum just went to bedroom and slept for an hour and went to kitchen to make dinner. She was trying to do her homework, which she couldn’t do. Her mum asked what did she want to eat, she said her to make her favorite dish, by the time dinner was ready, her father came into the home. They all had their dinner, watched a movie and slept. She almost forgot telling about her new game to her parents.

He was 10, she was 9.

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